James Franco perched to join Nicole Kidman in Sweet Bird of Youth

Pretty soon, entertainment publications will have reporters whose entire job it is to keep track of James Franco's many endeavors. Producer Scott Rudin is the latest suitor to make a play for the actor-Oscar host-director-novelist-student-painter's next available time-slot with an offer to star in his Broadway production of Tennessee Williams' "Sweet Bird of Youth." Rudin has reportedly long been eager to cast Franco as Chance Wayne, a lowlife gigolo who seduces a washed-up movie star, Princess Kosmonopolis (Nicole Kidman) and returns to his home town to prove he's not the screw-up he once was.

This is not the first starry production of the play. In 1962, the play was adapted into the much-heralded film of the same name, which starred Paul Newman and Geraldine Page as the quixotic leads and racked up a couple of supporting actor Oscar nods for Ed Begley and Geraldine Page.

Admittedly, the idea of Franco making his Broadway debut as a swaggering stud-for-hire is perfect to the point of seeming pre-ordained. Apparently the only hold-up is whether Franco can squeeze the rehearsals in between homework assignments once school's back in session in the fall, when he begins his first year at Yale as a PHD student in English.

Given that he's working toward a degree in literature, we're guessing he might be able to finagle some special dispensation or even a little extra credit for playing a classic Tennessee Williams character on Broadway.

Image CC via SpreePiX/Flickr