Anton Yelchin Cast as Dean Koontz's Odd Thomas

The first casting news from the Stephen Sommers-produced adaptation of Dean Koontz's Odd Thomas has been released. Anton Yelchin, the twenty-one-year-old Russian-born actor who first caught our attention on the award-winning Showtime series "Huff" alongside Hank Azaria, will play the part of the afterlife-connected short-order cook who finds himself in the precarious position of preventing a mass catastrophe by communicating with spirits. As if that weren't challenge enough, the spirits are also silent. A spirited round of charades, anyone?

Of the various Dean Koontz adaptations that have been made, none have particularly held our attention. But now, with Yelchin attached to star and Sommers slated to produce (and direct, we hope), this is one we'll follow through to the finish. The film's release is set for far-off 2012. If you can't wait that long to find out more, start early with an excerpt from the book.

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  • Don Lilley

    I am a long time Dean Koontz fan, and I am particularly fond of Odd Thomas and his XP! Kudos to Mr. Koontz for allowing a movie version of this wonderful character!

    • JeffNutt

      Christopher Snow has XP, from the novels Fear Nothing and Seize the Night. Odd Thomas sees spirits.

      • Sydney

        So true! I do love Odd but Christopher Snow is the best character ever! Wish he'd write another.

      • Bonnie

        I love both Odd and Christopher. I wouldn't be able to choose between the two. But, the last couple Odd books just wasn't holding my attention like the first two. I do hope this movie turns out at least half way decent. Odd is a wonderful character and Koontz deserves a good movie.

    • OH OH I LOVE LOVE DEAN KOONTZS>>>BOOKS........keep it up my fave......

  • Denise Coon

    I love the series! Odd Thomas' character concept pulled me in, his wit & humor made me a fan. I don't know anything about Mr. Yelchin except he "looks" the part....... I will be interested to see if Odd's unique & positive outlook on life comes across in the film.

    • Lewis

      They have to keep Oddie's outlook in live. That is one of his particular trademarks that makes this character unique and compelling!

  • Joseph Rubas

    He doesn't look how I imagined Odd Thomas, but I think he can pull it off.

    • Carol

      Maybe if they darkened his hair a bit...he might take a little getting used to, I had a picture in my mind (resembling no-one I actually know) as I was reading the book and he doesn't exactly fit it. But then neither did the guy Koontz got to make a short clip of Odd Thomas (in a storyline that wasn't in any of his books) for promotional purposes, and I got used to him eventually.

  • dee drew

    Cannot wait for this movie!!! Don't know if it can possibly do the book justice, but I'm curious for sure... one of the best books ever!!!!!

  • james miller

    Anton Yelchin, the twenty-one-year-old Russian-born actor- u almost what i imagined maybe darker hair boy---ty Koontz ur the reason i know how to reas & look words up in da dictionary

  • Linda

    I so love Odd Thomas. I've read every one. More than once. Please, I need more!

  • Kara

    OMG This is my FAVORITE book series by Dean Koontz ! I can't wait to see it !

  • Marilyn Pierce

    I can't wait. Odd Thomas is one of Koontz's best characters.

  • Terry Ontiveros

    Hooray! Finally, an Odd Thomas movie. Cannot wait to see it. Love the series and always looking for more. Thanks Dean Koontz.

  • Jamie

    Such a wonderful character series and one of my all time faves! Always thought it would make for great cinema and here's hoping they are able to pull it off well! Dean Koontz is awesome!!

  • Jenn

    I LOVE Dean Koontz, I actually just read Odd for the first time, just finished book 4, and it's awesome. I just hope they can pass the movie off as good as the book. You always see so many changes from the book to the movie. Can't wait to see:)

  • jamie

    I had my fingers crossed for Justin Long, but hopefully this guy will work. I don't know, though - a Russian guy? He'll have to be really good to capture all the quirky greatness of Odd.

    • Rachie

      He's lived most of his life in America and did a damn fine job in the movie titled Charlie Bartlett. I think he'd do well as Odd. He's got the strange body language that I think would do justice to Odd's character.

  • Lynne

    I have read all of the Odd Thomas books & he is by far my favorite Koontz character! I can't wait for the movie! Are they planning to do the trilogy with Forever Odd & Brother Odd?

  • Niki

    My dad and I are absolute fanatics when it comes to the Odd Thomas series!!!! He about died when I told him!!! Hopefully it is released before the end of the world =]

  • Mallory

    I am a huge Dean Koontz fan... I love the fact that the Odd Thomas series are going to be made into a movie, I just hope that the script does the books justice and the movie is as good as the books!!

  • Ellen

    I LOVE the ODD THOMAS series and hate waiting for the next sequel. I worry though that the movie won't do justice to Odd and the series. Or if Anton Yulchin doesn't play Odd just right it might ruin what I have of my own image of Odd and future books because we will forever see Anton as Odd. You no that for the most part the movie is never as good as the book.

  • Kathryn

    Perfect casting!!!

  • Isis

    I could have swore...Christopher Snow had XP....From Forsaken and Seize the Night. Poor Odd just sees spirits...and this gets him into trouble...poor guy.

    • Lori

      You're right. It is Christopher Snow.

    • JeffNutt

      You're partially correct. Christopher Snow did have XP. However, the novels that he was in was Seize The Night and Fear Nothing.

      • LuciP

        Anyone who has read the entire Odd Thomas series and the Christopher Snow books could possibly have some confusion. In the fourth Odd Thomas book there are some cryptic references to places in the Snow books. ie. Odd wears a sweatshirt bearing the legend "Mystery Train"

  • Taryn

    For everyone who is unsure of Anton Yelchin being Odd Thomas rest assured it is a very good choice. Watch some of his other movies and you will totally agree. I can't wait for this movie and I think it's going to be wonderful.

  • Jonathan

    Perfect casting! Really liked Anton in the most recent Star Trek movie. Have loved the Odd Thomas books, and looking forward to the movie and more books.

  • The Odd Thomas series is one of favorites. Not only does the mystery grab you but Odd's dry sense of humor pushes you to finish the book in one day. Dean Koontz's novels have been the only common ground that my mother, myself, and my children can all share together. Waiting on the movie will be like waiting on the last Frankenstein book all over again.


  • Sharon

    Love, love, love the Odd Thomas series. Hope the movie does it justice.

  • I can't wait! I was hoping Odd would one day make it to the big screen. I am a huge Dean Koontz fan, but Odd Thomas is my absolute favorite. I get totally immersed in each series. This actor looks like he just might pull it off. Of course the movie is never as good as the book, but if he can get into the character as the Twilight actors have managed to do in that series, it should be a hit.

  • I am both surprised and delighted that this is going to come to pass at all. Surprised, because in the endnotes of one of Koontz's books, he describes his efforts to work on a movie version for one of his books (I'm sorry, I don't remember which one off the top of my head). The process he described (with his usual frank humor) was nothing short of a nightmare, and at the time it seemed sure he'd never attempt it again.

    I'm delighted because Odd is my very favorite Koontz character. His wit and wisdom is without equal, and his courage in the face of spiritually draining circumstances a real beacon of light that remains with me long after I have read the last page and put the story down.

    Kudos to Mr. Koontz, and best of luck to the production crew and cast. I ope it turns out well.

  • Michael

    AWESOME!!! I am a long time Dean Koontz fan and Odd Thomas is one of my favorite characters of all time. I hope this film does the book justice!!! Bravo Mr. Koontz

  • Carmen

    Oh Can't wait, hope they don't destroy the story like they do when making movies from books...
    Love the Odd Thomas series...

  • Ahhhhh!!! Finally Odd Thomas comes to the bigscreen!! I can't wait!!!!!! Show me a Bodach!!!!! Frycooks everywhere rejoice!!!! Awesome!!!

  • JeffNutt

    Of the various Dean Koontz adaptations that have been made, none have particularly held our attention.?? Well, maybe that's because Hollywood always has to try to put their OWN spin on things!! I'm a dedicated Koontz fan, and have seen almost every movie adaptation of his novels. EVERY ONE has been a disappointment, especially WATCHERS!! Mr. Koontz, if you read this, you look me up and we can make a movie from one of your books, but this time we can do it the right way!! I mean COME ON!!! IT'S ALREADY WRITTEN, PEOPLE!!!

    • Carol

      I'm with you about WATCHERS! They butchered that three times and still didn't get it right...but one of the drawbacks is that Koontz puts so much into his novels that it would take a miniseries to do them I guess H'wood took the easy way out and skimmed, changing things...also, they were pretty much miscast.

  • Liz

    Oh i cant wait I absolutely love the ODD THOMAS series. Would be wonderful to see on screen and maybe some sequels????

  • I am so excited to hear that Odd is going to be a movie. I love Odd. I was hoping for more Odd books, but this is then next best thing. I can't wait until the 2012 release. (Wish it was coming sooner)

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  • Jim Edscorn

    Have read probably every book Dean Koontz has ever written under his various pseudonyms as well as his own name and am currently reading his newest. Looking forward to the Odd Thomas movie

  • Dressed in his leather suit, young Elvis stands over you reading the screen. Then moves off to a nearby chair and begins quietly sobbing, shaking his head slowly back and forth in disbelief with a huge grin on his face.
    I am obviously a fan of Odd. Wether or not this young actor can match the part will be the key to this movies success. The director will do his best to make the adaptation come to life, but the story is and always will be about Odd. I can't wait to see it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sha

    An Odd Thomas movie! EXCELLENT! Cannot wait! I think Anton was a perfect pick to be cast as Odd. I hope if this one is good that the sequels will become movies and be equally as good. Good luck! I will still own and love the books, no matter what!!

  • Nina

    I LOVE Dean Knootz! His my favorite writter. But it is true, they have screwed up other movies that were made from his books in the past; so I hope they give this new movie the respect it deserves this time. I really disliked all the movies based on his books because they did them all wrong. Though I loved the made for tv movie, Intensity.. it was pretty much spot on with the book!!
    I will look forward to see how well they do this time!!

  • Lora

    I have been a Dean Koontz fan for many years and fear the worst regarding this movie. Typically, the script strays from the movie and is a huge disappointment to avid readers. They need to remember the captivating read of a good book is why they want to make a movie in the first place. Don't butcher it. Anton Yelchin, does not look like Odd and to me appears about 14 years old. While Odd is young, he has had a lifetime of experience. While the actor is good enough at the craft, I don't believe he will make a convincing Odd. So, I am already discouraged, but will watch and see. Mr. Koontz, if you are reading these.... please don't let them ruin this for your and Odd's fans.

  • Debby

    A big fan of Dean Koontz..Absolutely love Odd Thomas series..Can't wait to see the movie !!

  • Christine

    Funny most people dont imagine Odd the same way I did. I read the Odd series and I think Anton Yelchin is pretty darn close to what I imagined Odd looking like. Although he lives a strange life the books do no depict him actually getting roughed up much and Odd is described as a pretty innocent and non-confronting type. I can't wait until the movie comes out because it will add some additional sparks to the stories.


  • carina

    I am a huge Koontz fan, and I absolutely LOVE Odd Thomas! He is one of the most endearing characters ever created by Mr.Koontz (second only to Christopher Snow A.K.A Snowman)!Please movie Gods let this movie and this young man do justice to a work of literary GENIUS!

  • Catbert

    I love almost all of Dean Koontz' books....have wished for MANY to be made into movies. However his vision never seems to make it to the movies and I think his personal disappointment in those failures show up in his writings when his characters express their opinions of "Evil and/or insane Hollywood Directors" etc. I don't know what the difference is between his contracts with the film makers and say, Stephenie Meyer a.k.a. Twilight author and her control over Twilight movies.....because her books come across very clearly in the movies. But every single Dean Koontz book thus far made into a movie has a cheap, made-for-tv quality and the storyline is buried under a bunch of CRAP that was never in the book. I so hope that Dean keeps some control over this movie...too many fans will be terribly disappointed if Lou Diamond Phillilps makes an appearance with a giant snake in the middle of it.

  • Tyrie

    read all the books and loved them....high hopes for the movie....or rather movies....hoping all of the books are adapted to film it will be vary interesting to see....mostly I hope there are no changes or very few changes and keep true to book....when it comes to movies your worst critic is your advid reader...

  • Cathy Marler


    How about a story where Oddie and Christopher Snow meet up and divert a catastrophe! Seriously!

    At the end, Deucalion could show up, with a plot twist that opens the way for a sequel. I WOULD BUY THOSE BOOKS!

  • Kathren

    Awesome, I love Dean Koontz. He is a wonderful author, the Odd Thomas series is especially my favorite. Can't wait to see if the movie is as good as the book.

  • YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    CANT WAIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tonya

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Dean Koontz. Odd Thomas is also a fave of mine I have read the whole series. What a wonderful thing to put it in film. I can think of another Id love to see in film also Watchers that book made me cry lol.

    Anyone know where to find a complete list of Dean Koontz's books hes ever published? I have read probably bout half of the ones he has printed would love to one day have a full collection of his books.

  • candy

    I think Matthew Gray Gubler from Criminal Minds would have been an great Odd Thomas

  • Terri Smiley

    Any idea where this movie will be SHOT? I'm asking for Professional reasons? I'm your basic Actress/Author/Singer/Writer/Director/Makeup Artist/Wardrobe Stylist, etc., etc., "If it's creative, I do it," average, ordinary Creative Renaissance Goddess who WOULD DO JUST ABOUT ANYTHING to work on this movie!

    Dean Koontz' "Odd Thomas" SERIES mirrors SO MUCH of what I THINK/FEEL that I--for the first time in my life, EVER--actually WROTE a "fan letter" to the Author Himself, and he kindly responded.

  • Sharon G.

    Dean Koontz is the reason I got into writing in the first place...I have loved him and his books for years. I hope someday to be a great write such as that man.

    Just thinking about a movie based on the Odd Thomas series gets me super excited!!!! Thank you Dean, for your amazing warped

  • Marci

    Love Dean Koontz's work!!!! Love Odd Thomas series!!!! Can't wait to see the movie!!!!!! The young man looks like the Dean Koontz version of Harry Potter..... lol!!!!!

    • Susie

      Me too. Anton Yelchin is perfect for the part. Can't wait.

  • Catherine

    I would love to see this movie made, however, this guy is NOT how I pictured odd. hope they give him a major make-over. I am a huge Dean Koontz fan too, especially the odd thomas books. Hope they don't butcher it. I can't blame him for not letting more of his books become movies. They almost always get it all wrong.

    • Erin

      Catherine I 100% agree with everything you just said. They made a movie of Frankenstein with Parker Posey as the lead and after about 15 minutes of it I was disgusted and turned it off. Really excited for this, hope they don't screw it up. Also, definitely not how I pictured Odd either. Dean Koontz is my favorite author and I have read so many of his books that I wish they would make movies of but to turn an imagination like Koontz's into something tangible is a difficult if not nearly impossible task. It will be interesting to see how this turns out though...

    • Brando449

      i agree as well. was EXTREMELY disappointed in the movie version of "Frankenstein". also not how i pictured Odd Thomas either, this guy looks like a kid and even though Odd was only 20 in the first book, i pictured him a bit "older and wiser" looking. we shall see...

  • Cassie

    I love the Odd Thomas series!! I've loved Dean Koontz for a long time and am thrilled they've decided to make the Odd Thomas movie

  • Lea

    I have to say I am excited to see this movie! I have been disappointed in the past by adaptations Hollywood has made from Koontz books but my fingers are crossed. I own every Koontz book published and have proudly read them all until they were worn thin. Odd and his band of friends are by far my favorite. If my Son had been a girl, his name would have been Bronwyn after Stormy. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by some of my fellow readers comments as well.
    I think this young man might do the part justice but I agree the hair should be darker. I also agree the young man from Criminal Minds would have been an excellent choice as well. I always pictured Odd looking slightly older.
    To the lady who suggested the crossover book with Odd and Christopher Snow Kudos!
    I too hope that they make the entire series into film. what can I say, I just love the monks...especially brother knuckles. hehehe ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thank You Mister Koontz for all the wonderful adventures you have taken me on over the years and I can't wait for the next.
    Your avid lifelong fan!

    • I agree with Lea!! I love you, Dean Koontz.

    • Carolyn

      Lea, i agree with your choice for odd....excellent series. How about 'Dark Rivers of the Heart?' That would be an excellent movie.........

      • Claudette

        OMG! I can not wait. I have read almost everything Dean Koontz has written. My favorite was "Dark rivers of the heart" until "Odd Thomas" came along. I knew when I first looked at the cover I was going to fall in love with that character. I hope these movie makers don't screw it up this time. To do Koontz's imagination justice they might have to do some computer generated characters like in "Avatar". Wow! I'm so excited. The only thing better would be another "Odd Thomas" novel.

    • Kimberli

      I love the Christopher Snow and Odd Thomas series and Reed from Criminal Minds would have been perfect. We'll see how this actor works out.

  • I am sooooo excited, this is fantastic , I love Odd Thomas , I hope they can do the character justice, can't wait to see!!!!!!!

  • Nancy


  • Texa

    I am so excited that Dean Koontz is going to do a movie on the Odd Thomas series! I can't wait to see this movie! I will definetely be one of the first lined up when it finally hits the theaters!!

  • phil

    I have read all Odd Thomas books numerous times and I recently started reading them again. I hope the movie does not ruin my image of Odd. Awesome books!

    • sally

      that's why I won't go see it!! I am NOT taking the chance.

      • NanZ

        I agree... I most likely will not go see it until I hear if it is a really good movie and portrays Odd correctly or not. If not, I will just reread the books for the 4 or 5th time - one of those times I read them all, one after the other, out loud to my daughter and grandkids! Thanks Deane for a wonderful series...for wonderful books that take me on a trip outside my up-heaved world, into someone else's upheaval! LOL!

  • I like most of Koontz's work but I have to say that Odd is my favorite character of all, ever. He is so lovable!!! I wish there would have been many more novels featuring Odd Thomas and his odd adventures. I will definitely be seeing this one!

  • Daren

    Yay! Finally!!!! I am sooooooooo stoked! Now I need to know who's gonna play Stormy =-D

  • Pat

    Super news. Love Dean Koontz, and Anton Yelchin who charmed me in Hearts in Atlantis, will be perfect for Koontz' memorable Odd Thomas.

  • Darline

    LOVE, love, love it!! I can't wait for "Odd" & Brownwyn to come alive again....this time on film. Koontz is a master storyteller! Some of his best work! Oh, yeah, Snow & Odd....awesome thought!

  • barb

    I cannot wait to see this movie. I love Dean Koontz books and the Odd Thomas series was one of my favorites. Just cannot wait.

  • joe

    does anyone know who the part of stormy will be played by??

  • I love Dean Koontz. He inspires me! Looove Odd too!! first time a book has made me actually cry!~ <3 brilliance!

  • Julie

    Odd Thomas made me cry too. And I HATE to cry at movies/books/tv! I would love to see his Frankenstein books come to film/tv too.

    • Erin

      They did try an adaptation to the first Frankenstein. Pretty sure it was a made for tv movie. Parker Posey was the was terrible. I think it would take a movie making genius to bring that one to life while giving it the proper justice it deserves.

  • Josie

    Odd Thomas was such a good series of reading. I can't wait to see the movie. Dean Koontz is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sally

    Love Dean & his books. Won't go see the movies though. I prefer to keep Odd the way I have pictured him through all the books. I feel that way about many of the wonderful characters in books. IMHO they should be left to the minds of their readers!! I love the Pendergast series as (Preston & Child) but don't plan to see those movies either.

  • I love the colection of Odd Thomas and will be wathing
    this movie when it comes out.

  • Deb

    I am not sure he fits the character in my mind, oh well can only wait and see !!!!

  • Lisa

    I just recently started rereading these books. Just yesterday I was thinking that it would be a cool movie and then today I read that they are making it a movie. I can't see this actor being Odd Thomas. I expected him to be more boyishly handsome but not perfect. Definitely with short dark hair and medium build. I could see someone like Elijah Wood if taller playing the part perhaps.

  • OMG!, finally they have decided to make this movie, we have waited soooo long for this, although I know It will never come in comparison to the books. With all those billions running around in hollywood, lets see how much of that money goes into making this movie. Hopefully, it will be worth going to the cinemas to see it.

  • Mike Z

    Favorite book of all time. JOSEPH GORDON LEVIT SHOULD PLAY OT!!!!

  • Melanie

    I am a huge Odd Thomas fan/follower. I don't agree with several other poster, I can totally see Thomas in this choice of actor, with the unkept wavy hair and slim build; because he is too busy to concern himself with eating regularly or personal grooming.

    Can't wait to see the movie, finally something worth going to see.

  • jessica

    omg! when is the movie coming out!? does anyone know! i love odd thomas! read all the books! and dean koontz is just amazing. SOME ONE PLEASE TELL ME WHEN!!!

  • Linda

    Fantastic news! I just loved the Odd series. Dean Kootnz is a great writer. Looking forward to the movie.

  • Has Stormy been cast yet?! I have been waiting for aaaaages to hear news of this because I desperately want to throw my hat into the ring! I would LOVE to play Stormy!!!

  • robin

    I am interested in knowing which role Hank Azaria will be playing the chief or the fungus man or Elvis perhaps? I wouldn't mind him as the chief, or even Elvis, but I imagined Cillian Murphy the first time I read the book as the fungus man and for some reason I can't picture anyone else...

  • Dione

    I think all Dean Koontz book based movies were memorable maybe just not good! Soo siked to see Odd on film and hope that Anton can bring out his unique sense of humor!

  • Tammy

    I love Dean Koontz work! The Odd Thomas series is great. I can't wait to see it. I wish more of his books were made into movies!

  • Louie

    I also am a Dean Koontz fan and like the Odd Thomas series. I just hope Hollywood doesn't screw it up.

    Remember that Odd was a pretty good baseball player in high school. A good hitter. The actor playing him should be athletic.

  • Hooooray.....Odd's coming to life, what about Stormy.
    Dean, keep up the good works!!!!!

  • Aaron

    I am a huge Dean Koontz fan. He is about the only author that can keep my attention. I really hope they do him justice. I once read that he didn't like his books made into movies because no one could ever bring him a script that he thought would work. I really wish that he would get involved in the process.

  • Amanda

    OMG! I can't wait! Dean Koontz is the man! Have been reading his books since I don't know when. What drew me to him was how as an author he really captures the attention of his audience so much until it's impossible to put the book down. Ok, so maybe I've become just a little biased, but he's the best mystery writer I know.

  • Marion Johnston

    I love Dean Koontz and I love the Odd Books, Dean Koontz web site had a short clip about Odd and THAT is who and how I picture Odd. Too bad they didn't think about him. But still can't wait to see and hope this turns out!

  • Kim

    Very exciting news. Loved the books, getting my daughter to read them now so we can see the movie together. Can't wait.

  • Please Hollywood, don't ruin this like you did "Hideaway"!!! That movie still breaks my heart!!!

    • Oh, Hideaway, that was horrid. I looked forward to that one and felt so bad for Jeff.

  • eric

    Love Dean Koontz!!! His books are great. They need to make "Strangers" into a movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Clint

    Dean Koontz has always been my favorite and the whole Odd Thomas series is awesome!!! I have not only read it, but listened to it on audio as I was driving many an all-niter. It was great at keeping me alert and going. Odd and Stormy Llewellyn were awesome characters and I hope the movie holds true to the books. I am actually excited that this is happening!!

  • Gerry

    I have been a fan since 1976 and am still a fan...sure am glad to see a movie comming forth. I've read the book and am looking forward to seeing "Odd Thomas" although I have a feeling that it will never beat the book. Good Luck Mr, Koonz, keep up the wonderfull work.

  • I agree that I pictured Odd some what different but, a good actor can easily make you forget that. I love all of Mr. Koontz's book and have a large collection that I will not part with and would love to see all of them turned into movies. I do wonder when the next Odd Thomas book is due. The tiny little connection made between Mr. Thomas and Mr. Snow has me very interested. Any one know what that was all about?

  • Faith

    OMG I so love Odd Thomas. Hope the movie is as good as the books........

  • AliMoo

    This guy looks like what I pictured Odd to look like. Great!

  • Angi

    I love it!! I have read the book and I would like to see this. As a matter of fact I have read all 3 Odd Thomas books that have come out. All very good and I do hope that this closely follows the story.

  • Stormy

    I have been waiting so long for this movie and have been Koontz fan for 20 years! This actor will be fantastic,,have seen him in lots of smaller roles and he can play quirky and sarcastic and romantic parts with CLASS . Now I want to know who is playing Stormy...any info?

  • Susan Philbeck

    Dean's been my favorite for years and I love the Odd Thomas series. I'm worried about the film because so far none of them have done justice to his brilliant writing, humor and characterization. Maybe this one will finally succeed. I've read everything he's written and I still miss Trixie.

  • Annie

    Does anyone remember INTENSITY? (Actually a FOX miniseries). That was my introduction to Dean K. I thought the movie was a good adaptation. I could never watch SCRUBS because, John C. McGinley was the lead! He just looks "Koontz Crazy" to me. I guess Dean K. thought so, too-- he has been in a couple of movies adapted from his books.
    I love ODD, but agree with everyone about not picturing him like that. LOL to the comment bout him looking like a Dean K. version of Harry Potter! I, too pictured my favorite Matthew Gray Gubler, "Spencer" from Criminal Minds or, here's one that's "out there"... Hamish Linklater who played the brother on The New Adventures of Old Christine. Anyway... can't wait!

  • Chris Kulbeda

    LOVE the books... cannot wait to see the film interpretation! Keeping fingers crossed the story doesn't get lost in the translation. 2012?!

  • Charlene

    Dean Koontz has always been my favorite author. The Odd Thomas books are at the top of my list. I too pictured Odd different. I also loved the Fear Nothing and Sieze the Night books. I have read all his books at least once. Once I pick it up I can't put it down till it's done.

  • Taffy

    They butchered Watchers when they turned it into a movie, I couldn't get past the first 5 minutes of that one, so not going to even try this one.. I hope it turns out well for those who like movies, but for me, I will stick with Dean Koontz novels...

  • dempsey

    I always viewed odd as being a little older then that. Maybe its elvis hanging around but i think he would be able to portray him well.

    • Scubadoo

      At least there is some time to age before Sinatra is introduced.

    • roosky

      Odd Thomas is 20, no matter how you interpret him.

    • DK

      I agree, I pictured Odd as a young man with an old face and haunted eyes, not a young man with a baby face.

    • andre

      I think he is perfect for odd.particularly for the first book(odd thomas).I understand why some are saying he seemed older.I think in( forever odd) he was older,Because of stormy's death for one thing.

    • Jennifavre

      Odd was if my memory serves me correctly between 19 and 21, so I think this actor is a perfect fit looks wise to portray Oddie. I can't wait for the release!

      • Sharon

        I agree that he looks perfect. I hope he doesn't have a Russian accent, tho.......

    • mary

      Odd is 21, why would you picture him older?

    • Perfect casting. I always pictured Odd as this young guy, that don't fit in with his peers.. So happy to see that he's finally coming to the big screen.

  • I cant wait for this to come out, Odd Thomas and the following books are very intreguing. (not spelled right) but awsome just the same.

  • z0rched

    They needed a more clean cut, 1990's looking 20yr old actor to play odd. Not this boy, it ruins my image.

    • Don't be so critical about how this guy looks in the thumbnail vs how you imagined he would look. I'm sure that with the right people working on the film, he will fit just fine. After all, reading a Koontz book requires an open mind, right?

      • I like the actor I think he fits it just right if you have read The Dean Koontz books I think you mix up how the sound of the voice you imagine with how he would look, But if you think about if Odd Thomas was very young in the book and he would seem like a very young man with an extraordinary gift and have a old soul.. If you have kids you would understand what it's like to know one with an old soul or have friends with a child with an old soul I think that will make the film even better him having a look like that you wouldn't imagine by voice tone yet he produced it by age good choice just like his work thank you Dean .. I want him to do The Bad Place and Lightning

      • Rhonda

        Akaasha, lol, that may be the longest run-on sentence I have ever seen! I do know what you meant to say though, I think:-)

        Anyway, Love Odd, and all the Odd Thomas books, all the Dean Koontz books, pretty much everything he writes, though his older stuff is better than his last few novels. I will be thrilled to watch this new movie when it's released. Long live Dean Koontz, his wife Gerda, and his succession of treasured Golden Retrievers! We love your fictional voices Dean!

    • JEANA

      I totally agree with you , he does not fit what i pictured Odd to look like. But i hope he does a great job, how can you mess up such a great story.

      • Sue

        He does not fit at all. BUT he is the right age and build. The rest is what make-up is for. I love all of Dean Koontz's books and I really hope they do this movie right. Some of the past have been done a little on the cheesy side.

  • dave evans

    ahh! i have been waiting for this day! im the biggest oddy fan ever!

    • Rhonda

      No you're not, I am! hehehe

  • oddnet

    It has been a long time since I read all the books in the Odd Thomas series, but I thought he would look a little older than his years, I just pictured him plainer. kind of non descript i guess. but i am sure i will still watch the movie i loved the books the first one was my favorite one. it will be cool to see all the characters come to life, i always like to compare what i am seeing on the screen to what i saw when i was reading the books my opinion is the book is almost always better.

    • Patty Watty

      I agree about the age. I thought he would be dark haired too, like Elvis... I will watch but I am worried about being disappointed!

  • Lori

    hmmm...not how I pictured him looking but then I'm not sure I had a clear picture of how he looked...can't wait for the movie!!!

  • kim miller

    It tells you in the book he's 20 years old.

  • It's about time they did some filming on Dean's books!
    Odd Thomas was great to read (All 3 or 4 of them).
    Dean's books have always taken me up to three whole days to read. It was the way he kept the reader so intense that the ending always had a pleasant turn to it. And also, it was the way he used a few words that was a bit different from the rest of the "thrill seeking" writers. He made me think a little bit and then I had to read some more to see if he placed anymore of those tidbits.
    Enjoy the thrilling and intriging ride with Dean Koontz!!!!!

  • kayscale

    Can't wait for the film. My favorite series of Dean Koontz's books.

    • amy

      my all-time favorite charactor! i am so excited. Cant get enough of odd thomas

  • brenda

    he looks so like odd thomas, excellent casting! i hope i can make it , try mr murder next

    • Shere

      I thought Mr. Murder had already been made into a movie, with one of the Baldwin brothers, Stephen I think.

      • Brandy

        A Baldwin brother would be great for Mr. Murder, didn't even realize it until I saw your post ๐Ÿ™‚ As for Odd, I think that's a very good choice- I always pictured him as looking very young and acting very old. Can't wait until the movie comes out and I really hope they stay true to the book- so frustrating to have my favorite author hacked in Hollywood. I would also love to see Lightning put on the big screen, that's the first book I've ever read of Koontz and I have been an addict since. December has become my favorite month because I know I'm going to get one great day of reading in and love every minute of it. And my family knows I'm not coming out until I finish the book!

    • Bill M

      They already did a Mr. Murder movie back in 98 with Stephen Baldwin.

  • cant wait to see the movie.
    Read all books loved them!

  • Leslie

    My husband and I loved all the books. We were disappointed Koontz went the graphic novel route. We wish he's write more Odd BOOKS. This actor looks right to me except I always pictured him with straight, dark, almost black hair.

  • Amelia

    Love the Odd Thomas books! Can't wait for the movie. Anton Yelchin looks great for the part. Hope Mr. Koontz will have more Odd Thomas adventures!

  • blbo

    Finally! Ths s my favorite Koontz book. Hopefully they will do the book justice

  • Stepie

    Can I audition to be Stormy? I love the Odd series and am looking forward to the movie......
    Thanks a bunch!

  • Angela

    I've been a huge Koontz fan since I was in 3rd grade. In the last 20 some-odd years I've read every book, sometimes more than once. Although Lightning will always be my favorite, the Odd series is high on my list. As far as casting for an Odd Thomas movie, this guy isn't a fit for me. I honestly don't know many 20-something male actors that fit for me, so it's going to be difficult to live up to my imaginary Odd. The Fear Nothing series would also make an excellent movie.

    • Daphne

      Lightning is my favorite too! It was the first book of his I read. A long, long time ago. lol

      • Angela

        Lightning was my second, Watchers my first. I'm not sure a movie based on Lightning would do it any justice, but the Odd series has many of pop-culture references that should keep even the non-Odd readers entertained. I hope it lives up to my imagination, as we all know, there is no replacement for what we ourselves bring in to existence!

  • marcia

    I so hope that Elvis will be in the room...
    Loved Odd Thomas,
    but new all time fave
    BREATHLESS!! 2nd only to WATCHERS...
    Am so! looking forward to movie of BREATHLESS...hmm, might have a couple of Irish Wolfhounds for them to consider!!

  • melissa

    the first book describes him as having sandy blond hair in contrast to stormy's dark hair, wait, unless I got them backwards. Having recently read the books I think this is the perfect young man to play odd, it even says in the book he looks younger than his age of 20 so it works.

    • Dixy

      You're right. Stormy Llewelyn had dark hair...I'm curious who they cast as her...:) SO EXCITED!!!!!!!



  • He probably won't look anything like his "true" self. The make-up artists will fix him to look like Odd Thomas, and I'm sure it will be great.

  • Shere

    Hopefully Stormy will be played by someone unbelievably beautiful like Megan Fox. I always pictured Odd as, well odd, but Stormy as a total knockout, making the pairing, odd.

  • Dave

    who is cast as Elvis?

    • Rhonda

      With the special technical effects they have to work with today, they could actually get ELVIS to play ELVIS in this movie! He has no audible dialogue, after all. Hey, if I just gave the producers, etc. of this movie this idea, I want to get PAID!!! Trusting you....

  • andre

    Another thing is you don't know what they are going to do with him in the film. as far as makeup,And such things.

  • beth

    I always pictured Justin Long as Odd.

  • Terese

    I LOVE this book! I read it years ago and I'm now in the process of reading Brother Odd. Hopefully I'll finish that book on the train trip to Savannah!

  • OMG i have been watiting on Dean to make movies out of this series, i will be seeing them all thanks Dean

  • Ricky

    I am so glad to hear that they are finally making a movie of this book. I really don't care what the actor looks like, I just want him to portray him correctly.

  • Kathy from LaPorte TX.

    Why aren't they using the same actor that has done the Odd Thomas Web Shows? The actor they have chosen is too young or at least looks too young. We have picture odd around 20 years of age but with a more grown up look not so childlike.
    Thanks for listening!

    • Rhonda

      Odd Thomas web shows??? How and where do I find those? TY!

  • Lefty

    One of my favorite's of all time can't wait to see the film & I imagine him as kind of a loner an emo type kid with deep emotion's.Loved the book Thank's Dean..

  • Eddie

    Now someone needs to do a screenplay and movie for Twilight Eyes......

  • sam

    If anyone has seen this young man in an episode of Criminal Minds where he was afraid he was a killer you'd agree he is perfect for the part!! Can't wait...

    • Sue

      yes, the guy from Criminal Minds....dang what is his name? Spencer... I believe he would be a perfect Odd...although, he might be a bit old, you never know! Can hardly wait for Koontz to do another Odd book, just finished his last one, Odd Hours and it left you hanging, so wanting more.

  • David

    I've been waiting for a movie since I read the first book. Can't wait. Wonder who will play Elvis...

  • Lynne

    Can't wait for the movie!!! I also think Adam Lambert would make a good Elvis!

  • Matt

    I always pictured Odd as a little heavier man. About 6 ft. tall and 220 lbs? It has been awhile though. I will still love to see the movie though.

    • Rhonda

      Huh, I always pictured him as very slight! Slender and small, kinda delicate, really. Isn't it great how good novels come alive in our heads, with each of our own perceptions and emotions coloring our experiences of the work!

  • Tracy

    If you read the books Odd Thmas is only 20 yrs old in the first one anyways I am interested to see what comes out of the movie the books were great

  • I was thinking maybe Haley Joel Osment. After all, he already sees dead people.

  • Zack

    I've read all his books. The best are Odd Thomas, Frankenstein, and The Taking. Omg, if they made The Taking into a movie, I'd be the first in line. That book freaked me out! I love it!

  • zoooooble

    I pictured someone lanky like Matthew Gray Gubler. But Anton is a good actor. Is this new official?

  • zoe623

    Perfect face for Odd! Good job on the casting so far

  • mandy

    i own all of dean koontz books but odd is always been my favorite i have reread all the odd books im so excited they are finally bringing to the movies i just know it will be exciting, cant wait!!!

  • My husband and I LOVE Odd Thomas! We've read all three novels and are thrilled there is a movie in the works.

  • heather

    twilight eyes is my favorite by dean, but odd is right after that! every year i get the new koontz book for christmas.. cant wait!

  • Tina

    He looks the part. He is the perfect age. The suit??? I hope that is just a random pic.( Sorry, costumer in me) I really wanted to see what those elusive bodachs would be like. Cannot wait for this. A must see since I have read all of the books. Was not a Koontz fan until this series came out.

  • Terry K

    OMG! I love Odd, I have read EVERY book Mr. Koontz has ever written. I can't wait to see the movie. This guy really looks the way I imagined Odd. I'm so excited

  • Laura P

    I really hope they don't make this look will totally ruin the book.

  • this is a fantastic day and its bout time i have all 4 of these books and i am so glad to finally get to see the book in action i just hope that none of it is left out n the movies that would b a tragidy

  • Richard N. Parson

    "Oddly",this is weirdly exactly as I imagined him. Hope they don't change a thing about him.

  • I have read all four of the "Odd" books. I really thought that this series of books were well writen. I have been a huge Dean fan and I have been truly upset with the other book to movie idea for Deans work, however if done right, should be a very good movie indeed. I look forward to seeing this in the future!

  • amanda

    i have read all of the "odd" thomas books they r great i didnt know they was makin a movie about them though cant wait tio see them

  • Jenni

    I saw Ryan Gosling or Jake Gyllenhall as Odd when reading the books but I think Anton Yelchin is a great fit.He is a very talented kid.He was in Alpha Dog & Charlie Bartlett and was sensational!I pictured Megan Fox as Stormy-physically but her acting range isn't too good.Ellen Barkin as his boss/cafe owner.Phillip Seymour Hoffman as Mushroom Man.Thandie Newton as the waitress/mommy.I have an entire slew of actors in my head for all the books.Hit me up Hollywood!LOL.Very excited to see how they're going to film the saga.

  • Brooke

    I was thinking the guy from "@(*$ My Dad Says" would make a great Odd Thomas (especially with all the wise-cracking), but I could also see Anton in the role. What made me laugh was the comment about him first catching attention in "Huff." Really? He's been in quite a few things before "Huff" - like "Along Came a Spider" and "Hearts in Atlantis".

    • Jeremy Nelson

      I only know him from Star Trek. But looking forward to the movie...

  • LaLa

    Great! though I've always pictured DJ Qualls as Odd Thomas.

  • Spent the day with this wonderful cast/crew in Santa Fe. I was, especially, impressed with Anton Yelchin's quick response to call for medics when a little 6-year-old girl suddenly collapsed on the plaza. I liked his compassion and quick thinking. And, I wish him, and all the folks on this film, success and increasingly meaningful book adaptations.

  • Lex

    I go to work with Anton and William Dafoe yesterday on the set of Odd Tomas. Anton seems a little young for the role but I can't wait to see the whole film, then probably change me mind.

  • rob

    I enjoyed working on Odd Thomas yesterday as an extra, the cast and the crew are amazing and Anton yelchin was a great choice , he is doing an excellent job as Odd.

  • *to be exact

  • *but that ain't my profile photo.

    You'd have to befriend me on Face Book to see the real me.


  • Mychal Kick

    I'm not sure if anyone has watched to television series, "Prison Break", but the main character on the show is name Wentworth Miller. He would make the best Odd Thomas in the world.

  • jay

    Yeah you know I never thought about Wentworth Miller, great choice. But I think James Mcavoy from Wanted would be a great choice!!!

  • Jim

    Sorry, but iยดm not agreed with the choice of Miller and less with Macavoy at all. I think that Anton Yelchin is far the Best choice for Odd Thomas. He is very talented and he has the age and the look to play Odd.

  • Jim

    Sorry, but iยดm not agreed with the choice of Miller and less with Mcavoy at all. I think that Anton Yelchin is far the Best choice for Odd Thomas. He is very talented and he has the age and the look to play Odd.