Games On: Jennifer Lawrence to Play Katniss in 'Hunger Games'

You'll notice that we've decided to spare you our take on every beat in the protracted media drumroll leading up to this week's news that Jennifer Lawrence has scored the lead role in Gary Ross' adaptation of Suzanne Collins' phenomenally successful Hunger Games saga. You're welcome.

Trust us, this was no oversight but rather our gift to you, dear readers, considering the gallons of newsless virtual ink spilled on will-they-or-won't-they speculation about the inevitable decision to turn the keys to Katniss over to Lawrence, who has been "close to signing" and "all but locked" for weeks. Why? Because she's clearly made for the role, which is sure to vault her into the stratosphere of cine-lit ingenues alongside the likes of Kristen Stewart ("Twilight" saga), Emma Watson (Harry Potter franchise), Rooney Mara ("The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"), and Mia Wasikowska ("Jane Eyre"). Lawrence was up against a strong field of contenders led by Hailee Steinfeld of "True Grit," Saoirse Ronan of "The Lovely Bones," and "Kick Ass'" Chloe Moretz. But Lawrence prevailed, presumably because she encompasses all the disparate demands of playing Katniss Everdeen, a sixteen-year-old girl competing in a post-apocalyptic reality TV showdown in which teenagers from around the country fight to be the sole survivor in a gruesome death match. The role requires a young actress capable of playing a character capable of being physically tough, mentally wily, emotionally strung out as she traverses a gauntlet of death and destruction. Lawrence, who was nominated for an Oscar for her spellbindingly stoic performance as a tough-minded Appalachian teen in the Ozarks in "Winter's Bone," has proven she has the mettle to endure the physical and emotional challenges required to play Katniss. Oh, and the fact that she looks like a contemporary Grace Kelly doesn't hurt.

Now that the long-gestating, closely monitored adaptation has hit high gear, the next order of business is to find an actor with the chops to play Peeta, Katniss' partner (and ambiguous love interest) in surviving the Games. Josh Hutcherson from "The Kids Are All Right," Hunter Parrish of "Weeds," and "I am Number Four's" Alex Pettyfer are among the names mentioned to be in contention for the role. None of them seem to hit the bullseye the way Lawrence does for Katniss.

We'd like to see someone a little, well, deeper playing Peeta. Someone along the lines of the young Shia LaBeouf or Leonardo DiCaprio, circa "This Boy's Life." No one besides Andrew Garfield really fits that mold and he's got his hands full with Spider-Man. Craig Roberts from "Submarine" might be a step in the right direction. Beyond, that we're holding out hope for a dazzling new discovery.  Now it's your turn to nominate your ideal Peeta. Let the games begin!

  • Rhonda

    I'm not sure yet who I think should play Peeta, but I am just thrilled to know there is a movie of this wonderful trilogy in the works. I guess this movie will encompass just the first book (hopefully), and that there will be movies numbered 2 and 3 as well. The Hunger Games books (The Hunger Games, Mockingjay, and Catching Fire) are a fantastic series of three novels portraying a post-apocalyptic dystopian future written by Suzanne Collins for young adults, but suitable for and strongly suggested reading for all ages. I enjoyed all three books immensely, and have been recommending them to everyone I can.

    The characters are relatable, the action intense, the imagery and situations are heart-stopping, and there is a morality tale taught in this book that is subtle yet recognizable, and will strike the readers as being very timely indeed.

    I sincerely hope that this all comes across in the movie they are currently making of The Hunger Games, and that the movie does not end up being some Hollywood drivel without any spine or without a good reflection of the actual novel.

    • LeAnn

      1) Christine made a mistake. Jennifer Lawrence did not play an Appalachian teen in Winter's Bone. Winter's Bone is set in the OZARKS, not Appalachia. There's a couple hundred miles between the two. I should know, I live in the Ozarks, in the area where Winter's Bone was filmed. Christine might have been confused because Lawrence is, in fact, from Appalachia herself.

      2) Jennifer Lawrence is a terrible choice for Katniss. She's too old. Everything about her appearance is wrong. She's better suited to playing Katniss' friend, Madge. I also worry about her being typecast.

      I suppose that I will have to wait and see how the movie turns out, but I am very disappointed in this casting choice and worried that the movie will end up too Hollywood.

      • Nat

        Oh cool! we vacation at Bull Shoals all the time!

      • Word and Film

        Thanks, LeAnn. You're right about the Ozarks. We've made the correction above.

      • Chloe

        I think Jennifer Lawrence is to old to play Katniss. She supposed to be 16,she cant be played by a 21 year old. She looks her age not 16!

      • Emily

        Ok i think Jennifer will make a great choice for Katniss. All they need is for her to lose some weight and dye her hair. I think she is a strong enough actress ( considering she grew up where i live in Louisville Ky ) to play the emotional and physical role of Katniss. As for Peeta, non of the names they listed really caught my eye to fit him.

      • Eve

        Jennifer is a PERFECT match. bc if you have really read the book you know that Katnis does not appear to be 16 bc of the living conditions in District 12. She appears to be much older. So Jennifer fits her and quite well. Though Hailee would have been great as Katnis also she would be a better Prim. And all the contenders for Peeta are all wrong, Kevin Schmidt would be a pretty good Peeta.

      • Shannon

        Jennifer Lawrence is not from Appalachia. She is from Louisville.

      • Ashley

        I agree i dont think that Jennifer is not the right choice for playing katniss...and house would def be a better Haymitch then Alec Baldwin. Come on now look at the roles that house place. A drug addicted hard a** that tells it like it is. Just a Haymitch is a drunk who cares about no one but himself...well...if you have not read the book i cant say any more on that subject....any ways i hope that they do these books right and give some really good acters who actually look the part. I cant wait to see it but will be very dissapointed if it does not follow the books and I will refuse to watch Catching fire or Mokingjay....if the Hunger games is tore apart and they fail to make everything just as it is.!!!

      • anwell

        i agree with you completely she's the wrong choice she doesn't fit katniss at all made would be perfect for her or glimmer . they said they were holding casting calls for new unknown actors and accepted photos and resumes yet they never held an audition cause they knew who they wanted from the start just wanted to bs us . i think if i had to choose someone besides a newcomer i would of picked hailee stienfeld she fits katniss and can get into the character more . just cause lawrence skinned a squirrel for her previouse movie does ot make her the right choice for katniss i hope she drops out or im not watching the movie .

    • Barry

      Well spoken (written) Rhonda. Hunger Games was a great series of books. I hope they keep to the novel without becoming "creative". Suzanne did a fantastic job when she wrote the series. It does not need any "improvements".

      • Myself

        I'm going to throw it out there that on Suzanne Collins book tour she stated that Katniss in her head is an Indian (like American Indian not a blue eyed bonde haired kid made beautiful by too much make up). I find this, if it is true, to be devistatingly dissapointing. The movies will turn out as bad as Twilight only opposite. (Twlight ugly vampires and listless vampire bait) (Hunger games wont follow character discriptions either with blonde hair teen heart throbs. Congrats America another movie you've messed up!)

    • Rebecca

      I am BEYOND excited about this. I just started the series last week. I read the first book as a requirement for my college YA lit course, but the other two I read on my own. When I saw the picture of the girl they chose to play Katniss, I thought to myself, "That's HER!!! She looks EXACTLY like Katniss!" I am wrapped up in these books like some sort of addiction, and I pray that the movie/s don't suck. To the filmmakers, I implore you....please, don't suck. Go by the books, choose the actors for the roles WISELY because if you mess up Gale, Peeta, Cinna, or Finnick, Hunger Games fans are going to be pissed. If you don't choose carefully, the teenyboppers will win just like they did in Twilight (because let's face it, the teenyboppers are the ones who carried those movies to success, not the fans of the books). You may make millions, but you will have failed the fans. Happy hunting, too because Lord knows you don't have a whole lot of actual talent to work with nowadays.

      • Tristan

        i totally agree im in the part in mocking jay where they first go hunting

      • Eve

        it shouldnt suck since the Author is writing the script!!! =] ti wont be a mess like Twilight!

    • M Gluv

      I would really like to see Zac Efron play Peeta!

  • dante

    i think kristen should be katness

    • Chris

      Heck no, they need new actors. And Kristen Stewart is a horrible actor!!!!!!!!!

  • Makai

    I honestly don't think Jennifer Lawrence should play Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games. They need a 16 year old brunette with long hair, a strong gutt, and someone who can sing otherwise the movie will be NOTHING like the actual book. And that won't be good for the people who absolutely love The Hunger Games Series! We need someone who is relatable like Lawrence but someone who also fits the description of Katniss Everdeen. It needs to be the same for who plays Peeta, Haymitch, Effie, Prim, Gale, and Katniss' mother.

    • Makai

      I think I forgot something. They need someone who is also recognizable because most people look for movies that have action, adventure, AND stars who they like and recognize. Like everyone I know are like "Who the hell is Jennifer Lawrence?!". I prove my point.

    • Makai

      Abigail Breslin should have been Katniss......

      • Savannah

        When I think of Katniss, I imagined a brown haired, really skinny girl with olive skin, she doesn't have any of those features 😛 .

    • Terry

      Jennifer Lawrence is the PERFECT choice. 1) She is a truly formidable actress. This will be a very demanding role and shouldn't be handed to "the next big name". 2) Stop obsessing on the physical. If you've done any research on Jennifer Lawrence, you've seen photos of her glammed up as well as very plain (as in "Winter's Bone"). A good actor -- and a good make-up artist, for that matter -- can completely override appearance. Furthermore, the calibre of Ms. Lawrence's acting will make you forget any tiny inconsistencies in appearance. Ever since they announced they were filming this trilogy, I've been anxious about their choice for Katniss. My fears have been put to rest. Now if only they can do as good as job with the other roles!

  • BreezyYo!

    I would just like to say, that I love this book, and am enthusiastic about seeing the movie.

  • Paul Adams

    I wasn't really a very concerned reader till my wife asked me to try this series. Needles to say, I was immersed and couldn't stop reading them. I'm syked to see if Hollywood can hold up to my expectations of making this a to do well movie. We'll see I guess!.

  • Dawnee

    i think Jennifer has tio lose weight because when i was reading the book i was imaging someone wh i skinny and doesnt have chubby cheeks im glad she got it but she needs to lose weight remember in the book katniss is bearly scraping by she looks like she is well feed and pampered

  • Erica

    Catching Fire comes before Mockingjay... And I have a lot of faith in this movie ONLY because Suzanne Collins is supposedly taking part in the screenplay.

  • veronica

    I think Jennifer Lawrence is gorgeous and has the perfect face for when they make Katniss up in the Capitol, but I'm not sure I see her in the arena or in District 12. But, she may look entire different in the movie than what I am picturing. Guess we'll have to wait and see!

  • Augusta

    I am with a talent agency called Model Productions and when I read on the website that there were auditions being held for The Hunger Games and that director Gary Ross was looking for new faces to cast for lead roles, I immediately went out and bought Suzanne Collins book and read it within six days. I’m not a big reader but if I wanted to audition for a role, I have to know more about the story and I was determined to find that perfect role for me, so I read that book and finished just a few days ago. I told myself that I could possibly play the role of Katniss very well, but when I found out that the role was already taken by Jennifer, I was sad because it was a chance to hit it big, but I’m just starting out, while Jennifer’s been in movies before. Everyone knows how she acts and she’d know more about the process of making movies and what’s expected of her. This could be a big break for her. And by the way people go on about her, I believe she will make for a good Katniss Everdeen. I wish I could have gotten the chance to be Katniss, but I still hope that I’ll get the chance to be an extra or another member in the Games like Fox Face. I would be honored to be in such a movie based on such an exciting book.

  • Melody

    Well I think Jonathan Lipnicki would be great for the part. Alex Pettyfer I see more in the role of Gale. Can't wait to see the whole cast. YAY

  • Rebecca

    i loved the humger games series. i read all three in a period of 3 days. i could not let go of the books, and i hope the movie will be at least half as good as the books. u can count me in as the first person to see the movie.

  • Rebekah

    NO! They will RUIN IT! Why cant they just leave things to the imagination???? I REFUSE to see this in theaters. It will SUCK.

  • Theresa

    When I heard this in the news yesterday? I was so disappointed! I am still reading the book and I felt like I lost my interest. Every time I read the novel, I picture Hailee as Katniss so it is really a big disappointment for me... I am sad... =((

  • Mickey

    Excitement! I totally want Hugh Laurie as Haymitch!!! He does a AMAZING job as the drug addict House whose character seems exteamly similar to that of alcholic Haymitch's. They're both intelligant and sarcastic. I just hope they give Jennifer Lawrence black hair. They should also keep close to the book because I have seen so many potentially great movies ruined. The City of Ember, by Jeanne DuPrau, was a WAY better book than movie. NO STUPID MOLE CREATURES IN THE BOOK!!!

  • Lexa

    You're right, we need a really multi-faceted guy to play Peeta. But since she is 20, we don't need a 25 year old playing him. They are supposed to be the same age. How are we supposed to place Gale as two years older if Peeta is played by a 25 year old? I love for thinking this all through

  • Veronica

    This is a horrible pick. She doesn't not look anything like what is described in The Hunger Games. Katniss, first of all, is described as being shorter, black hair, olive skin tone, and grey eyes. The hell is this? A joke?

  • shakira

    this goes against what the author originally wrote!!

  • Stash

    I look at Jennifer Lawrence and can definitely see the cool, sometimes unforgiving edge of Katniss Everdeen. I am not too familiar with Gary Ross, the director of the upcoming movie, but I am happy that Suzanne Collins, the author, seems to be lending a major hand in the writing. Good luck to Miss Lawrence if she ends up sticking with the role!

    Anyone, whether they are 15 or 40, needs to go pick up a copy of The Hunger Games right NOW. The book is absolutely engrossing, and while appropriate, is at times very jarring; the movie will at least be rated PG-13 for the emotional, disturbing yet mesmerizing violence.

    The character of Peeta will perhaps be a much tougher choice. I hope they don't cave in and pick the pretty face/good body/so-so, forgettable acting that is so typical of these movies that are based off young adult novels; there is too much riding on Peeta's character to get an actor that isn't as good as Jennifer Lawrence. I think Craig Roberts would be PERFECT! He's cute and got that boyish-yet-mature, somewhat tragic, intelligent look. He seems obscure but I hope someone important is reading this! 😉

    I'm also looking forward to seeing who gets cast as the characters of Haymitch, Cinna, and Rue. Can't wait for the movie!!! Hope it's a winner!

  • rachel

    i think alex pettyfer or whatever his last name is should play peeta!

  • Payton

    i just hope katniss will NOT be played by Kristen Stewart!!!


    I believe whole heartedly that Robert Downey Jr would make an AMAZING Haymitch! I hope this all unfolds like it should

    • Debbie

      I agree that Robert Downey Jr. would make a good Haymitch, but he needs to look scruffy and not sexy. Suzanne Collins definitely needs to help in the casting of the characters. These books are wonderful and I have turned more of my students on to reading by offering these books and talking about them. They are amazing.

  • ali

    i just wish she had darkish olive skin and blackish brown hair like the katniss in the books. why do they never make movies the way they're supposed to??????

  • Monica

    I think that William Mosely would make a great Peeta. He doesn't look too little boy-ish, and I think that he complements Jennifer Lawrence really well! And I think he was great in Narnia, and could pull the role off really well!

    • Jon

      Moselley would be great as Peeta! That's exactly who I pictured as I read the books.

      I think Hugh Laurie's acting style is perfect for Haymitch, but he's too tall and skinny, looking more like House - guy on drugs for years - than Haymitch - a guy on a never-ending bender. But his sarcasm and attitude are perfect.

    • Lyv

      I definitely agree, William Mosely would be a perfect Peeta! Jennifer looks OK for Katniss but they could do better...

  • Kathy

    The only one I will be happy with playing Peeta is Ed Speleers (from Eragon) but I have a feeling that's not gonna happen...he is PERFECT for the role.

  • Sizzle!

    I think Alex Pettyfer would be the perfect role for Peeta except that he's in his 20's.

  • cece


  • Melody

    Okay She just doesn't fit Katniss. Jodelle Firland Should have taken the part
    >:( She better dye her hair brown ....

  • Katie

    I agree, this series are incredible and deserve all of the respect in the world. I have never heard of Jennifer Lawrence, but she must be very good to land the role of Katniss next to hardcore and deep actresses like Hailee Stienfeld. I hope she is as deep, complex, and strong-willed as I found Katniss to be. I will literally go crazy if these movies do not mimick the complexity and feel of the intense, fast, deep novels. And please, for the sake of The Hunger Games, and not turning into a flop Hollywood movie with 'no spine or good reflection of the novel' ( I TOTALLY AGREE), please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please DYE HER HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is no longer Katniss without her dark plait hanging down her back. Also, grey contacts? she's supposed to be olive but I don't care as much about that as I do about her hair and eyes, they are marks of 'the seam.' Her and Gale should both have them.

    It sounds like all of the tentative contenders for Peeta are MUCH TOO OLD! Look for someone younger, Peeta is 16, correct? However, I wouldn't mind if WILLIAM MOSELY was picked for Peeta. Alex Pettyfer would not be horrible, but is OLDER THAN PEETA and looks so fake, Peeta is an original character. He deserves an orginal, wholesome look.
    Please choose well and bring to life all of the raw thoughts and feelings in the book!!! This is an AMAAZING trilogy.

  • Joanne

    I just hope they dye her hair brown, I wouldn't want a blond Katniss

  • Kelli

    Sorry but she is NOT Katniss, Katniss is dark w/olive skin, dark hair...not blond, not 24 yrs old either...I don't like this choice and I think that it can really break the continuity of the movie....

  • Joanne

    Please dye her hair brown, I couldn't take a blond Katniss

  • Joanne

    I hope they dye her hair. I couldn't take a blond Katniss

  • tasha h

    noooooooooooo i dnt wanna c the movie the book is amazing by itself using only imagination and SHE IS NOT KATNISS!!!!!!!!!

  • Augusta

    Jennifers eyes has a sharpness to them and are a lil grey like I thought Katniss' would be, but there's no need to dye her hair. Just give her a wig. And as for the color of her skin, they will use spray tan or something. I've never seen her acting but I hope that if she goes on with this role that all this criticism will push her to be a better Katniss just like criticism pushed Elijah Wood to be a better Frodo. I believe that Jeniffer is a lil too pretty to play Katniss. I imagined a plane looking girl that most everyone looks over because her angry scowl. Just like myself, Katniss is misunderstood and misjudged some times, but head string. Hope Jennifer can pull it off.

  • Augusta

    And as for Haymitch, I thought he had a mixture of House, Shirlock Holms, and Profession Moody feel about him.

  • Abby

    Well first of all Katniss has BROW HAIR and if they leave her hair blonde I would be deeply disapointed. Second of all I don't like the choice of Katniss because she just doesnt have the gritty look to her.

  • Maddie

    Alex Pettyfer as Peeta! YES, PLEASE!
    And in all honesty, why was she chosen as Katniss? She looks nothing as I imagined...

  • Dani

    I wish people would stop hating on Jennifer because she doesn't "look like Katniss". It is a book and everyone pictures her their own way. They can always dye her hair. The acting is really more important.

    For Peeta I'm holding out for a really great unknown. Fingers crossed. No hollywood pretty-boys who get the role just because of their looks.

    For Haymitch I'm secretly holding out for Jeremy Irons. (Think Brom in Eragon.) But I would not at all be disappointed if the part went to Hugh Laurie.

  • I could totally play Rue. I am young african american and very talented. I have brown eyes and long brown hair.I am thirteen but I look like I'm eight. I am not that tall. If anyone knows any one in the talent industry please tell me!! Thanks

  • Angie

    I vote for Sterling Knight to play the part of Peeta.

  • Dee

    If one more person says Hugh Laurie for Haymitch, I just might scream! 1) He is not big enough. 2) He is not good looking enough. Remember, while Haymitch was older andout of shape, he had dark hair and light eyes and was a big dude like the boys from the Seam. Alex Baldwin is the man for this job. Plus, he would play a really good drunk. As far as Lawrence is concerned, I am disappointed. They need someone who is younger and who naturally looks like Katniss. They are obviously only concerned about money like the Twilight movie makers. This pick is a lot like the Rosalie pick. It just doesn't work. You can't take a brunette and make her a young Kim Bassinger. And while you can make a blonde brunette fairly easily. You can't make her skin look like that of Katniss. Olive skin is hard to achieve unnaturally. Not even sure if I will see the movie at all now.

  • Els

    I truly, madly, deeply, love the series! I can see why they picked JL to play Katniss, I saw clips of her in "Winters Bone" I think she will do fine, but I do agree they should definitely dye her hair, we all know our Katniss was not a blond, but she was definitely a beauty! She had the looks, looks she was totally unaware of, which made the character even that much better! As far as Peeta is concerned, I see a very deep individual, doe eyes, eyes that can tell a story, a story which Katniss seems to miss out on. Auburn, not too dark hair, average build. Oh I just can't wait for this movie!

  • Frida

    Hunter Parrish is absolutely perfect for the role of Peeta! I've wathed his performances in Weeds, 17 Again, and Spring Awakening amongst others, and I'm confident that he'd do a great job at portraying the emotional range of Peeta. He also has the look of him nailed (unlike Lawrence, but I'm still very happy about that choice. She's an amazing actress and I think she'll be able to portray Katniss' emotions which is the most important part).

    Lucas Till is also an actor to be concidered in my opinion. His performances in Hannah Montana: The Movie, Vacation 8 and You Belong With Me makes me think he too would be able to play the part well.

    I think the main reason no one has been casted for the part yet is because they have to try the different actors out with Lawrence first. They probably have a favourite or two that would be perfect, but they still have to test out the chemistry before they make any announcements.

  • SHuN

    IM pretty sure shes good for the role or it could be emma stone or something close to that... but goodevening eerybody i hope youll like our movie coming soon im in it..

  • Emilie

    I hope they don't take too many scenes out, or add in ridiculous ones that we don't need. For once, PLEASE stay true to the storyline without making any changes. People love the book for the book and the way it's written, not the way other people think will make people want to see it more.

  • Barry

    They should cast Hugh Laurie for Haymitch! 😉

  • Abby Miller

    her hair needs to be black or dark brown though. If its blonde, that would really suck.

  • Megan

    I have no idea what to think about Jennifer Lawrence playing the part of Katniss, I have never seen her in anything or even heard of her name until recently. I hope they at least dye her hair.. and at least she could look like she's 16-17 yrs old. We'll just have to wait til the movie comes out.

  • Cary

    Hey..I got news for you readers! I'm a Mom over 40 and I was so into these books 😀 I was just trying to be a good mom and keep track of what my daughter was reading and I got hooked. When MockingJay came out we actually were sharing the book and both reading it at the same time not wanting to wait for the other one to finish it first! So we have been highly anticipating the casting for the movie. I have to say I think the part of Katniss has gone to this girl strictly by way of "Hollywood Movie Making." Think about it. Didn't she just get the Oscar Nod? They needed someone olive, brunette, a natural beauty with a tom boyish edge! But has anybody thought about Robert downey jr. for Haymitch? Admit it. He would be perfect 😀

  • Erin

    I like Camilla Belle would make a great Katniss, the first time I saw a picture of her after reading the first book, I thought "that's her!" She was how I imagined her to look and I absolutely love her in everything I've seen her in. She has a way of expressing herself through her facial expressions & I'm sure that would be an important facet to playing the character. Also, I would love to see Ed Speleers as Peeta! I think he would be amazing in that role.
    I just really hope that all of the internal struggle that's captured in the novel, plays out on screen and lives up to the expectations of everyone who has read this trilogy and fallen in love with it 🙂

  • Jennifer at least needs to have dark brown hair like in the book.There is like no acceptions to it.I don't think that it is Katniss without dark brown hair.And for Petta it has to be Alex Pettyfer.When I imagen Petta in my head I thought of him.

  • Augusta

    William Moselley who played Peter in the Narnia movies would make for a good Peeta. Close anyway with that smile of his.
    Jermy Irons who played Brom in Eragon would be a PERFECT Haymitch. He's got the right voice and roughness about him. He could play a good drunk and he has this edge about him that's mysterious but you get the feeling that he knows a lot.
    Ben Barnes who played Prince Caspian in Narnia looks close to Gale in the face.
    Garrett Hedlund who played Murtagh in Eragon could possibly make a great Cinna.
    Georgie Henley who plays Lucy in Narnia could make for a delicate lovable Prim.
    Morena Baccarin who played Inara from the television series Firefly and the movie based on the TV series, Serenity, would make for a beautiful Portia.
    Miranda Richardson who played Ritta Skeeter would make for a great Effie Trinket.
    Michael Sheen who played Zeus from Tron would make for a EXCELLENT Caesar Flickerman.
    I'm most confident of the actors I picked to play the characters of Haymitch, Prim, Effie, Caesar, and Portia.

    • Ev

      I agree with your Ben Barns as Gale! I always pictured William Bekette but his a musician he'll never go for movies =[

    • Rachel

      I love the idea of William Moselley as Peeta! He would just need to bulk up a little bit.

    • Dual

      Katniss - Emily Browning (from the movie uninvited)
      Peeta - Peter (from Narnia) or Alex pettefer (from beastly)
      Thresh - Taylor Lautner
      Haymitch - Main actor from (house series) or Johnny depp

      Still thinking of more :p

      • hgames

        Thresh is black and so is rue , so taylor lautner isnt gonna work , charlie sheen for haymitch!!

    • Goldenheartedgirl

      well i have to disagree with you on your pick for haymich because I think that Robert Downy Jr. would make a VERY good haymich because the entire time i was reding the book that's how i pictured him

      • Megan

        Ooooh. I didn't think of him but I think Robert Downey Jr. would be a perfect Haymitch! It's funny. when I read I never seem to picture real people/actors, but I guess I kinda try to picture the authors description. I'm having a terrible time matching "my characters" in my head with real live people!

    • Astro

      You seem to like the actors from all terrible movies. None of those people would do the book a worthy movie.

    • lovelovelovehgames

      I dont think Lucy from Narnia would be a good pick for Prim because Prim is portrayed as a little kid.She just turned 12 and so I think she should be a younger actress... I'm not in charge of casting, but I am sure i speak for everyone when I say they better pick fierce characters because these books were beyond amazing.

    • Shannon

      I definitely agree with all the people you mention. As long as William Mosseley chunked up a bit, he would be perfect. I absolutely LOVE your pick for Effie! She would be more than perfect!

    • kasey

      All the actors and actresses named are great but most of them come from Disney movies and are not takin serious by and older generation of people and i really think these books can only truley be understood by teens ans adults i know these books were great and the movie can be to i just fill the movies will not be taken seriously with the majority of the cast being Disney stars. I know it would greatly put the books to shame.

  • Emma

    Alright well I'm not sure who I think should play Katniss but of all the people suggested I believe that Hailee would be the best choice. She looks like the most like Katniss and we already know from True Girt she can play that kind of role. My only real thoughts on Katniss is that she should be a strong actress who can handle such a role. Katniss is such an amazing character that some "super star" could ruin her the way Kristin Stewart ruined Bella in the Twilight movies. Katniss is a deep character and she has a little bit of "everyone" inside her; it's why the books reach such a large audience.

    As for Peeta I think that Lucas Till (who was in the Hannah Montana Movie) would be perfect for him. They both have a very warm and welcoming looks and are goo looking. Also Lucas is a natural blonde with blue eyes just like Peeta. He's tall and has a great smile...JUST LIKE PEETA! Also if that's not enough he does have a "soft" look to his face; like he has lead a little bit more privileged life. I'm telling you Google this kid...he's perfect!

    As for Gale I think that Shane Harper(from the TV series Good Luck Charlie) would be perfect. Not only he is SUPER handsome he also has hard features almost like he leads a hard life already; aka when he doesn't smile he looks hard just like Gale. Also, just like Collins describes it herself, when this kid smiles it lights up a room. He's tall and already in good shape. I'm telling you he would be perfect.

    • Marla

      I don't think that Jennifer Lawrence is right to play Katniss! I think someone like Hailee Steinfeld would be much better suited to play the part. It needs to be someone who can take on all the roles that Katniss does in the book. She is the provider for her family as well as it's protector. I think that Hailee would be a great choice.
      As for the other characters, I think Gary Oldman would make an outstanding Haymitch, and I'm not sure who would be good to play either Peeta or Gale. I do like the idea of William Moselley as Peeta though, he has just the right amount of everything that Peeta is as a person!

      • Shannon

        I never even thought of Gary Oldman as Haymitch, but he really would fit the role. And he's just such an amazing actor that he could pull off the different sides of him.
        And yeah, I'm iffy on Lawrence as Katniss. I think Steinfeld has a better look for the role and the capability to pull it off.

      • i dont want J R to play her either. I think she should be a burnette

    • Shawna

      I agree about the Hailee Steinfield thing. She should definitely play Katniss. Lawrence looks way too soft, and all wrong for the role. But her role in Winter's Bone was pretty good, so as long as she has dark hair I'll watch the movie. I agree about William Moselley playing Peeta though. As long as he can pull off crazy it should work. Ben Barns is a really good match for Peeta too. Don't pick Drew Roy though because he's a little too feminine for the role!

  • Emma

    Another thought about Gale; my boyfriend and I agree that this boy Drew Roy(from the Disney Channel) could play Gale.

    Also we decided that Jeremy Irons is good as Haymitch but that Gary Oldman is way better

  • Jessie

    I can only surmise that anybody who DOESN'T think Jennifer Lawrence can pull off this role and do so probably pitch-perfectly didn't see her as Ree in Winter's Bone. The character is practically an emotional stunt double for Katniss...tough, scrappy, poor, unglamorous, unfussy, and very, very strong and determined. I know that Twilight-fan teens don't typically watch meth-lab country indie crime dramas, but anybody doubting that this actress can play this role needs to watch Winter's Bone and have their mind set at ease. Slap some brown hair on her, and the girl's fine, trust me. She also played a younger character than she is in life in W.B. It'll be fine, y'all. It'll be just fine. Be GLAD that they cast somebody with chops, and not a boring, mopey, pouty ol' Kristin Stewart type.

    • P!nk!


  • I am not happy about the choice for Katniss. Her face should hold more strength with its softness. We'll see I suppose.
    I don't know how I'd do, but wish I could've been cast! Ha

    Excited for the films to be in the works!

  • Adrienne

    Alec Baldwin FTW on Haymitch I think. As much as I love House, I am just not sure this is right for him. As for this Jennifer girl I like her look, her presence I mean. The little things can be changed. But like someone said before her acting must be good to have beat out the other contenders. Peeta is who I am really excited to see them cast. I love the books so much and am looking forward to the movies as long as they do em right!

  • Stephanie

    I don't know who should play Peeta BUT the whole time I was reading these books; I couldn't picture anyone but Brendan Gleeson as Haymitch!! He's perfect for the role!!!!!

    Oh and as for Effie.... Imelda Staunton would do just fine!!!

  • Stephanie

    why hasn't anyone considered zac efron for Peeta?? He played a semi-crazy heart broken young man in Charlie St Cloud... I think he would be perfect!!

    • kaitlyn

      NOOO! PLEASE do not pick zac effron! in my opinion, he's TOO recognizable. i really hope they pick actors that aren't hugely popular for all the characters. it'll give the movies a better chance, i think.

  • Stephanie

    Scratch Zac Efron... I think Liam Hemsworth would be a better fit for Peeta!!!

  • Nicole

    I agree with alot of the feedback I have seen ---however, just to throw in someone else---roger waters would make an EXCELLENT Haymitch!!!! I can even see him in the role---that would be epic

  • James

    Not happy.

    Although she is a stunning girl I think that Katniss is a much more "rough around the edges" kind of character. Plus Katniss has dark hair and dark eyes and not so pale skin...

    All I really care about tho is that they follow the book properly and do not completely destroy the plot or the characters like oh so many movies before (ex: Twilight)

    • Jane

      Katniss has gray eyes, not dark eyes...just sayin'.

  • Juarez

    Come on... it should have been the two from Twilight... the boy and the girl. They're the only ones in Hollywood that can be cast in young roles like these, jeesh.

    • kaitlyn're kidding, right?

  • Candace Crehan

    When I see this girl picked for Katniss I see blonde blue eyed, that is not the Katniss I envisioned when I read the book. I really hope they change her hair color because when you read a book you have an idea of how you expect them to look. When the author picks the features of each character, that is how she thought of Katniss to look, brown hair brown eyes, sort of plain looking because of how she lived her life. Now I see another character picked by her acting skills, but seroiusly if she doesn't look the part how can I respect the people choosen. I hate when they go completely off the details of what they are suppose to look like. Peeta needs to be stocky and shorter than Gale, Gale needs to be taller and skinner. And if Rue is some blonde pale blue eyed girl I will be extremely done with whole trigolgy. I'm sick of the white hollywood world. Pick characters best for the part but pick them as they look in the book. Rue clearly is not a pale white girl!!! Reality of the book is important!!! I absolutely loved the Hungar Games more so than Twilight, but to be honest in generaL i'm sick of the movies being nothing like the books. HINTS: The last Song, and My Sister's Keeper!!!

    P.S I'm white, and very open minded.

    • Jane

      Again, Katniss has gray eyes, not brown, as does Gale...that was part of the "seam" look about them.

  • Juarez

    Just kidding. I am so glad it wasn't those buffoons from Twilight.

    Jennifer Lawrence is AWESOME!!!

    • kaitlyn

      ohh ok thank god 😛

  • Eric

    Billy Bob Thornton for Haymitch. You know I'm right.

  • Juarez

    What up dogs... Hunger Games ROCKS!!!

  • For Haymitch, Robbie Coltrane could be perfect. If you ever saw Robbie Coltrane in the Cracker series, that's the Robbie I mean, not the Harry Potter series.

  • ANglesea

    HUNTER PARRISH NEEDS TO PLAY PEETA!!! this kid IS peeta, he is really good actor and could take on the role, also he looks EXACTLY like peeta should look. I will be disappointed if anyone but him is peeta. and i will definetly write a strongly worded uncensored letter to the casting directors if Pettyfer is cast! he is the biggest diva, does no way shape of form look like peeta except for the hair (and eyes) but its more than just that! HE IS NOT PEETA! and it is uber important to get peeta right (along with gale. and later finnick) they must be stunning and make us ladies swoon, he must be hot and look like peeta too.

  • Pheonix

    I think Johny Depp should play as Haymitch. He plays his parts really well.

  • Annie


  • Mike

    Alex Pettyfer needs to be taken off this rumor's list. He SUCKS.

  • nick

    wtf jennifer lawerence what are they thinking i love the series the hunger games but jennifer lawerence would just ruin it she has f-n black hair as described in the book the choices described for peeta are are great but haymitch alec baldwin alright good actor he's a friend of my dads BUT he's just not the role for haymitch haymitch is MEAN alec baldwin is a mello guy i really dont want 2nd grader's directing this film please change directors and Andrew Garfield too old looking someone younger to fit the freking role. these are my comments and changes on the direction of the hunger games

  • Katrina

    Oh, it has to be Robert Downey, Jr. for Haymitch! For Peeta, I'm not sure, but I've seen lots of great suggestions, including the front-runners. I love the idea of Ben Barnes for Gale! He could totally pull it off!

    Mostly, I hope they get all the visual wonders right on the film while keeping the violence as PG-13 as possible. What was devastating in the books would be traumatic on the big screen. It's going to be SO hard to live up to the awesomeness of the books, but I'm rooting for them!

  • Kim

    Someone who looks like Anton Yelchin is how I imagine Peeta. kinda a backwards kinda guy with strength and brains when needed

  • Mike

    i think tht the guy from i am # 4 should play peeta.

  • Heidi

    Honestly, I think Alex Pettyfer would do an exceptional job as Peeta. He has that sweet look to him.

  • Debra

    I think Hunter Parrish would be great as Peeta! I love him in weeds and I think he can still pull off Peeta's boyish charm and devotion to Katniss. And HUGH LAURIE should play Haymitch!!!

  • P!nk!

    I think, whoever Peeta is, his face should have a sweet, soft look to it..and Gale has to have a harder, more resilient look. Peeta and Gale have to directly contrast or the movie won't make much other words, they can't look alike or act like each other in any way.

    Haymitch..I don't really care who gets his role, as long as it is a big, bedraggled guy who looks like he spends all of his time kissing a bottle.

    I think the fashion team should be a bunch of unknown actors..except for Cinna and maybe Venia...I also am not picky on who they should be...

    Prim should be short and absolutely adorable, and Rue should be really short and adorable too.

    Oh, and they had better not screw up the movie the way they did with My Sister's Keeper, that was awful!

  • Angelina

    I think Hailee Steinfield would be an excellent Katniss! Jennifer Lawrence resembles Katniss in almost no way at all. I think Josh Hutcherson would be a great Peeta because he has the childish,shy look to him that Peeta is all about. I think Ben Barnes would be an amazing Gale or Taylor Lautner because Gale is supposed to be extremely attractive. I think Alec Baldwin would be and incredible Haymitch and has enough acting experience to play the part well. Im just glad they didnt pick Kristen Stewart or any of the Twilight characters mainly because they arent very good and would ruin the movie and the books the way they ruined the Twilight saga. I have no idea who should play Rue but, it etter be somebody who resembles her in the book. I'm tired of them picking people who dont look like the Twilight. 🙂

  • Marie

    Haymitch: Kevin Kline (He played Hampton in Definitely, Maybe). He would be perfect! Or Jim Broadbent.

    President Snow: Bill Nighy

    Flavius: Alan Cumming

    Effie: Kristen Chenowith

    And the first song in the credits should be Long Live by Taylor Swift. I know that might sound crazy, but listen to the lyrics...every time I hear the song all I can think of is The Hunger Games.

  • Sherry

    I like Hunter Parrish for Peeta...and Phillip Seymour Hoffman for Haymitch. I'm good with their choice for Katniss. The AUTHOR herself says she is perfect. If she created her, then she'd know. I think that says it all.

  • pinkkness

    well if Leaonardo DeCaprio would be good for Peeta if he was not so crazy about teh choice for katniss...but it will do

  • billy

    Man cant wait to see the movies... read all the books... i am in love with this series... i stay up trying to remember what happens each chapter before.

  • Ariel Piper Temple

    I should play Katniss. I am an actress, unknown which means people will focus on the character and not me. I am like Katniss in so many ways I could truly portray her and tell her story and get the true message of the book out. I was meant to play this part.

  • Abbs

    maybe Braley James should be Peeta
    but Alex Pettifer would be great too!

  • i think bella of of twillight would be a perfect Katniss Everdeen

    • nooo! no bella!no kristen stewart! nooo

  • michis

    Haymitch: Philip S. Hoffman, without a doubt!

  • bella definetly

  • Allie

    I dont care who is in the movie. I want to know When its coming out. Can anyone tell me? I am addicted to the books, and cant wait to see how the movies compare.

  • me

    well, she doesn't /really/ look like a katniss to me. And i heard they have a lot of people down already but i know the people are deciding on peeta and gale. i personally thing logan lerman would make a good gale. he's one of the people they're considering.

  • Heidi R

    cina NEEDS to be Jay Manuel from America's Next Top Model!!!

    He is PERFECT!!!!

    • JOSH

      your right cinna should be played by Jay

    • kaitlyn

      hahaha!! hmm.. im not sure if thats a brilliant idea or not.. but it might work 😛

  • Aimee

    please, not her.
    her face is to delicate, not fit for a girl who hunts illegaly to keep her family alive.

    we need a katniss with strong and sharp features and pleae brown hair.

    we need a katniss who doesn't wory about how she looks but survival of ones she loves.

  • Krista

    Ray Winstone for Haymitch!!!!!!!!!!! Great actor perfect look.

  • On a few movies that were books they messed them up that realy mad me mad,like the Alex Rider movie Stormbreaker.If it doesent have any compareties im not watching it

  • Augusta

    The movie will be in the work some time soon so the movie will be out 2012.

  • Augusta

    I love Kristen Stewart but she's always on edge and is always so nevous and Katniss...isn't. Katniss is in control of her emotions and always seems cool, calm, and collected, except when Peeta said on live TV that he loves her. She was angry 'cause he made her look weak. Jennifer Lawrence may not look the part, but all that really matters is if the acting is right and the plot is right. They've already picked who's playing Katniss and the only way to see if they picked right is to see the movie when it comes out. Even if you are disapointed right now, you know you are curious to see if a good job has been done, so... maybe not in theaters but when it comes to Dirrect TV where you can watch it for free on Stars. You know you want to. Curiousity is gonna get the best of you.

  • um i thought thresh has a tan like rue and they both have black hair. but i think peeta mellark is hot in mymind. forget gale!

  • Lisa

    Everyone seems to forget the age of these characters. Haymitch is only in his early 40's (he participated in the Hunger Games 25 years before Katniss and Peeta). Most of the suggestions for Haymitch listed here are men in their 50's ( Gary Oldman, Hugh Laurie, Alec Baldwin) and Jeremy Irons is in his 60's. Robert Downey Jr. is a perfect choice due to his age. I also think he would do a great job.

    I would like to see a lot of unknown actors for the rest of the cast of Tributes.

  • I hope they make a movie for all the books!

  • JOSH

    They should actually get a pretty or well known actress to play katniss. This chick isn't either of these.

    • Megan

      They should get someone who actually looks like the discription of katniss in the books, it makes not sense to put someone in the movie to play someones role when they look nothing like they should.

      • I as well LOVED these books, im not sure if this girl will honestly play a good Katniss or not. But most definatly it is most important that she fit the description of the katniss character in the books!!! This is very important for all the characters, Peeta Gale, Haymitch, Finnick, Rue, & prim!!I so hopefully they dont ruin the story like they have the Twilight segas! It so needs to be exact how the real story is in the books.

      • they should play fabo as finik odare in the movie

      • Marly

        She's going to dye her hair for the movie. I personally am looking forward to seeing how she'll do. I've read nothing but good things stated by both director and author about Lawrence.

    • Karlrak

      Give her some grey contacts, fake tan, black hair, she'll be good to go. her performance in winter's Bone was stellar.

    • Nora

      Actually, in the book they describe Katniss as naturally not being that pretty.

    • crystal

      i dont think she should be getting judged for her looks. as long as she portrays herself as the katniss in the books, the movie will be great

    • nora


    • Abby

      Okay everyone needs to stop being so flipping judgemental. You won't know if this girl can play the part of Katniss until she actually PLAYS it. Not saying i'm a Twilight fan but everyone hated Robert Pattinson as Edward until they actually saw the movie, and then they changed their mind. Just saying. The director would not have cast her unless he though she could play the part true to the books.

    • it does'int matter if she is well known she looks exactly like katniss would

    • Rocky

      I think she's gonna be great! Don't be haten on her! I bet you your still gonna watch the movie anyways.

    • PM77

      I just watched Winter's Bone, with Jennifer Lawrence, this last weekend. I watched it to see "the girl picked to play Katniss"! So needless to say I was set to critical. If you have not seen her in this should. She is absolutely perfect for Katniss.

  • kasey

    you know i saw one comment about keeping the violence as pg-13 as possible but why we all pictured it in our minds why down play the book sometimes i wounder why people try and make a book series into a movie anyway because they try and make it " appropriate well screw that the way the book was written is how it should be if the directors cant do that dont mess the books up and seriously these are amazing books quit with the Disney actors that have only stared in 1 or 2 movies that people acually know about i mean come on lets get some real actors with acual experience not b grade movies like The hannah montana crap that only 3-12 year olds watch get real.

    • Michelle Rogers

      I agree, these are great books and should keep to them as much as possible. And I too am sick of the Disney actors, come on lets get some real ones PLEASE. Thank You

    • Me

      you r so right the violence in this book is epic nd at a pg13 rating ubelievable it better be a good movie or ima get a refund

      • Ana

        i'd rather have the movie rated r than have them tone down the violence if they do they'll ruin the whole movie cuz throughout the whole book is violence, they can't just downplay it like that

      • Marly

        I think if the thirteen year olds they're talking about were mature enough to read the books they should be able to handle the gore of The Hunger Games. Besides, I'm sure most of those kids have played Call of Duty: Black Ops or Left for Dead, or even seen the Saw movies. So as for toning down the violence it's a definite no vote on my end.

    • Who is prim
      im an actress i could be prim

      • mireya

        prim is the little sister of katniss

      • nora

        i think the girl in nims island should be prim and theres no way thats katniss no...

    • lynn

      Thats right, I totally agree!

    • lynn

      That's right, I totally agree! The violence is a big part of the books so that really needs to be in the movie!

    • schrie

      Agreed. Not only does this actress look nothing like katniss in the books, she couldnt be katniss if they dyed her hair and handed her a bow and arrow either. She doesnt have the personality needed at all to do something like this, when i pictured an actress playing the role as katniss i think hailee steinfeld if true grit would fit the role perfectly. Look and personality wise. She had great determination and sarcasm, and enough of a lack of regard for her "superiors" to fit the personality of Katniss. Not to memntion that the fact that she is subtly pretty, but looks phenomenal with makeup, exactly as katniss was explained in the book. Theyre going to ruin these movies, which is sad, because they have the potential to surpass the twilight saga. I have been hoping they would make movies out of this saga, but it seems as though they are only going to ruin it. Its sad.

      • patticus

        could not have been put better. I knew as soon as i read the first book that they would be made into movies and that the movies would turn the franchise into crap. They're gonna make a whole "team peeta" "team gale" spin on it b/c of how well it worked in twilight...which sucks btw.
        and without an R rating these movies can never match the books. It saddens me how these movies are going to make so many teeny bopper "i dont read but i like moooovies" douches into fans. just sad.

    • siera

      IKR and i love this book there just gonna screw it up!!! ughhhh people annoy me!!!

      • me

        I know right people always mess up the movie and leave out important details

    • chris

      its true that there is a lot of violence but remember the dark night was full of violence and action packed and that was rated pg13. so they still have full potential to make this movie great and include all the action and still keep it pg13

  • Ginger

    ok first off, who cares if jennifer's hair is blonde. its called hair color! and spray tan and make up! everyone needs to get over her hair color. i think she will make an alright katniss. at least she isn't kristen stewart!
    and i have yet to see a young actor that fits what peeta looks like. i do believe he is supposed to have blonde curly hair. i've googled all the actors everyone keeps saying, and NONE of them fit peeta's description. yes he is supposed to be gorgeous, but all the actors pointed out aren't stalky like he is supposed to be. i've agreed with a few on gale. and it would be awesome to have robert downey jr play haymitch.
    but i agree they have to be super picky and careful about who plays peeta, gale and finnick. i think they should get unknown actors, not all the lame disney stars.

    • Grace T.

      I dont like her at all. She's too girly...And pretty...and SHE HAS BLOND HAIR BLUE EYES AND IS 23!!!!!!!!!!!! I MEAN SERIOUSLY?!!!!!!!! I know they can dye her hair give her contacts and I know Katniss is supposed to be a little pretty but will she REALLY make a good Katniss Everdeen? I dont think so. So go ahead and reply to this saying "SO i like her" blah blah blah i dont like her at all. Neither does my sister. My sister would have been just about perfect for the roll. I know i know everyone wants to play Katniss but im serious.

      • I know i don't like her at all!!! She is superrr old to play this part and girly.

      • Ashley

        Alex Pety whatever actually does fit Peeta except he's not stocky like i picture Peeta from reading the books. as far as Jennifer being too girly watch Winter's Bone. yeah she's girly cause it's a hollywood red carpet event she's seen at in the pic. above. hoolywood can make her as nongirly and dirty as they have to for the movie cause that's what they do. they're called makeup artist's. as far as i'm concerned she's perfect for this role. and i only learned about the Hunger Games thanks to Stephenie Meyer ( author of Twilight). and as far as making it PG-13 i think they're trying to downplay some of the gore for the younger generation who seems to be the ones watching movies like this anymore. these books are written for a teen audience. i personally wouldn't mind it being R rated as it should be with the amount of gore in the book. cause if you;re gonna take a book and make it into a movie you should make it as close to the book as possible and those books are def. not PG-13

      • KellyS

        Have you seen Winter's Bone? C'mon. It's called acting. She's very talented. Everyone loves The Hunger Games, I'm sure that the writers, director, actors and everyone involved knows that. Jennifer Lawrence was AMAZING in Winter's Bone, and that's not a "pretty girl" role. Watch it before you judge if she'd be a good Katniss, you might be surprised.

    • chloe

      the Hunger Games saga was - and is one of the greatest series ive read... and ive read alot. i fell in love with katniss and peeta... the books became apart of me, emotions and feelings written on paper welling up inside of me... as katniss grew , i grew. there were times when i read... and couldnt see the words becase they were blurred from tears, splashing onto the black font over and over. thousands of movie makers have used books for a theme of a movie... and very few have been caring enough to give those stories justice. the author envisioned a world, a world that readers fell in love with... when i go to see this movie i hope i feel just as i did when reading the book, i hope tears burn in my throat, and i hope that i feel the same connection that felt on that journey with katniss.

      • me

        drama anyone

    • gadams

      Max Irons should be peeta

    • patticus

      robert downey jr as haymitch may be the best thing i've ever heard. PERFECT.

      • chris

        i think bruse willis would be better

    • me

      Shia LeBeouf should play as Gale

  • kaitlyn

    why on earth would ppl think kristen stewart would be a good katniss??

    1. shes a HORRIBLE actress

    and 2. she's already so well-known as bella or whatever.
    it couldnt possibly work, unless they PURPOSEFULLY want to completely ruin these movies.

    im skeptical about the movies, because its going to be hard to match up to how incredibly amazing the books were! but.. i have hope 🙂

  • Kelly

    I like her but I kind of pictured Katness as a brunet!!! I bet she would work if she was willing to dye her hair!!!

  • Augusta

    There's going to be a trilogy just like there's a trilogy for the books, but probly only if the 1st movie goes off without a hitch and they were looking for new faces to take roles in this movie_even the lead role such as Katniss_ but then Jennifer shows up and even the author agrees that she will make a perfect Katniss, which is depressing because that's the part I wanted to audition for. ): I might not be what everyone was expecting, but I see Katniss as a simple girl who cleans up pretty and boys don't notice her or misunderstand her just like everyone else does and that's basically me. I have the angry scowl and everything, but oh well. Can't change the minds of the producers now.

  • Railey

    I think we could do better. look for someone who looks like her but not kristen stewert. IN the movie i think there should be a younger girl playing Katniss's memories. THat younger girl should not be a well known actress, simply a girl picked off the street who knows how to act well and who looks like Katniss in younger form.

  • Brittany

    I personally think the Johnny Depp should play Haymitch. I think he would do a great job at playing the drunk and crazy role.

    • me

      I agree if he can play drunk crazy idiot jack sparrow he will be perfect for Haymitch

  • WHO IS PRIM!! i need to know now!!

    • Ana

      prim is katniss' lil sister

    • laura

      prim is her little sister, her reason for everything. Prim is choosen to go to the games not her so she takes her place.

    • shantel

      i think she means who's playing prim lolz

    • bama

      Read the books and find out! I promise you can't miss it. If your wanting to audition for the part your going to want to have read the books.

  • Coolguy

    Personally I think Katniss' actor looks more like the Katniss I imagined,the hard actor to find will be the actor for Peeta,since few boys meet the required characteristics and are actors.Either way really looking forward to the movie considering the release date is supposed to be on or near my birthday.

  • See Winter's Bone, Grace. Then you'll see why this is brilliant casting for Katniss.

  • Fabiola

    Well I think that Alex Pettyfer should be Peeta because he has blond hair just like peeta does in the book.

  • Alex Pettyfer should be Peeta

  • Maria

    I agree with Railey I think you should pick a girl off the street for a younger Katniss in Katniss' memories. (personally) I think i would make a good ( but not great ) young Katniss. I have black/brown hair and Dark brown eyes. I also love to braid my hair and im young enough to play her. I also love love LOVE the Hunger games and would be freaked if I got the part.

  • Ana

    i know right in the books don't they say something about her hair being brown when they are preparing her the hunger game? i seriously want her to atleast wear a wig cuz they cannot change anythin bout the characters

  • yes this movie will be pg13 but i will be 14 when it comes out

  • jen

    It would be nice if casting would stay true to how the character of Katniss is written of being olive skin toned with long dark hair and somewhat ordinary! I would love to have seen someone of ethnicity such as Italian, Hispanic, or Native American decent be casted for the part of Katniss! The actress chosen (nothing to do with the color of her hair) just does not seem to fit the imagination of the reader!

  • Mike

    YOU BETTER DO THIS BUT JUSTICE! DOOO NOTTTT FAILLL! This book is the best book out there and it will be hard to do it justice. PLZZZZZZ dont let me down 🙁

  • Bridget

    Hayden Christensen should be Peeta!

  • Melissa Witter

    I'm getting really tired of people concerned about the movie not being violent enough...are you joking? First of all, I teach The Hunger Games in my 8th grade Language Arts is AGE APPROPRIATE because it was written for this particular "audience"! If you want blood and gore guaranteed go see a horror movie. This trilogy actually has a story to tell-thus the reason it was written-duh. Get over the killing and focus on the story. Blood splatter and decapitation DON'T make it a good move...the STORY makes it a good move. Like America needs to step up it's violence levels in it's movies???????????????????????? Get real.

  • Alli

    Honestly her hair is the WRONG color but the eyes and such r gewd.................. but how are you going to make her look with out make up im just scared at b4 the games there going to have make up in the begining which will BUTCHER the hole meaning I hope its good

  • sami

    who is rue?

    • mireya

      rue is a girl who teams up with katniss during the hunger games but dies a few days later

  • The secret Mockingjay

    The secret Mockingjay says

    Put Emma Roberts back on the list, she looked more like Katniss. Put a blondie for Peeta.

  • Rochelle

    Peeta had better not be any actor that is "skinny". that's simply not how he is described and not how i picture him at all. haymitch should not be a big name actor, especially not robert downey jr. :P, they had better not make this movie namely his character too "touchy feely". i was hoping they would choose saorise ronan for katniss, but she may not have been cold enough. katniss is kind of hard to get along with and lawrence might "capture" that. PLEASE DON'T MESS UP PEETA!!!!!!!!!

  • omg hunger games is SUCH a good book we read it n class and i almost cryed wen rue died and rite now imm read n catching fire

    • me

      i couldnt keep reading mocking jay its not as good

  • dee

    I haven't seen her act, but she has the Katniss "look" in my opinion; just needs hair color. I hope they put a lot of work into these movies because the books were phenomenal! I see from IMDB they have a 2012 date set & she is the only actor chosen so far? I hope they don't plan on rushing this movie with low-budget 😐

  • Aya

    Makes me sad. I was hoping they would allow public auditions. I would have loved the chance to audition. I love the book and Katniss' attitude towards what is going on around her and would have been honored to pass that onto the movie and the people who would view it.

  • Taylor Mickey

    I thing the guy who is drunk on black beauty from black beauty should play haymitch!

  • Carolyn

    As long as they give her contacts and dye her hair, i'm fine with Jennifer Lawrence. Actually, that's how I imagine Katniss now as I read Mockingjay.

  • Carolyn

    Just so everyone knows people from the Seam are supposed to have gray eyes, not dark brown

  • katee

    Katniss is supposed to look like she's from the seam.. and this girl does not match that description at all!! ughh that gets me soo mad. the producer should pick a cast that matches the desription better

  • Abigail

    I think she'll be an awesome Katniss, and her eye and hair colors can be easily fixed. This can give her a good chance at being better known and she will be great. Also, I've looked up descriptions as much as I can and found that Robert Downey Jr. would be a great Haymitch. My mom, who I begged to read the books and she loved them too, and I made a dream cast, and I thought you might want to see it, for ideas. Alex Pettyfer as Peeta Mellark, Drew Roy as Gale Hawthorne, Portia De Rossi as Mrs.Everdeen, Bill Nighy as President Snow, Molly Quin as the Avox Girl, Emma Stone as Foxface, Tom Felton as Cato, Hayden Panettiere as Clove, Kirk Jenkens as Marvel (im not sure about this one), Mischa Barton as Glimmer, and I thought MAYBE Nicholas Cage as District 12 Mayor, but I wasn't sure. I also had a few ideas for Prim and Rue, but I'd perfer unknown actors for all the other parts, so we see unfamiliar faces along with the stars and they can be better known 🙂 Anyway, I just can't wait for this movie! It's gonna be epic, but I hope It's rated pg-13, but that's so I can watch it in theatres so i dont have to wait for a DVD or whatever.

    • patticus

      tom felton as cato???

  • Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanielle

    Thank gosh it isnt cristian stewart, she would totally ruin the movie. what a greatt book.

  • Bella

    Jeniffer Lawerence should NOT be Katniss Everdeen. She is much to pretty and dainty for this mud,blood,and death movie. Katniss Everdeen was not soupose to be pretty. She's grouchy and hostile. Jeniffer will ruin this epic movie. NO OFFENCE

  • Aloie

    Hope she is really can look really mean...she looks nice and katniss is harsh so hopefully she's good!!!

  • Ashotn

    I think she will be good for the movie, BUT, she will have to have the same atitude as Katniss. I read the book over 13 times and every time I fell in love with it again. Don't mess this up. We trust you to make the movie just as good as the book. Please stay true to they book. Please don't switch the sences order. And PLEASE don't add you own, how do you say, "TWIST" to the movie. I have also read the Twilight books and watched all the movies. They cut alot out of the movies. Like in 'Eclipse', they took out the sence were Angela and Bella are sending out cards. Fans watch for stuff like that. Trust me when I tell you this, us fan's do NOT like to be cheated. YOu better make this movie just as great as the book.
    Your Fellow Reader,

  • Sara

    Have you not been paying attention to any entertainment news lately?
    Jennifer Lawrence has been the topic of every conversation...and not for her commitment to The Hunger Games cast. She was the lead in Winter's Bone which was a big success and the part she played shows how great she will be for taking on the role of Katniss. Plus she has turned heads and dropped jaws at every award show/red carpet event this year.
    She is well known and beautiful. And as for anyone worried about her fair skin and blonde hair compared to the book's description of Katniss, well that can all be changed for the movie. Look for the talent first, then appearance. I think we have all learned from Twilight that just because a girl looks the part doesn't mean she can pull it off.

  • Kammy

    I'm a bit disappointed that the casting call for Katniss was specifically for Caucasians, even though Katniss is clearly described as dark-haired and olive-skinned. Not that a Caucasian couldn't be this, but it's also not like a non-Caucasian /couldn't/ be this. Sorry for being such a Grumpy Bear, but that just reaks of one of the many things that was wrong with The Last Airbender. :/

  • Carley


  • Z

    Well, if they play down the violence....the movie is prob. not going 2 be that good. I know wen I was reading the book those were some of the best parts.

  • K

    I am really looking forward to watching the movie! I agree that the movie probably won't be as good without the violence! They were some of the best parts! Some one also mentioned how readers don't like parts to be cut out of the movie, that is soooo true!! The books are almost always better for this reason! Please try the make the movie just like the book!! I hope there will be movies for the following books too!
    The movie should get tons of hits!

  • anwell

    peter should be played by max theirot from the pacifier i think his perfect for the role !

    • Julie

      Peter? I think you're referring to Peeta?

  • Of course they would cast a blue-eyed Blonde girl for the role of someone completely different. (olive skinned and gray eyed)

    Screw holly wood and there games with turning books into movies and ruining them.

    Anybody read Eragon? AMAZING book. Then it was ruined with that horrible movie. That had so much potential they pissed away.

    I feel the Hunger Games heading down the same path.

  • benjamin

    OMG this is so freaky that girl is exactly how i imagined katniss in the book!!!!!

    • nora

      sure... that looks nothing like her unless u like read over the whole description cuz katniss aint blond, blue eyed or white skinned unless u watched a movie with this girl in it and the memory just sorta stuck in your head or something

  • Millie

    Yes, thank god it ISNT kristen stewart she already ruiend one good series.... and HELLO Katniss is an unsuspecting warior this chick doesnt cut it!!

    • nora


  • Susana

    I think that girl is OK for the role, I would definitely go with Saoirse Ronan for Katniss. Anyway... since I think Alex Pettyfer should play Jace of the City of Bones, the kid from the Disney Channel, Sterling Knight would be perfect for Peeta Mellark.

  • I think it should definetly be Logan Lerman who plays Peeta. Lerman strikes me as the loving, yet deep baker boy who can show his never ending love for Katniss. If you think he looks too young for Peeta, you could make Jennifer look younger or make Logan look older.
    Either way, I think Logan Lerman would be just perfect for Peeta!



  • Augusta

    I believe that the movie, Catching Fire, should start out with Katniss leading Gale to the cement hut by the lake in the woods. Gale shows up & they chat a lil then Katniss goes to tell Gale what’s happened, which goes into a flash back to when Peeta and Katniss arrive back home from the Games, where Katniss’s mom introduces the story about Gale and Katniss being cousins.
    Then it goes 2 Katniss sleeping restlessly at night. She gets up and leaves her house in the Victors Village and goes to her old house in the Seam, where she dresses to hunt, then goes to wait for Gale in their usual spot. Gale shows up, she hugs him and then they eat and even though they don’t tlk about it in the book, it’d b a good time to introduce that Gale only hunts on Sundays because he works other days in the coal mines. They hunt and then go to leave the woods, when Gale kisses Katniss.
    The scene changes and skips 4ward 2 the morning of the Tour where Katniss sits in the woods and mist in the usual spot, waiting for the sun to rise where she can hunt. The story carries on from there just as it does in the book.
    The mysterious confusing beginning holds the audience to the screen waiting for questions to be answered, which do get answered half way through the movie then makes a twist in events that sends Katniss into questioning her love for Gale, the uprisings in District 8, and if there is a secret District 13 that the audience is now wondering about too.
    Unless you are totally into the books, the characters and the movies, then starting the movie out like the book starts out, would be kinda dull almost like tying up loose ends of the end of the first movie. You have to give a twist at the very beginning that makes you ask questions that will be revealed as the movie plays out. I didn’t think that the beginning of the book was dull, but movies have to hold the attention of an audience who may not have read the books. Having a mysterious beginning such as this may be a good way to keep movie goers in their seats and wanting more.

  • Chris

    I loved her in Winter's Bone. Weird but really good movie. That said, I am disappointed they chose her. Not that I don't think she could play the role, but part of what I liked was that Katniss was described more fitting a more ethnic girl. There are so few lead females in any roles that young adults can watch that I really wanted that part of Katniss to stick. I really don't mean to bring race in, but when the character is described as befitting something besides white, it makes me sad that producers apparently limit themselves to white choices... Jennifer Lawrence, Hailee Steinfeld, Chloe Moretz, Saoirse Ronan are all amazing young actresses, but when none of them fit the description it makes me wonder if they truly couldn't find anyone who did with the acting chops to play the role.

  • Mackenzie

    So I dont like the choice very much. I'd perfer someone who actually looks like her and is near still being a 'little' girl.
    For Peeta I would love to have Josh Hutcherson. I mean i like the two choice but i like Josh a bit more. He just reminds me a peeta. I dont know why though. = D

    • Ana

      Katniss is not a "little girl". while she is 16, the whole build up of her character describes her as being mature and wise for her age. Lawernce is perfect for this role. She is a strong built chick and has already played the part of a young girl who had to grow up too soon to take care of her family. What a brilliant casting!

      • TheRightOne

        Katniss ,isn't a "little girl" but..... she is supposed to be small i think Emma Stone should play Katniss

    • Alyssa

      I agree with u it says in the book that katniss has dark hair

      • Andrew

        Natural hair color doesn't matter in movies now, It is so easy to dye it and i think that the actress who they picked fits what i would have expected for katniss.

    • mitchall

      josh huctherson might be a good peeta if he keeps long hair and grows about a foot thick with muscle! you have to remember the only thing that peeta has going for him is his size a decoration abilities so you cant really take that away from him

    • Josie

      Josh Hutcherson is wierd... he's supposed to have blonde curly hair and blue eyes, josh has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. Not that they can't fix that but Josh's face is too recognizable. I just don't like him one bit.

  • nora

    I think Peeta should be sterling knight and prim should be Abigail Breslin and theres no way that could be Katniss

    • D

      @ nora
      i dont think sterling knight should play peeta. he just doesnt fit the description

  • Anna

    Hmmm. I pictured Katniss Everdeen as someone who is a little more average looking.She is sort of too pretty. I don't think the fans of the books, for the most part, will be happy.

    • Alethia

      i totally agree!!!

      • james

        me to

      • Johanna

        When I was reading The Hunger Games series, I always pictured Katniss with dark hair hair. I don't know about anyone else.

    • shane

      i agree too

    • Ashley

      Being a fan of the book and its characters, I have to say that I'm not happy with the choice they made for the main character. Katniss Everdeen is supposed to be a dark-haired, grey-eyed, olive-skinned, 16-year-old, AVERAGE looking girl. I will say that, if they have great make-up artists for the movie, then they could make this Blonde- haired, blue-eyes, *clears throat* Princess into the complete opposite character they need to make. Now, I'm not saying that she's not a good actress, but it makes me angry to see them choosing yet another attractive woman for someone who isn't supposed to be completely attractive in appearance. (Yes, Katniss is supposed to be good-looking, as even she says when she was going through the preparations for her interview, but she's supposed to have flaws.) They apparantly went past that and had to choose someone who has little to no physical flaws.

      All in all, I have to say that, if they truly worked on her appearance, making her dark-haired and dark-eyed and what-not, and she turns out to be a decent actress, then I'll be fine. But truth be told, none of the fans are going to be happy about the choices made until the movie actually comes out. We can complain all we want about the chosen actors, but we must be patient and see how they fair within the movie before we tear anyone's head off. Lol

      • Tiffany

        First of all, I am a die hard fan and reader just like the rest of you. You are not going to get the perfect Katniss, or any other character for that matter, becasue everyone has their own image on what these characters should look like. I've learned that things change from book to screen, and all I care about is being able to see adaptation of one of my favorite books on screen. Katniss is described as an average girl, from her point of view. How many of us girls think that we have flaws or are not that pretty. Think about it! Girls have a different image of themselves than what others really see. Just be happy that they are making a movie out of it. There are so many great books that never make it to the screen

    • gabby m.

      i totally agree i have read all the book she should look normal a 15-16 year old gurl and she needs to look like katniss im suprised teh author didnt say something...

    • hannah

      yea i agree i pictured her more normal

  • Banana

    Umm, excuse me, but don't be so picky guys. I mean, have you guys not read the interviews with Suzanne Collins and Gary Ross? They both said that no one else read the monologue like she did, so I bet she'll knock us down as a Katniss. Plus, she's pretty well known from her performance in Winter's Bone. To all of those who said "she's too girly", she SKINNED A SQUIRREL in that movie and played a total tomboy. I agree, maybe she looks too old. But haircolor doesn't matter. They can easily dye that sucker and make it look natural. That's what movies do all the time. Just watch the movie and stop predicting that she's gonna ruin the whole thing, 'cause she might even nail the part as Katniss. By the way, she's not Disney, so why are you guys even talking about Disney? Come on guys, at least have faith in Suzanne Collins. She's the one that had the final say--she even wrote the BOOK SERIES! I think she knows what she's talking about and if she cast the right person or not ,which she's said, she has. Let's actually wait for the actual movie to come out instead of bagging; I think I've made my point here (; Totally agree with Sara. Ps. a TON of PG-13 movies are super gory, so don't think that it'll be lame to put it for 18 and younger audiences. Haven't you guys watched movies like, The Eagle? They had some pretty gory scenes, so I'm sure they'll do something like that in THG.

    • saya

      Omg thank u I totally agree w banana. I'm a huge freaking fan if this series n I think its a good fit Alex would b a great peeta I think. But they shocks look for someone that's good n new

      • jaxx

        i totally agreee!!! alex should play peeta! but i dont think that'll happen :-/

    • JoLene

      Agreed! And personally I think she looks alot like a younger Jenifer Lopez who in know way comes of as weak and disney. I mean seriously JL totally flipped her whole career/image and dropped the beauty queen mold in Stronger so why if this girl has already show her STRONG side wld anyone doubt her!

    • Kat

      totally agree!! she actually looks like Katniss in the face a little bit... (well not her hair.. but she can totally dye it!)

    • I love Jennifer Lawrence!!! She will be a great Katniss!!! Her look can be altered to fit Katniss's look so you people need to chill! We need Alex Pettyfer to play Peeta .... not some unknown actor!! Alex Pettyfer is amazing and he has everything an actor need to pull of someone like Peeta!!! I love Alex Pettyfer and Jennifer Lawrence and I CANNOT wait to see the movie!!! Hopefully it is just as amazing as the books!!! 🙂

  • V

    Jennifer Lawrence will be fine. They're gunna dye her hair and use color contacts. Peeta, however, they're ACTUALLY still looking at unknown actors for. They looked at unknown actresses for Katniss too, but didn't find anyone up to par.

  • villavillain

    I'm just so grateful that they didn't get Kristen Stewart. We begged Suzanne Collins at the book signing not to cast her. Not that she listened to us or anything, but I'm still glad!

    • JoLene

      Thats pretty rude though you know i mean every actress shld have a chance to play a different side of what ppl view them as and embace the challenge of emotional strength in their career, they cant all just stay one type to plz ppl!

  • Ang

    People complaining about the fact that she doesn't match the physical description are clueless to the fact that the acting is the most important part of securing the role; appearance can be altered to fit the role. If she can pull it off according to the director, than the physique will take care of itself. Get a clue, people!

    • Zach

      I completely agree, any physical attributes can be altered to fit the look for the scene. The acting is important to me. Her being able to portray Katniss through personality is more important to me than through looks. I feel this was a solid choice and I feel that alex pettyfer would be a great peeta after his I am number four performance, plus he kind of looks like how i pictured him. Robert Downey Jr. as haymitch would be the solidifying piece of this cast, as long as they dont write him in as taking a larger role than necessary

  • Jenny

    Peeta should be Jesse McCartney. "Young Leo DeCaprio" that's Jesse McCartney hands down. And he could totally handle the drama and emotion of it. Dramas are his forte.

  • amber q.

    I don't believe she looks like katniss everdeen , she just doesn't have the "hard look" like katniss does. I believe you should hold auditions, and make sure to tell lots of me 🙂

  • Ashlynn

    I think she'll do great. She a great actress and acording to the article she was the best fit person who tried out. So lets be happy they found someone who fit the role of Katniss so good.

  • lenn

    i dont think she would be a good katniss. katniss has black hair an she has blond not a good chose. and peeta has to have blond hair maybe let the girl who's playing katniss wear a black wig or somthing. and the girl here is to old to play katniss. i think the person to lay Katniss should be someone else.

  • DeeDee

    This should be a great movie.(: Cant wait to see it!

  • emy

    so, i can see her being a katniss, but i could also see her playing Glimmer....

    i agree that abigale breslin should play prim, again, hairdye comes into play, but no biggie.

    and i totally think that Jack Nicholson should play haymich...he plays the perfect angry drunk with a few mental problems.

  • Yeah Robert Downey Jr. is a pretty good Haymitch but I think that Hugh Laurie (Dr. House) would be better

  • Jennifer Sheka

    I just want them to get the show on the road! This was an excellent book and I cant wait to see it on the big screen. But as far as Peeta, Jesse McCartney? Come ON!! Gaile was supposed to be the more attractive of the 2. The characters are meant to be ordinary. Though like all of us, who wouldnt look better with a stylist

  • Susie

    I think she'll make a great Katniss. And really, aside from hair/eye color (no big deal) she looks a lot like I pictured her. But Peeta... I don't know, I think Cameron Bright would be interesting.

  • Michelle Leonard

    i think Lucas Till would be perfect for Peeta. when i read THG i could just see him as the character.

  • i dont know about jennifer laurancebeing katniss i think of katniss having a natural beauty more average......................PEETA should be josh hutchinson.........HAYMITCH should be jeff garlin........GALE should be avan jogia( guy from victorious)...........PRIM should be abigail breslin and..........RUEshould be dakota fanning(with black hair of course) and ....jennifer laurance should be GLIMMER

    • Janie

      I agree shes too pretty but I'm sure they will dirty her up. As for Rue... you could give Dakota Fanning (who don't get me wrong, shes amazing) a dark dye job but dark hair doesn't make up for the fact that Rue is African American... not a very pale blonde.

  • yo


  • yo

    i think she makes a lovely katniss you guys got to remember shes only 16 in the book so she dosnt look to old in my oppinion i rely on suzannes oppinion the books were so great that i read them until i fell asleep i always wooke up with a crick in my neck i thought the book was great and i cant wait until the moveis come out thanks for reading this

  • Abby

    She should play as Glimmer, NOT Katniss. :

  • Jessie

    I think that someone else could be able to play Katniss because i never imagined her blonde. Also I feel that Alex Pettyfer would be PERFECT for Peeta. He knows how to play the role of charming and to me he really does look like a Peeta.

  • jessica

    i also think abigail breslin should be prim i agree with the choice for katniss, i think when they film they should dye her hair darker. Anyway gale should be josh hutcherson, and peeta should be cole sprouse.

  • Darrel

    I like Kristan Stewart. i think that she should be Katniss because of how she looks. in my mind she matches the description of Katniss. she may be a bit old though. i also thik that Abigale Breslin should play prim.

  • She is pretty and everything(n/h) but i don't think she looks like wht the book describes her to be Black hair Olivy skin and she doesnt appear to be as hardworking look as Katniss:?

  • lauren

    I want Alex Pettyfer for Peeta, though not because he embodies Peeta. He would actually make a far nicer Gale, but the only reason I would want this is simply the fact that Alex Pettyfer is irresistibly sexy, and Peeta is far more prominent and seen more often within the books. Combined with his accent.... oo yum.

  • aisha

    ok, i dont mind with this choice, they've couldve done better. ok they have phenomenal acting, doesnt mean they should completely ignore the specific detailed appearances of the characters. like others said, i believe this actress is too pretty and mature looking for the part. these choices should not go down the path of "avatar:the last airbender" or "dragon ball z" etc. im not intending to offend anyone, but i hope theyll avoid making this a predominantly caucasian actors movie and explore other actors capabilities.

  • monkeybutt80

    Hugh laurie would be an awesome Haymitch! love it

  • Brittany

    "We’d like to see someone a little, well, deeper playing Peeta. Someone along the lines of the young Shia LaBeouf or Leonardo DiCaprio, circa “This Boy’s Life.” No one besides Andrew Garfield really fits that mold and he’s got his hands full with Spider-Man. Craig Roberts from “Submarine” might be a step in the right direction. Beyond, that we’re holding out hope for a dazzling new discovery. Now it’s your turn to nominate your ideal Peeta. Let the games begin!"

    I would have to nominate this young up and coming actor.
    Brenden Whitney, he's bit older than Peeta, but he can look that age...
    look him up at these links... he has a demo

    i haven't seen him play a romantic part, but I'm 100% certain he could do the comedy and drama aspects of it... and hearing how direct able he is, im sure he could pull the character off.

    • Jenny

      OMG! Brenden! Yes! I would love to see him as Peeta. How do you know about him Brittany?
      I love his blue eyes and his smile... and he seems like such a nice guy.
      Two thumbs up for Britanny's nomination 🙂

  • SB1823

    Anyone who says Jennifer is not perfect for Katniss has never seen her act before! There isn't a known actress in her bracket who is a better fit or could capture the complexity of the character. Jennifer is absolutely brilliant. The commitment she makes and ability she has to becoming a character is rare for an actress her age. I can't believe how many people are dismissing her because of her physical appearance. They don't call it movie magic for nothing people. If they can make Robert Downey Jr. African American in tropic thunder, they can make Jennifer have olive skin, brown hair and grey eyes.

    I am so sad Andrew Garfield can't be Peeta. He would be perfect. I would go with Josh Hutcherson within the current candidates. I think he has some great potential.

    I always imagined Robert Downey Jr. as Haymitch. I think he is great at hitting the depth of the character while bringing in some gritty humor.

    Gale is hard for me. I can think of plenty of actors who have the look but none that has the ability to play him in a believable way. I am thinking an unknown.

    I think Dakota is a shoe in for Rue. Abigail seems a touch too old for Primm but I think she would do a really good job.

    I am interested in who people think should play Cinna!

  • valentine

    Jennifer Lawrence definitely does not scream Katniss Everdeen at me -- just saying, but they should get someone that will actually own the role and not just steal it . . .

    <3 Val

  • Finna

    Actually they could die her hair and put contacts in, its really easy and pros do it so they look totally natural. Dont worry, Im sure the books will be fine XD

  • jaxx

    Alex should TOTALLY play peeta he'll be perfect for the role

  • Brian

    She dosn't come of as dark enough

  • badadaha

    I think she'll do fine...shes not what I picture of katniss in this picture but i guarantee that the makeup crew will be able to make her more like katniss...this is just a picture of an actor...the way they portray her in the movie is what im looking forward too...and for Peeta....i dont care who plays him as long as hes a good actor....:P

    ~ badadaha

  • BJ

    Okay, Rue? besides being little and fast and reminding Katniss of Prim, anyone can play Rue. I don't recall hair or skin color being mentioned. Jennifer might not look like the character, but if she read the script perfect...I'm good with that. I like Robert Downy Jr. as Haymitch. Peeta? That's hard for me, his character is deep; Peeta has that quiet strength.

    Gale? I see him being attracive, physically fit (working in the mines and all). I can't wait to see who plays Cinna as well.Effie? President Snow? I like Hugh Laurie.. President Coin? A female President Snow.

    I"m trusting Suzanne will want this to come off without a hitch. Whomever she picks to fill the characters in the books (she's the one who knows them best) it will have to be fine with us, we can complain and criticize all we want.

    But its alwasy good to give your 2 cents, as sometimes they do listen to the fans.

  • nyx

    i think chord overstreet should be peeta!!!

  • modo

    I am just so glad its not the twit Kristin Stewart.

  • Dboy

    I was one of the people who sat up all night and got yelled at by my teachers for reading the book. Im worried about there being a movie over it because it was such a good book, but i do hope that it turns out good. Jennifer Lawrence does seem to pull off the katniss look but anyone who hates shall have to wait and see theres no way to know until the movie starts.
    thanks for reading. xD

  • KNMadison

    Eddie Redmayne should play Peeta!

  • Eddie

    I would have picked Ellen Page as Katniss.

    Also news on Peeta and Gale.

    Josh Hutcherson is casted as Peeta and Liam Hemsworth is casted as Gale. I'm not a fan of these casting decisions.

  • Victoria

    Come on guys I'm 100 percent sure her hair will be dyed for the roll.

  • Seulbin

    I also think that age is a key factor in these roles, as obviously we want them to continue, yes? Jennifer Lawrence is actually GREAT. She's 20years old, young enough not to grow dramatically over a 3-4 year span. So she needs a matching cast of actors/actresses who match her age range, for example Peeta. How can someone like Andrew Garfield, who is 28 years old, play Peeta with 20 year old Lawrence?

  • Jenny

    Josh Hutcherson? gag me with a fork of trackerjackers... really? Does Debra Zane not care about this movie? If they say Suzanne Collins agrees with the choice then you know its a bunch of Capitol BS...
    Not happy with these choices.
    Horrible... absolutely horrible.

  • sammi

    NNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! she loks nothing like her and she is like20+! no choose someone else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bri Young

    I am very unhappy with this choice. She looks nothing like katniss. This movie will probably ruin the books for me. I am disappointed in it already. This girl looks used up and katniss is supposed to be innocent albeit intense and focused. I agree that Ellen Page would have been a much much better choice.

  • Bri Young

    Someone fire this overaged, wannabe katniss. This will be the Epic Fail of the year

  • Joshua

    They should make Peeta.... British! no, Australian!, no German! no, even better! Irish. Or Asian

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  • Mel

    Ok, I think we should wait until the movie comes out to decided if this girl is a huge mistake. I can remember back a few years when they announced that Robert Pattinson was going to be Edward Cullen and everyone freaked. Now look at him. You can't even read the book without picturing Rob as Edward. Or how about Kiera Knightly as Elizabeth Bennett in Pride & Prejudice, that doesn't really fit now does it, but she did a great job. You could say this kind of things about any movie that was based on a book. Like someone else said, we all have our own versions of the characters in our heads and they probably don't look anything alike. You see what you want to see. Give her a chance. BTW, to everyone who is upset about a blue eyed girl getting the part, Bella Swan has brown eyes and she is played by a girl with light, I think, green eyes. Hello... contacts.

  • Jules

    I think they picked a good actress from what I've heard of her, she can act and I think that's WAY more important than looks in a movie. Make-up and costumes can complete the "look," but to stay true to the character takes some talent. You guys haven't even seen what she can do and already you judge her so kindly STFU.

    P.S. I though Kirsten Stewart looked like the part for Bella, but b*tch can't act!!!

    • Daniela

      you're right!
      Everything you said is right!
      You can change the color of the hair & eyes anytime!
      She is a good actress and I think she'll be great for this part.
      And what you said about Bella- you nailed it. 🙂

    • Daizymoon

      I think this actress may be qualified but I envisioned Kat with dark hair please dye it...Can't wait to see what the movie is like! Awesome books so please don't ruin it like the Twilight movies did that series....

    • Brittany

      i think your right. Kristen Stewart can't act all the emotions needed to make a big movie like Twilight or The Hunger Games.

      P.S. Don't ever compare someone from Twilight to someone from The Hunger Games. It's plain out wrong. (talking to the writer not the commenter.)

  • Ashley B

    For the Swedish film girl with the Dragon tattoo they turned this

    into this

    and that was pretty low budget. It's Hollywood eye color and hair color, and tanning is that really what you're concerned about? I agree she isn't exactly what I pictured, but give it a chance.

  • Shauna

    I vote for Matt Lanter(Liam 90210) andTrevor Donovan(90210) for Peeta. I Picture Matt for the role of Gale, and Trevor for the role of Peeta. Drew Fuller(Army Wives) should be Haymitch. Prospects for Cinna could be Mark Indelicato(Uglee Betty), Chris Colfer(Glee), or Micheal Urie(Ugly Betty). Effie could be played by Kadee Stricland(Private Practice), and Rue could be Tammin Sursok (Hanna Montanna season4)

    • Daniela

      wanna ruine the movie?
      we're so lucky you're not in charge of casting...

    • Astro

      shanua, ummm the last girl she is way too old for Rue!

    • Eric

      wow there was only 1 person in that entire list that i think would work and thats Mark Indelicato for Cinna. Maybe a little bit older but thats what i though of when they talked about Cinna; a little on the shorter side, thin, and a hispanic-like skin complection. I agree with Astro that chick is way to old to play Rue. You need a good child actor or a 14/15 yr old actor in my opinion, but the dark hair is good. Idk who for peeta but i was thinking of someone a little more tan and a more..."tough guy" kind of look. Gale i was thinking more of a John Cena look/build. As for Haymitch, i have no idea but in the book he's portrayed as 50-60 years old in my opinion and you need someone to fit his attitude as well. I could be dead wrong but maybe Jeff Bridges or Harrison Ford?

  • Kari

    Def not feelin' this actress as Katniss. She is too fair and looks too pampered or pristine. Katniss needs to be tan and athletic from spending much time outdoors in the woods, with the sort of rough or hard edge that comes from living a harsh life in the district and being the primary hunter/provider for her family since so young - but at the same time possessing an internal fire, intensity and intelligence, a hint of playfulness and gentleness and of course strong idealism that comes from being young and innocent.

  • fa

    looks good

  • Sherri

    Hair color, eye color, complexion...these are all, literally, skin-deep and easily, easily, easily taken care of by Hollywood's amazing make-up artists. Can she act? Can she pull off mental toughness/emotional vulnerablity? I think Lawrence can do it, and that's the important thing. Thank you, movie gods, that Kristen Stewart did NOT get this role. I'm so over her wooden, self-conscious, isn't-it-adorable-that-I'm-so-awkward style/persona/whatever it is. Very wrong for Katniss!

  • Jeini

    I can't wait for thi movie to come out. I wonder who they are going to get to play Finnick?

  • I pictured the character for Rue to have grey eyes and dark hair and also be a little short but none of that matters if the actress cant act.

  • Steph

    Well, she really isn't how I would picture Katniss Everdeen to be. Yes, she can act, but she is not Katniss and even with dying her hair and putting on some contacts is not going to make her Katniss and especially her skin color no tanning is going to fix that!!! I would've really expected that in this movie the characters would fit the description in the BOOK especially because it is my number one favorite book! So far it is not going ike I thought it would be. I just hope they think twice because if this movie ruins the book; Hunger Games is going at the bottom of my list!

  • chasidy

    When I read the book I pictured a down and dirty girl that was tough, but when I see this innocent girl I wounder if she can pull off the Katniss I imagined. I think she will do a good job (from what I heard) good luck!

  • sam oles

    Amazing books don't care who stars in the movie i just want it to be as good as the books please don't ruin the books by making the movie bad

  • Anon

    Well haters, the movie rocked. Your argument is invalid.