Lily Collins Lands Lead in 'Odd Thomas' opposite Anton Yelchin as Stormy Llewellyn

"Odd Thomas" has finally found an actress with the mettle and moral fortitude to play the force of nature that is Stormy LLewellyn. Lily Collins (daughter of Phil) beat out a field of contenders that included Emma Roberts, Kat Dennings, Portia Doubleday, and Addison Timlin for the female lead in director Stephen Sommers' adaptation of Dean Koontz's metaphysical thriller, Odd Thomas.

Sommers, best known for his high-octane special-effects spectacles like "The Mummy" and "GI Joe," approached the challenge of finding the right actress to play Stormy with the care and deliberation befitting such a pivotal role. It's been nearly a month since he tapped Anton Yelchin to play the titular prescient fry cook who receives regular tips from the dead about looming catastrophes, and Sommers took his time until he found the ingenue just right for the role of Odd's thoughtful, hard-knock girlfriend. (Incidentally, Sommers has a good track record in this area: His inspired the decision to cast a cerebral actress like Rachel Weisz against type in "The Mummy," which elevated that film into the realm of the almost watchable.)

Though Collins may have the shortest resume of any actress vying for the role, she has already established herself as someone capable of holding her own among experienced vets working on physically and emotionally demanding projects. She made her film debut just two years ago playing Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw's daughter in "The Blind Side." Since then, she's completed work on the dystopian man v. vampires thriller "Priest," opposite Paul Bettany and Christopher Plummer; she scored her first leading role alongside "Twilight" hunk Taylor Lautner in director John Singleton's  "Abduction," due out later this year; and, finally, the true sign that any actress has arrived: She's due to play Juliet in Italian filmmaker Carlo Carlei's upcoming adaptation of Romeo and Juliet.

While both Yelchin and Collins make intuitive sense to play Odd and Stormy, the real x-factor in this creative equation is Sommers. We have not been particularly moved or impressed by anything he's done in the past decade, which he's pretty much dedicated to making pulpy popcorn extravaganzas like "The Scorpion King" and "Van Helsing." However, early on in his career, he did show an affinity for literary storytelling, with two Mark Twain adaptations: 1993's "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" followed two years later by "Tom and Huck."

As far as we're concerned, Koontz's Odd series is sacred ground, so the most we can claim at this point is cautious skepticism, bordering on optimism. What are your thoughts on how this film is shaping up now that the lead actors have have been nailed down?

  • Donna

    I can hardly wait to see this wonderful story put into film!

    • Im very much looking forward to seeing this film.however ,I hope the story is followed as close as possible. other koontz books put to film have been very dissapointing. such as WATCHERS

      • Kim

        Agree - I am a huge Koontz fan and his books have the makings of great movies. I've been disappointed in the past. I hope this one does this amazing writer (and his characters) justice!!

      • carman brown

        I love the books & yes Watchers was a huge disapointment but ONLY if you read the book. I watched with non readers who loved it. But the dog & the bond between the dog & lead character was seriously underplayed.

      • Angela

        You are so right. His writing is amazing, and thoughtful. The past attempts to capture the essence of his novels have failed miserably. I can only hope that Odd will be a bit easier so-to-speak because it's a much lighter plot line than Watchers. Watchers could have been really good, but I don't think it was 'big budget' enough. I'd also like to see Christopher Snow from the Fear Nothing series make an appearance-I love books that follow one main character.

    • this is awesome! i wish they would do this with all of dean's books!

  • Karen

    I am so ready for this movie

  • Ron

    I too am cautiously optmistic about this movie. I love Koontz's work and the Odd Thomas series an incredible read. I hope the budget is big enough for the bococks and the ghosts to avoid the cartoonie features we've all seen before. My fingers are crossed.

    • Jeff


      • Sara

        I think Ron meant bodocks.

  • tasia

    I named my daughter Stormy Llewellyn!!!!!! I LOVE THESE BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mark

      @tasia, you really named your daughter that? Hahaha

  • I think the Odd Thomas book's are fantastic,and I can't wait for the next book. If they follow the story line the movie should be fantastic. Now I'll pull my hair out until the movie is here.Tell Elvis I said hi Odd.

  • trinity

    I remain hopeful...I love Dean Koontz, but no one has really been able to make a decent attempt to take his work to the big screen. From the picture, this actress is not the Stormy I see in the book (she's too "princessy" and delicate looking, belongs in a Disney movie)...but we shall see. The Odd series is too good, I hope that don't butcher it while making into a movie...

    • I agree, I believe stormy was asian wasn't she? Also Odd has darker hair than the guy they've picked to play him, they can fix that though. I am really looking forward to the movie and hope, like all Koontz fans- I'm sure, that they stick to the book as written, otherwise it will not work!

    • I have a feeling we'll be pleasantly surprised. She does have a much softer look than her mom, but looking in her eyes--the 'toughness' is there 🙂

  • Jarrik

    Ummmm I hope that they are going to put apperance efforts in. Looking at the photo attached to this article, I am not impressed. Stormy needs to look, well in a word, more stormy. Darken her up a little, a little less soft in the eyes and lips. Really I think I may be of the minority who is more concerned with who is playing "Little" Ozzie Boone and Elvis.

    • koontzfan

      it's been a while since I read these books & I LOVED them but this girl seems too "Princessy" to play Stormy. Stormy is portrayed as beautiful but not in the way this girl looks. Maybe the'll make her look more "strong"(not physically) & down to earth....just not the Stormy I pictured when I read the books but hopefully they'll do a good job w/the movie. Books to movie are hard to pull off...

    • I think Joseph Gordon-Levitt or Shia Lebeouf would play a great Odd Thomas.

  • Katen Marie

    I loved all of the Odd Thomas books and am looking forward to seeing them on the big screen!!

  • Love these books! Can't weight for the movies! Before I never read books in 1st person..

  • dee

    This is one of my favorites from Koontz & I'm really excited to hear they want to make it into a movie!

  • Cynthia

    I wonder if this movie will be as good as the book. I'm a Dean Koontz fan and read every book when they come out. But to this day, I have never seen a movie that is half as good as the books I've read.

    • Lisa

      The good thing about this is that I have seen two movies made from Koontz books. Although they weren't big screen, even the directors knew that Koontz's writing is too good to change things. both movies were word for word with the books!

  • Samantha Sherer

    I love dean koontz, i just hope that the movie is as good as the book. In the past the movie based on deans books have not been as good as the book where. I really hope that they do his book justice

  • Jackie

    I absolutely love the Odd Thomas series... and cant wait to see the movie! I'm sure it will be good.. and even if it isn't .. I will always love the books. SO EXCITED!

    • Jeremy Nelson

      This is my favorite book! I've thought and hoped for a long time that it would be a movie. I can't wait to see it. Besides, even if it sucks as a movie, its still the best book I've ever read.

    • LoveOdd

      For all of us who have read the books our expectations will be high, I hope not to be disapointed again in how his books translate into movies. No matter how the movie does turn out, the books will always be dear to our hearts.

  • Aaron

    i feel they need to be really careful with how they make this movie and the choice for odd isnt my preferance but provided they make it right it could be an amazing movie

  • Judy Starcher

    I agree that Odd Thomas is sacred ground. I would love to see the movie do justice to Odd, Stormy, and friends. Dean Koontz is the very best and I am hoping that will come out in this movie....make his books sell even better...he deserves it!!

  • MandyRae

    I have never been soo excited for a movie before. And I love the casting for Thomas and Stormy. They look quite a bit like how I imagined they would!!!!!

  • Susan

    I can not wait to see this movie. I am a big fan and have collected many of his books and several films. I hope that they do Odd Thomas the justice it deserves.

  • I was soooo disappointed with watchers, i mean thay made Travis a boy and Nora was the mother how bad can u mess up such a great book.

  • clay

    The most important thing they need to remember is...Odd is not a stud.. he is no heartthrob. He had a gentler quality of a kid trying to fit in to a world he didn't fit in.. of being ODD or strange.. and kinda damaged. and stormy was all the luck in his life rolled into one shining moment. I'm begging, please don't ruin this story. Its important

  • Cindy

    I really hope that they treat the books with respect and stick to the story! Love Anton Yelchin as Odd...inspired casting.

  • Chelsea

    SO excited about this movie! I LOVE the series!!
    Also, I'm really glad Emma Roberts wasn't cast. It'll be nice to have a less romanticized actress on screen.
    Unfortunately, while Anton Yelchin fits my idea of the little wimpy guy that is Odd Thomas, he does not fit the face I had in mind. Sorry sweetheart, but to get a girl like Stormy, you have to look better than that.

  • Larry

    To the woman who wrote: "Unfortunately, while Anton Yelchin fits my idea of the little wimpy guy that is Odd Thomas, he does not fit the face I had in mind. Sorry sweetheart, but to get a girl like Stormy, you have to look better than that"

    First, he's not Arnold Schwarzenegger, by any stretch, but he's not a total wimp, either. Kind of average, and on the slight side.
    Secondly, and far more importantly, both Stormy and Odd are very independent thinkers, apart from the crowd, and neither buy "into" skin-deep the books, Odd is neither ugly, nor movie star handsome, again...kinda average. Stormy is beautiful (certainly in Odd's eyes), but is not consumed by her own, or other's external selves. She is attracted to Odd's self-reliance, strength of character, humility and humor. Good looks are the very last thing on that young lady's priority list. Soul is right at the top, and Odd has that in spades.
    Just my two cents, but I think it's worth 3 😉

  • DeEtta

    I have wanted this to become a movie since I discovered the book a few years back. I have read them all, even waiting with bated breath for several long months for ODD HOURS to come out in hardback. As previously stated, I hope they treat this story with the respect it deserves.

  • Cripplemama

    I am looking forward to this movie the books are great. I just hope they dont stray to far from the book.

  • Pam

    Sacred ground...yep, that's why I'll never see it. There is no way a film can EVER live up to the images in my head. With regard to any book I've ever loved (Interview with a Vampire, The Life and Loves of a She Devil) the film was always heartbreaking. Better Odd and Stormy live as I like them, in my head.

  • Doug

    I too am looking forward to the film. As a huge Koontz fan, and the Odd Thomas books in particular, I think it will have to be better than Watchers! "Intensity" wasn't too bad as a movie, but I'm hoping for even better with this project.

  • I'm so excited to see this come to the big screen! I've loved Odd for years but fear that it will loose so much with adaptation to the screen. Just like King's novels, so much is lost to time, budget, and the directors interpretation of the masterful story the writer weaves. I'll be waiting to see this one!

  • Jules

    I am soooo excited that this is going to be a movie. I just hope the "movie" people do it justice. So many times have I seen stories ruined by the movies. Good Luck Mr. Koontz! I am rooting for ya!

  • Wendy

    I can't wait to see this!! And I guess it sounds like a good thing that Ive never seen watchers =) But I did see "Intensity" and liked the movie but it wasn't as good as the book..I don't think any movie will EVER be as good as the book =) Speaking of Intensity, now everytime I see the guy that played the "bad guy", he creeps me out!! He played the part so well!!!

  • Sarah

    Why does it say on IMDB that Addison Timlin is playing Stormy if this site is saying that Lily Collins is?????? I'm confused... who is really playing Stormy??? That role is as important as casting Odd, and I love Anton Yelchin, so I think you did a great job casting there. Both girls are really pretty, but I would have to say that my personal opinion would be Lily over Addison, atleast for this role.

  • john

    Ok now who is going to play Elvis

  • ratchel

    I have been hoping for a long time that someone would grow the balls to make this Amazing Book a film. I got nervous when "The Ghost Whisperer" came out as a show (even though its terrible) because I thought Odd would be seen as a copycat. Koontz is a great writer, but a lot of his books run together for me. This is one that has always stuck out in my mind and has always been one of my favorites. The series is great. I've just recently read another favorite...'Breathless'. Its (pardon the pun) breathtaking. Anyway...any clues as the when this movie will be coming out and will it hit the big screen or just appear on DVD?

  • Katie

    I love Odd Thomas! I think Lily looks a little bit like how I imagined Stormy would look. I really hope the film will capture the book, I am always scared to go see a movie that I have already read the book and fallen in love with the characters, the story, and the feel of it. Then again I am always excited to go see the movie because it might be really good. A true love/hate relationship kind of like Odd and his mom.

    • KS

      Dean Koontz has written a book that delivers on any level you can name. Odd Thomas is a suspenseful, powerful, imaginative, and entertaining story which could be developed as movie or TV series with great script/screenwriters. The acting faces need to be unknown.
      I have no doubt that the agents/publicists of Ms Collins & Mr Lautner have worked overtime to get her that role. She should reward them.

  • Linda

    i love the odd one! can't wait to see this film!


    i love the odd one! i can't wait to see the film. and the picture of the actress to play stormy looks like i picutred her. pixie like.

  • Odd Thomas is one of my favorite literary characters of all time. I desperately hope they don't screw this up!