Ben Affleck to Join Carey Mulligan in 3-D Great Gatsby?

Image: CC/Flickr/<a href=Intemporelle/Erin Lassahn Photography" />
Image: CC/Flickr/Intemporelle/Erin Lassahn Photography

Baz Luhrmann's three-dimensional take on the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic and much-beloved The Great Gatsby may get even more all-up-in-your-face with the possible casting addition of Ben Affleck. Deadline reports that Affleck is considering the role of Tom Buchanan, who you'll recall is husband to Daisy. Carey Mulligan, she of "An Education" brilliance, has already been cast as the missus. Affleck isn't the obvious choice for the role, but we're warming up to the idea the more we think about it – and the more we reflect on his work in 2010's "The Town." Speaking of "The Town," if there were some way to pull Rebecca Hall into the mix, we'd line up for our tickets now. Hayley Atwell is currently rumored to be in line for the role of Jordan Baker, friend and confidant of Daisy, but if she falls out of the running, someone -- get Hall on the phone.

But back to the boys ... Leonardo DiCaprio will be playing the part of Jay Gatsby. Though this won't be a huge stretch for the actor, who has more than once nailed the part of the 1950s-era leading man – that smooth-haired, smooth talker whose brow is consistently creased just so, in order to let you know that he is, in fact, that deep of a person – it will still be damn entertaining to see him take on the part of Fitzgerald's title character.

Finally, with Tobey Maguire thrown into the mix as Nick Calloway, we've got to wonder: Is this the beginning of a whole new era of maturing, classic Brat Pack?