He's So Epic: Javier Bardem to Play Roland Deschain in Stephen King's The Dark Tower

The filmmakers endeavoring to bring Stephen King's sprawling septet, The Dark Tower, to the big screen, would be hard pressed to find a better reason to celebrate (and breathe easy) than today's news that Javier Bardem has finally committed to play the lead role in director Ron Howard and writer Akiva Goldsman's wildly ambitious multimedia cinematic caravan comprised of three films and TV series.

Bardem is one of the few contemporary actors with the chops and charisma to shoulder such a massive undertaking and hold an audience's attention over many, many hours of viewing on screens big and small. Who else could have pulled it off? Russell Crowe has become tough to watch for two hours, much less twelve. Clive Owen could have been a contender, but he doesn't have Bardem's breadth of experience (or the Oscar hardware). Matt Damon might have had the brio but not the bluster. Brad Pitt can hold the screen but lacks gravitas. Bottom line: Howard and Co. would have been in a serious bind if they hadn't enlisted Bardem.

Roland Deschain is a character who bleeds complexity and depth. He also combines the kind of hero-antihero duality that's come to define Bardem at his best. Continuing the family legacy of gentleman gunslingers with metaphysical powers, Deschain is the walking embodiment of the morally ambiguous Western lone wolf who embarks on a heroes' quest to find the fabled titular citadel in order to put an end to the bloody battles ripping across the globe. Along the way, Deschain encounters unending hardships. He comes to question the existence of God, discovers his capacity for love and friendship, and ultimately grapples with issues of reincarnation and the prospect of earning and embracing his own redemption. If there's a big existential dilemma, chances are King found a way to build it into The Dark Tower's kaleidoscopic narrative.

Now all Howard has to do is corral a worthy supporting cast and and shoot the thing. But before he does, we'll take the opportunity to fire the first shot in a little game of fantasy casting: We nominate the great actor John Hawkes to play Eddie Dean. For Susannah Dean, we're rooting for  Thandie Newton. And we'd particularly love to see what Christian Bale would bring to the role of Jake Chambers.  Now it's your turn.

  • Su Hins

    My problem with Bardem, excellent actor that he is, is that his English is difficult to understand. Viggo Mortensen would have been a much better choice.

    • Grace

      You nailed it right on the head. Viggo Mortensen would have been awesome in this role. Not only does he have the acting experience, but he also fits the physical characteristics of the role. He would have been a much better choice, than someone who's brawnier. Hmmm. That's too bad. I've been following these books all my life, and I just know the film is going to screw it up.

      • suzeq

        viggo would have been quite good

    • Aubre Cummings

      Viggo Mortensen - Yes would have played the character well... I just hope the change the ending... I read the series years ago and didn't finish the last book. I re-read the entire series and finished the last book and almost cried. I was so pissed... Perhaps the biggest let down I've ever had reading a book.

      • suzeq

        agreed; didn't "like" the ending, however, i do understand the point of it
        life's a wheel

      • Thomas

        The ending gives hope, and please don't be selfish. By hinting in anyway to the ending. Hope could be anything. A big letdown makes people not want to read it. The ending is what it is, an ending.

      • AJ

        The ending of the Dark Tower series was absolutely and utterly perfect. It could not, under any circumstances, and in no way, have ended better. I'm not sure what you wanted to happen that didn't happen, but the best narrative is circular... it ends where it began, but with some fundamental difference that makes it work. Roland's story did exactly that.

      • Sherri

        Stephen King gave all of us the option of the dual endings, "stop here or continue". I chose to continue, and it WAS the perfect ending... Ka is a wheel...

    • wendy

      Think you maybe right, but willing to give him a chance.

  • Bardem is PERFECT for the role, in my opinion. When the buzz about the movies started, I'd been envisioning someone like Karl Urban or Hugh Jackman, and Bardem never even entered my mind. However, when his name emerged as being the top cindidate, I started thinknig about it, and came to the conclusion that Howard couldn't possibly have picked anyone better. I'm still not 100% sold that the movies themselves will work (it's such a huge story that they'd need ten or twelve movies to really do it justice); but this casting decision is a huge step in the right direction.

  • ShinyPretty

    How could Christian Bale play a ten year old boy? Naomie Harris needs to play Susannah, and I want Barry Pepper or Justin Chatwin to play Eddie Dean.

    • tana

      Right!!! Jake is a child and I don't know how Christian Bale could pull that off.

      • Tyler

        For all you people thinking that the Christian Bale thing was serious, I'm pretty sure it was a joke. Thus, the strike-through in the post.

      • Brandy

        I agree - Christian Bale is too old to play Jake. And I also agree that Clint Eastwood would have been great for Roland. I am super excited about this though anyways.

    • dana

      Well that is true he is a child, but what a large roll for a child to fill, and I think thats why they would go for someone older. My problem is they went too much older, there are so many younger male actors out there that would fit the role. I really hope they rethink this and try for someone in their teens. They also need to find a physically stronger looking, black actress to fill Susannah's role. I'm on board with their choice for Eddie (Hawke may just be more fitting than you guys think) and Roland, though I do like Viggo also. I really have high hopes for this one (praying very hard they do my man justice)

  • David Wesley Evers IV

    I find it absurd that anyone would say Christian Bale would make a good Jake Chambers. Jake is a teenager at best. Furthermore, someone like Hugh Jackman would have made a much better Roland. He has played a wide variety of parts in a wide variety of movies, and has more than a slight resemblance to Clint Eastwood, which is who Stephen King modeled Roland after in the first place. This initial casting is only confirming my initial fear that Ron Howard will take a good thing and ruin it, much like he did "The Da Vinci Code."

  • Terri

    I always pictured Clint Eastwood as Roland, myself. He is the last great gunslinger, and they don't make 'em like him anymore. I don't think Christian Bale is right for Jake. I am interested though, to see how true to the series they are able to keep this. Javier Bardem - I just can't see it.

    • L

      You're one hundred percent correct as Clint Eastwood as Roland...except it's twenty years too late. He's too old now. But a young Clint Eastwood would have made the perfect Roland.

    • renadi

      feel the same way, there are no good cowboys any more, male actors are all going pretty.

  • Alison

    Um. Christian Bale is terrible choice to play Jake Chambers as he's probably about 35 years too old. Jake is still a child in these books. Not sure who should play him honestly.

  • Samuel Deschaine

    no no no! they can NOT massacre my beloved Tower with a movie D: DO YOU REMEMBER WHAT THEY DID TO THE STAND? THE SHINING? EVERY MOVIE BASED OFF A STEPHEN KING BOOK???? they ruin the majesty. i call on every Tower Junkie to BOYCOTT THIS MOVIE when it comes out.

  • I have loved these books for many years and have eagerly awaited the coming of the films,alas,i disdain,for most of stephens movies have been poorly done at best,i.e.the stand,tommyknockers,etc.I think Bardem is a good choice not the best,of course clint eastwood would make a perfect Roland,thats who he was modeled after,after all.

  • Dawn

    I think Sam Elliot would have been better choice for Roland.

    • Mike

      Sam Elliott is who I always pictured in my head as Roland for books 2 through 7.

  • Ben

    I think Bardem is great for it. Not that Viggo wouldn't have been, too, but I have zero complaints with this selection. Christian Bale as Jake is a joke. I could see him playing a decent Eddie, though! Jake'll have to be a relative newcomer to the movie scene, much like the kid who played Annakin in the first Star Wars prequel. Susannah...jeez - no idea who should play her. Either way, I'm excited that someone's tackling this project. Hope it turns out alright!

  • CJG

    Viggo Mortensen would definitely make a great Roland. How do they plan on working around Javier Bardem accent? Don't get me wrong, Javier Bardem is a great actor, but most Latin people can not pull off an American accent well. But whats up with Christian Bale as Jake. Jake is a teenager. What the heck are they thinking. Screen writers take way to may liberties and changing a great story as it is. Jake is a teenager, leave it as it is in Stephen Kings books.

  • Nikki Wenger

    Viggo Mortenson would be perfect as the Gunslinger not Javiar.

  • Joe

    Roland: Andrew Lincoln
    Susannah: Jada Pinkett Smith
    Eddie Dean: Barry Pepper
    Jake Chambers: I don't know...but anybody other than Christian Bale, or at least anybody a lot younger.

  • Kyle

    I don't know. I would have thought Vigo or Hugh Jackson to begin with. But Javier has an amazing range. I also like that they even thought to give it to a Hispanic man. Hollywood has been so geared to all white far too long. Thandie would be a great choice. I think Bale is a misunderstanding from the writer of this blog.--- Not even a consideration. John Hawkes is a great actor, but I always thought Eddie was a bit of looker/ pretty boy type. Still, I have hope for this... I am excited.

    • Beth

      I agree. Eddie needs to be handsome. John Hawkes is not handsome. And Thandie isn't a good enough actress for this role. Her roles in the past are always the same, and Susannah has super dynamic multiple personalities!

  • A young Clint Eastwood would fit the role perfectly so whoever is the closest to that. I believe that's whop Stephen King modeled Roland after. Halle Berry or Zoe Saldana as Susannah. Consider Zachery Quinto as Eddie. Samuel L Jackson as the dark man. I have to say this before I go on. It's about time that Hollywood spent some money on Stephen King. The Stand could have been twice as good with top actors. Look how good The Green Mile turned out. Producers have gone cheap in the past. I'm so excited about this. Thank you.

  • Rex Bishop

    I enjoyed this "series" as much as anything I've ever read. I'm still not sure if I understand what happened in the end when he climbs up through the tower then reaches the top and.....
    Anyway, I would enjoy Viggo Mortensen because of how he played Aaragon in the Lord Of The Rings. Takes some stamina to play a role like that and to play Roland in this venture. As for the rest of the cast....good luck with that.

  • Noemi

    I agree, Viggo Mortensen would be perfect, though I think Hugh Jackman would be a good candidate as well.

  • timh

    interesting choice.i would have thought someone like viggo mortensen would have been better.or maybe even ed harris.

  • Mouse

    Christian Bale? Seriously? I actually followed your link to make sure we were thinking of the same person. Jake Chambers is 10-12 years old. I somehow doubt Chirstian Bale's acting skills are up for THAT.

  • DM

    I think the Christian Bale comment was tongue in cheek. But anyway....Javier Bardem is not my choice for Roland, I am concerned about his heavy accent and I keep thinking of Roland's blue eyes, that are mentioned so often in the books. Sure, he could wear contacts and all that, but I just don't see him in that role. I think Hugh Jackman would have been a joke in the role. He is NOT Roland, in my opinion. However, i would have accepted Viggo in the the role.

    Justin Chatwin is my choice for Eddie. Remember Eddie is in his early 20s. And for Susannah-Zoe Saldana. I just can't think of anyone for Jake yet. Someone suggested Bill Moseley as Walter and I like it.

    As far as the amount of movies needed to tell this tale, I was under the impresson there would be 3 movies. And in between each movie there would be a television series (think Sopranos) to bridge the time in between the movies. I think that is a great way to pull this off.

  • Nevets

    "Christian Bale as Jake Chambers." I don't care how good of an actor you think he is, Christian Bale is physically incapable of playing an eleven year old boy.

    Also, Bardem can barely speak English. So I'm sure there could have been a few better choices for the role, Viggo Mortenson especially.

    It couldn't be anymore obvious that this writer has never read The Dark Tower.

  • Brad...enough said !!!

  • Daniel

    Man loved this one. The Dark Tower has to be my Fav.

  • Daniel

    I cant wait to see it.

  • Barb D

    I like Javier but believe that Viggo would have been a much better cast for this part!

  • John

    I think Viggio Mortenson would have made a better Roland. I just hope Bardem can do an american accent if he can he might do a really good job. I like the idea of Thandie Newton playing Susannah. But what the hell is this Christian Bale as Jake. Don't get me wrong I like Bale & think he is a great actor but Jake is a 12 to 13 yr old boy. How the hell is a grown manin his 30's going to be able to play that? Has the writers of this article even read the books or did they just skim the cliff notes?

  • Azrael

    John Hawks as Eddie?? Christian Bale as Jake??? Jesus, it's no wonder you guys are excited for Javier Bardem to play Roland. Obviously you've never read any of the Dark Tower books. Eddie is barely in his mid 20's, Jake is 10, and Roland is the embodiment of Clint Eastwood in his prime.

    Viggo Mortensen as Roland, Ryan Reynolds or Jensen Ackles (with some makeup) for Eddie, Naomie Harris for Susanna, and probably an unknown for Jake. That would be my ideal cast.

    • renadi

      Jenson Ackles as Eddie?
      that seems a good fit, best I can think of off the top of my head.

    • Barry

      Your dead on.
      This would be perfect. But mortensen is out.
      As for Jake; I am thinking of Dakota Goyo.
      Kid has to be young to span trilogy.


    I think we should all give Bardem a chance!!!maybe all those other actors didnt want the role?Bardem is a serious actor and has that awesome charisma that other actors lack. i think we should wait and see.if he auditioned for the part, it means thats no ones wants it more than him!!!people dont be so hard on him.

  • Jason

    I think Bardem will do a good job. His voice might be a problem for some, but Roland did grow up in castle. Viggo would have been a much better choice, he plays the gritty hero under stress well. I believe Chuck Conners(The Rifleman) is who Stephen King envisioned Roland as looking like, but NO ONE fits that bill. I think Eddie Furlong still has the chops and youthful appearance enough to play Eddie Dean, and Thandie Newton or Taraj P. Henson (Hustle and Flow) would do great as Susannah. As for Jake Chambers I nominate Chandler Canterbury (Knowing, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) the kids got Gunslinger steel blue eyes too. John Hawkes, great actor, maybe a little old for Eddie. And whoever suggested Christian Bale is still thinking Empire of the Sun. Back then, definately. Now, hell no.

  • Andrea

    Uh, Jake was a kid!! Not an adult!

  • Chris

    Ummm...Christian Bale is terrible for Jake seeing is how he is like 11 years old.

  • Chris

    I personally like James Franco for Eddie.

    • Jason

      good choice...

  • I think that Cillian Murphy would make a great Eddie Dean.

  • And really, I think Javier Bardem will make a fine Roland. And the argument about his eyes being the wrong color? Really? You mean in an era of filmmaking where we can create and entire (and convincing) 3D world out of nothing more than computer graphics and film editing, you don't think the eye color can be addressed? Heck, they make contact lenses that can fix that.

    No, if I'm going to be worried about characters being translated I'm especially worried about two characters:

    1. Jake
    2. Oy

    And not in that order, either. Jake will be tricky because you're going to need a child actor who won't be cloying or too unpolished. The role is too important to the story.

    Oy is more concerning. Will Oy be live-action or digital? Does he become the "Jar-Jar Binks" of the movies? I wonder if they might use the motion-capture technology that went into creating Rango to create the character. Hook that tech up to a dog (or a well-trained weasel, which might be more appropriate) and give the actors something real to act and react to. I worry that if Oy is strictly digital that there will be a detachment between him and the actors. I think that Oy presents the biggest challenge once this project gets rolling.

  • Joan

    Was really wishing for Viggo myself. In my mind he looks exactly like Roland. As for bad SK movies - they weren't all bad - Shawshank & The Green Mile come to mine. Two greak movies!

  • Chuck

    Ok now that this one is being done which is great now i would like to see Geralds Game made into a movie now that would be great to have both of these great books on film . Just get some one other than Ron Howard to ditrct he has a way of taking out the blood goor and guts thats in the book, do as written.

  • Mark

    It seems to me that Viggo lacks the depth to play Roland. He was ok as Aragorn but even then he lacked the depth and hutzpah to play a character with that kind of strength. And what is Aragorn to Roland!

    I'm all for given Javier a chance. He's a bit mysterious like Roland and has played various roles and carried them well with good depth.

    Gerrard Butler would have been interesting. He did an excellent job in 300. His accent (like Javier's) would be hard to overcome but not impossible. These are actors, after all.

    I like Ryan Reynolds for Eddie because he has the ability to morph from junkie to gunslinger with his physical frame. Plus he's sassy like Eddie. Edward Norton for the same reasons.

    Jake Chambers - who knows? Maybe Justin Bieber just so we can see him get run over by a car. I'm all for that.

    Clint has to play Steven Deschain. Are there any doubts about that?


  • Jo

    Awww, I've never even heard of that guy and he just doesnt seem like he'd fill Rolands shoes. I want to see Nathan Fillion do the role of Roland. Anybody at all agree with me?

  • Jess

    Seriously, lets not have the movie failing before giving Howard a chance to do it justice. I, myself, am excited. It is one of my favorites book series besides the Witching Hour by Anne Rice.

    However, although King based Roland on Clint Eastwood (NOT one of my favorite actors btw) why in creations name would you want the man to play this part? What is he like a million years old now? Of course I have my issues with the casting of Jake too. Did the people not read these books to know Jakes age? I don't care how good an actor you are, you cannot play a teenager if you are thirty-something years old.. there isn't enough makeup.

    I, as always, will give Hollywood the benefit of the doubt and HOPE that they will do this great work justice.

  • JON

    I am sincerely doubtful that any movie will do the written series justice; however I find myself looking forward to it anyways. Howard, if anyone, may be able to pull it off, but my final review will not be easily earned or posted until the entire series is completed.

  • Nikki

    I agree about Mortenson playing Roland. I mean he wouldn't even need contacts! But I have to admit Bardem does have a similar overall countenance.

    As for their opinions of who should be cast as Jake, Eddie, and Susannah... Really? I completely disagree.

    I think Ben Foster for Eddie:

    Zoe Saldana for Susannah:

    Chandler Canterbury for Jake: hs 017 e 5x7 lr.jpg

  • Miange

    I think Bardem is a great choice. I do love Viggo but just the darkness that Roland is,Bardem fits it to a tee, he's exactly as I pictured him to be while reading the series.

  • chris

    assuming viggo didnt already play a massive role in aragorn he would be a pretty good choice. i personally wouldn't want to see this and be thinking lord of the rings. initially i thought javier bardem was a horrible choice but i'm putting a bit more faith in his ability to pull this off. this trilogy/tv series does not need high profile actors and no names probably wouldnt do it much good either. the idea of turning a 7 book epic (soon to be 8) and a comic book series into 3 movies and most likely a 1-2 season tv series makes me uneasy. they made 7 HP books into 8 movies and left things out so i can't imagine how much is going to be taken out. plz dont kill the tower howard :/

  • Vince

    Some of these suggestions in the comments are terrible. Absolutely horrid for some of them.
    Best suggestions I've seen so far:
    Roland: Viggo
    Eddie: James Franco (probably best, just dirty him up a bit)
    Sussannah: Thandie Newton
    Walter: Bill Moseley
    Jake: Chandler Canterbury (dye his hair a little darker and you've got him dead on)

    • Fbi

      Who is this canterburry? And we need mortensen, pleaze

  • LC

    Noooooooooooooooooooo! I just can't picture him at ALL. And yes, I agree about the accent--maybe he is a good enough actor to overcome that. I hope they don't ruin it. Shawshank and Green Mile were awesome, so maybe there is hope??? Please god, don't let them mess up my Dark Tower.

  • David

    I will leave the choosing of Characters to the very talented and capable Ron Howard. I just hope to see the movie on screen soon. and how many parts will they make? Will they start with book 1? In the mean time, I will read them all again. I suggest you try listening to toe audio book, while you read along with it. It adds a new level to your read.

  • Snowrb

    WHAT ABOUT OY!!!!?

    I think like the majority, Viggo would have been the best in these choices. But I liked Javier in No Country. How much have you lost in a coin toss? As long as he says that before he blows away Balazars men I will be happy!

    I think this has a chance to be good. Work WITH KING! you hear that RON! WORK WITH STEPHEN KING!!! This is his baby.. this is OUR BABY!!! DO NOT MESS THIS UP!! FOR YOU FATHERS SAKE!

  • You guys are totally forgetting Timothy Olyphant! He IS a young Clint Eastwood!! Hasn't anyone seen Deadwood here? I think he's the only choice, Viggo's kinda played out, but I LOVE Javier Bardem, I'm very interested to see him play Deschain. My favorite books of all time. Perfect ending. Peace!

  • Adran

    In the introduction to one of the books Stephen King mentions that he envisioned the story as Lord of the Rings meets Clint Eastwood in the spaghetti westerns. As far as a description goes he saw Roland as a cross between Clint Eastwood and himself. Having pointed that out I also think Viggo would have been the better choice.

  • bpsrepair

    All that matters here is that they stay true to the story. And by God, no matter what anyone says, you can't change the end. The fact that some can't understand it is no reason to dumb it down. (No offense to those who don't get it) Don't you guys realize that there's no beginning to the story without the end...the end is the beginning. Roland is like Sisyphus pushing the rock up the hill...just because he gets to the top doesn't mean he's finished. If you take that away, it's not the same story.

    Stephen King is the most incredibly talented author on the face of the planet. To stray from his story is to destroy it. Look at the made for TV series "It".. It doesn't deliver because they took liberties they shouldn't have taken. The same with "The Stand" These are two of the most incredible books ever and the movie slaughtered them.

    But...when the movie follows Stephen King's vision down to the dialog (like "The Green Mile") You have magic that actually makes it to the screen.

    Those of you making the movies/series/whatever, do us all a favor: Don't screw with perfection. In every way that your budget and technology allows, tell the story as it is written.
    Rumor has it that Steven King sold the movie rights for $1. So you saved a bunch right this thing right and I'll watch every bit of it and recommend it to the rest of the world. Hell, I'll even explain the ending to those of you who don't get it.

    • chista

      Yes, I agree the ending is what it is supposed to be..I hate it but I love it as Javier Bardem should not play Roland...Viggo Mortensen should and NO WAY should Christian Bale play Jake Chambers...Jake is 10 years old not 40....if they screw this up like they did The Stand and It...then I am done with the movies they make of Stephen Kings...The Stand is My fav book ever and they slaughtered it...

  • Ophelia

    I've seen Javier Bardem in No Country For Old Men and I just can't shake that image from my mind. I did not like that character he played and I don't think I will care for him playing Roland. Viggo would have been a much better.

    • allen martin

      if you read the you would know roland is prepared for anything like a boyscout but by training he is a killer same as the guy in no country for old men

      • Mercedes

        100% agree. He is so ruthless in that movie and just the right amount of sexy. Not to cute that you won't think he would kill you and not to rough that you wouldn't want to date him. When I think of Roland I imagine that his sexiness comes from how tough he is and as soon as I read this article title I almost screamed this is too perfect. IMO

    • Sue

      I agree with Ophelia I think Viggo would make a much better Roland

    • Hurtlocker71

      You weren't supposed to like him. That means he did a good job.

    • Shaimina

      Yes, Viggo Mortenson or Hugh Jackman would have been perfect. My vote was for Viggo Mortenson, he even has Rolands looks (faded denim eyes!). How disappointing.

      • Rc

        Yes, The Jackman would have been prefect. That is unless someone has a time machine to go snatch a younger Clint Eastwood from the 70's. Still, Clint would be perfect for Rol's dad.

    • Yaus

      I think Javier will be a good choice, but I agree that Vigo would have been just as good if not better..Vigo plays badass roles well...even if you have to see his penis in every film haha

    • Angel

      I wanted Viggo too!!!! =(

    • Angie

      Javier Bardem is a great actor, but I don't think he would make a convincing Roland. They better get this movie and casting right. It was an incredible journey reading through the books and I would hate to see the movie end up like other Stephen King movies have. Viggo Mortensen would be the best fit in my opinion. Wish they would listen to the fans!!

  • Fan

    No one said anything about Josh Brolin as Roland... If we're going to get a character from No Country for Old Men, I'd much rather it be Josh.

    • SKfan

      i agree that josh brolin would have been perfect - just can't see bardem cutting it, he's an excelletn actor but he is NOT roland -and the actor who is playing eddie...NO WAY!! already disappointed!

  • Beth

    Too bad Clint Eastwood wasn't younger - he would have been perfect as Roland.

    • Cav Jake

      Clint eastwood would have been perfect. When I first read the series that was who I imagined in my mind. I am not particularly pleased with Barden as Roland. He is not deep enough, Roland has a multi-faceted emotional presence which I think Barden will have a tough time portraying. I personally nominate Gerard Butler or Robert Downey Jr.

      • Jeremy

        Gerard Butler is exactly who I was thinking for Roland. They need to get someone other than Christian Bale to play Jake though. He is not even a teenager in the series...

    • Joey

      A young Clint Eastwood type would be perfect for Roland but there is no young Clint Eastwood type around.. They broke the mold there.. Roland is tall and lithe.. Javier has the darkness. Viggo has the face shape.. It would be hard to please everyone on this but its very hard to cast King's books.. Other than Gage in Pet Cemetary or Kathy Bates in Misery I don't believe that any other actor ever really did it for me in the movie adaptations. One person I saw that immediately made me think of Detta/Odetta without even thinking about making the movie was when I saw the character of Tara in True Blood. Rutina Wesley would be the perfect Detta/Odetta. Bar none!!

    • Theresa

      Don't need a younger Clint Eastwood, Hugh Jackman would do nicely...and Viggo Mortenso, that would have been a fine choice as well. Javier Bardem, is an excellent actor, but the only thing I've seen him in is "Eat, Pray, Love"...and he was a very sensitve man in that.

    • janice

      I agree if Clint Eastwood was younger he would be the prefect Roland. Just like the spaghetti westerns. The man with no name is Roland. That is where Stephan King character was made from, but then again he is also a little bit of King himself.

    • brian

      Clint Eastwood would have been perfect for the role...that's who I thought of when i thought of Roland.

    • Micah

      Viggo-no, Pitt-no, Downey-no, Bale-no, Jackman-no, Crowe-no, Butler-no... Didn't anyone READ the descriptions of Roland?

      He's not pretty... not by a long shot. He's tough, and tall, and gritty, and ugly. All the above actors are far too "pretty" to play him. Roland was, in essence, Clint Eastwood. Apart from Bardem, I think Brolin is about the only other name mentioned that I've read that even comes close to Roland's physical description.

  • Dustin

    Well roland is largely inspired by Clint Eastwood's 'man without a name' from -A Fist Full of Dollars-A Few Dollars More-Good Bad & Ugly- So he needs to be silent, menacing, and chaotic. Which Javier Bardem did pull of amazingly in -No Country For Old Men- Will he do great? Abso-fu*king-lutely! Is he the end all be all Roland? Well we ALL have such high standards in our mind, we can only wait and see. I for one want to see a NON mainstream actor to play this role so I can believe it that much more. I will ponder on other possibilities, who else? Eddie, Detta, Jake?

    • Jim

      I always pictured Debra Wilson from Mad TV as Detta Walker.

  • czechfury

    Roland would have a weird accent. He couldn't pronounce aspirin or tuna fish ffs. You people either didn't read the book or didn't pay attention to King's description. Yeah, he resembled Clint Eastwood (or so Jake thought) but he was different and "otherworldly". Bardem is gonna kick ass as Roland.

    • LINDA

      Yea I always love that about Roland how he said Astin instead of Asprin and callling tuna- tooter fish and sandwhich- Popkin. I am rereading book 5 now I cant wait to see it. and Christan Bale as Jake Chambers I think not, Jake is around 10/11 years old find a very talented kid instead 🙂

    • I really cannot think of anyone, alive or dead, young or old that would do Roland Justice. he is a very complex character and evidently ancient.....
      And if anyone read the whole series of books, they would see that.

  • Tanya

    He may be able to pull it off, but he's gonna have to wear blue contacts....Roland has blue eyes

  • Shep

    This role was made for Viggo Mortensen. Reread the descriptions of Roland Deschain. King may as well be describing Mortensen.

  • shaun

    i thought Liam neeson would have been great playin the part of roland

  • Katmama10

    Ohhhhhh Maaaaaaan! I am so pleased to know Ron Howard is directing and that Javier committed to the film, he fits my personal image of Roland as I read the books years ago. I am so excited! there is so much that can be translated visually into film from the books....I can't wait.


  • Lilly

    I like Javier Bardem in his movies, but I really don't think he could do Roland, especially not with that heavy accent he has. Roland never had an accent in the books. As for Christian Bale playing Jake, I don't think so. He's way too old to play that part. I really hope he does a good job on it, because I really liked the Dark Tower series alot...

    • Nyki

      Jake is only in his early teens for the books. Having an adult play him would be stupid.

  • Janet

    Joe Anderson would be AWESOME as Eddie! I love Thandie Newton but I don't think she is right for Detta/Odetta. She's too small and just not dark enough. I've always pictured Odetta/Detta as a young Oprah (don't laugh).

    • Cav Jake

      Instead of Thandie Newton i propose Zoe Saldana.

      • Vanessa Huntsman

        I think Zoe Saldana would be perfect as Odetta/Detta. I still can't seem to choose anyone for Eddie or Jake. It will be interesting to see how the books translate to a movie.

  • Look at Jensen Ackles (Dean on Supernatural) to play Eddie; he has the look, and the sarcastic sense of humor, while still taking care of his family.

    • Carole Hankins

      I love that idea. I think he would make a great Eddie! He also has the attitude to play the role.

      • Christa

        I agree with Jensen playing Eddie. Would be great. I also think Jeffry Dean Morgan would make a great Roland.

  • debi

    I DO NOT like Thandie Newton!!!! Please NOOOOOO!!! Have not liked her since her charater in the TV show, ER. Maybe that's silly, but I just can't shake it!

  • markryan63

    i agree after seeing brolin in true grit he is a serious consideration forthe character of roland

  • Tamme Risteter

    I can't believe someone would try to take 7, repeat 7, books over 800 pages and put it into a 3 movie epic. These books took almost 5 years apart to BECOME. Not to mention all of the other books he wrote to support these caractors. This noval is the tale before tales and cannnot be told true in picture form no matter who perofrms it or who is the director. Why would someone try to ruin the ulitimate story? May I repeat The Hobbit, or The horrid DaVincini Codes. PLZ don't do this to The Dark Tower. Like The Stand, it can't be done with the passion or the story line w/o ruin.

    • Nick

      Its three movies and two tv series, to go in the order of Movie, tv series, Movie, tv series, Movie. That gives MORE than enough time to cover the content involved in a manner that would at least attempt to give the books their due. Granted, I am concerned like other fans, and worrisome sense alot of King books turn into horrible movies when budget and casting isnt right.

      For everyone else, please reread that the other suggested actors for the "Three" were SUGGESTIONS. They werent releasing actual cast members for Jake, Susannah and Eddie.

      We might have our preferences for actors, but keep in mind that until you see the individual PLAYING the role, there's very little to go on but preconceived notions. Remarkable things happen when you let an actor ply their trade.

      Dont F this up Ron.

    • Theresa

      Spoken like a true Stephen King fan....I too am having a difficult time with them making it into a movie/tv series, so many have gone SO wrong. My hopes are in Ron Howard, he's the BEST director, and unless King has his hands in the screenplay, we'll be adding this to the likes of "Tommyknockers" and "Cujo"....very forgettable.

      • spencer

        i'm a little afraid of how it will turn out also, the dark tower is by far the biggest masterpiece of a story in the 20th century. i'll keep my fingers crossed that it doesn't get all fudged up like the rest of the stephen king book-to-movies.

    • Yeah-I waited, sometimes for over a year, for the next installment!
      And there was a point where Roland and Eddie went to King and Roland got on him to get off his butt and write more! Very funny sequence.

  • markryan63

    javier dont screw it up too many people have ruined on film what stephen king made simple to understand on paper . its all on you now

  • kim

    not happy about this at all. i can't see him as roland... he's too old for one thing... and i could think of a ton of other actors who would've been better choices... i'm a huge fan of javier, but when its wrong, its wrong... can't deny it. huge DT series fan.. but i dont know if i'll be watching any of the films (tv/movie) since he will be in them

  • randy

    wow, don't overthink it . he'll be fine . lets not forget , we get the oppurtunity for a really great book to come to life on screen . no guts , no glory . rock on ron howard ! and thanks again stephen king !

  • Nyki

    I am not unhappy with the Roland choice, but not happy either. He makes a great Eddy to me. Remember the pic in The Wastelands? Roland looked like Clint Eastwood. I think he would make the perfect Roland. I have been reading these books since I was 13 years old and I am very afraid of how the movie adaptation will be.

  • Eric

    Christian Bale was awesome in The Fighter, but correct me if I am wrong, I thought Jake was a child to teenage years. How is Bale going to pull that one off? Love him as an actor, but I think he is the wrong choice for the part.

  • Evan

    I still hold that HUGH JACKMAN is still the best pick you can get, he has some Clint Eastwood qualities -is a hell of an actor too, can do nobility and bad-ass. It's important to mention Eastwood because he inspired King to write about Roland.

  • Jake


  • Kelley

    I agree that it is going to be hard to fill Roland's cowboy boots, but I think that Javier just might be able to do it. I love Josh Brolin and I have since seing the Young Riders series but I think he is too young to play Roland. Whomever plays Roland is going to have to have a "weathered" face and I feel a somewhat "sandy" voice, as Clint Eastwood had. They just don't make em' like that any more. So I think I will give Javier the benefit of the doubt and say he can do it. None of the supporting actors have been chosen, the names given were the writer of the article's choices for the parts. I think Christian Bale would be waaaaaay too old for Jake. They need someone around 15-17 to play him. Detta and Eddie will be kind of hard to fill, but... A 35 or so year old drug addict is easy to put anyone in to the part, but knowing how Eddie acted and the image in my head of what he looked like... I think a not so well known actor by the name of Alan Tudyk would be great at it. We is very versitile and has the look. The others I am still up in the air about. I am just very happy that it is coming out in movie form! YAY!!!

  • Tracey

    I can't believe some people think Javier Bardem will be good as Roland! The guy is ALL WRONG for that role! He does not fit the physical description at all. He's short, portly and has BROWN EYES! (contacts can only do so much)...not to mention his VERY THICK ACCENT! Sure, Roland has an accent in the books, but I don't recall SK describing it as a SPANISH ACCENT!??? WTF? The only part of "Long, Tall & Ugly" Javier has down is the UGLY! He's a great actor, but he is in no way, shape or form Roland! I for one, will NOT be seeing the movies, or watching the mini-series, as having Javier Bardem as Roland will ruin it for me, regardless of who else they cast for the remainder of the main characters. If they're casting Javier as Roland, they may as wel cast Will Smith as Eddie, Miley Cyrus as Detta/Odetta, Justin Bierber as Jake and make Oy a parrot! Way to ruin a potnetially great movie Opie!

  • Nick

    too old? you do realize that Roland is THOUSANDS OF YEARS OLD... I swear, for being "big DT fans" some of you people dont have a memory for details.

  • JMK

    Too bad this wasn't being produced a few years ago. That little kid that was in the Mazda commercials that said "zoom zoom" would have been a perfect Jake.

  • Rhonda

    I don't think I am happy about this at all.There are so many others that could have pulled it off better than Javier,can he even speak English???? Thandie as Odetta???Please Hallie would be the perfect Detta/Suzannah-uuggghh-This is my favorite books forever and I am afraid they are going to ruin this movie for me!!!!!!

    • Crystal

      I can deal with Javier as Rowland. The suggestions for the other characters in the article were a joke both purposefully and if they had been real. Halle Berry can't act her way out of a paper bag. I think Angela Bassett has the attitude, acting chops and appearance to be the perfect Suzanna/Detta. I do think the guy from Supernatural would be an excellent Eddie too. As for Jake, that would be the perfect time to cast an unknown or not well known 14 or 15 year old in the part. If the kid is surrounded by the talent I would chose for the remaining characters, he'd have one heck of a group of actors and actresses to draw from and turn into the next Osmet.

  • Judy

    Not too sure about Javier playing Roland. I just don't see it. I do hope that they truly do the books justice. Friends and I tried to cast "The Dark Tower" years ago and you would definately need someone of Clint Eastwood's character. I do think Halle Berry could make a decent Suzanna.
    In a lot of ways I agree with Tamme Risteter's comments. I'm afraid that the cinema just cannot do it justice without a lot of thought and a lot of searching for just the right actors. There are just too many questions as to who to fill the shoes: i.e., Jake, Tick Tock Man, Gasher, Tia and Talia, Susan, Rhe of the Coos, Cordelia, the coffin hunters, Allain, Cuthburt, etc.....all of who are important characters.

    • Jim

      Bill Mosely as Eldred Jonas.

  • Lisa

    I also had hoped for Viggo Mortenson, due to his dedication to immersion acting, his ability to take on dark, complex characters, and his experience. I have no idea who this actor is, having not seen the movie everyone is referring to, but hope, since he's been picked and has committed to the role, that he has the stuff to play the role well.

  • KRader

    Javier Bardem will do a fantastic job as Deschain, BUT if we're doing fantasy casting there is only one man (besides Eastwood) who would have been PERFECT as Roland...

    Daniel Day Lewis

  • Amanda A. Brooks

    Javier was PERFECT in No Country For Old Men, and he will be PERFECT in The Dark Tower film and TV series. Even if you didn't like him in No Country For Old Men, give him a chance in The Dark Tower series. Have you not seen Javier in Vicky Cristina Barcelona? He looked nothing like he did in No Country For Old Men. Watch The Dark Tower series before you make a decision on whether or not you'll like him.

  • shadowfax

    Javier Bardem is gonna kick ass as Roland. In my opinion, it is good casting work...great in fact! Now on the other hand, I have no desire whatsoever to see John Hawkes or Thandie Newton play Eddie and Susannah, respectively. The look of John Hawkes (to me) is very off from the Eddie I held in my head...but no matter...whoever plays Bardem's supporting cast, I will watch!

  • Jeremy Miller

    I think Gerard Butler would be a better choice for Roland but not the perfect choice. I think they need to find an actor that is relatively new to the scene so their former works won't pollute your thoughts of their performance.

    • Janet

      "I think they need to find an actor that is relatively new to the scene so their former works won’t pollute your thoughts of their performance" My thoughts EXACTLY!!!

  • Rudy

    I agree with Ophelia that Viggo would be an excellent choice to play the part of Rolad, and may I add that two other candidates could be Christian Bale and Gerard Butler.

  • amy

    I think Halle Berry would be a GREAT Susannah, and having an ADULT play Jake is ridiculous..Jake is a BOY. I'm a HUGE SK fan and have been for years, the casting for THE STAND was so wrong i didnt even finish watching it.

  • spencer

    william defoe for the man in black, and although the part is already cast, i think hugh laurie could have been a good roland.

    • Micah

      I agree with both of these suggestions too. Still think Bardem is the best choice so far, but both these guys straddle the line between "handsome" and "ugly" the way Roland did.

  • Mike

    How about: Mel Gibson as Roland, Ashton Kutcher as Eddie, Lindsay Lohan as Suzanna, and 'the Situation' as Jake?

  • Lisa Pizanie

    I don't care what any of you say! I read "The Dark Tower", I was actually drawn into it, and I absolutely loved it! I think Javier Bardem will be perfect! Not only does he look the part, he is just plain "Beautiful"!!!

  • Tristian

    For those of you who actually read the book you may remember that Eddie Dean is 21 years old. John Hawkes is 31 years too old.
    You all are going to have to accept that eddie will be played by an unknown or someone you hate like Zack Effron or Robbie Amell. I vote for unknown.

  • michel anthony

    when i read the dark tower series i always thought it would make a great set of movies or even a fantastic tv series...
    but in my minds eye i pictured roland being quite a bit older and alot more rough looking, um older but i am sure this actor will do a fine job...

  • samantha murphy

    No actor can ever replace what your imagination supplies when you read a book.

  • I think Javier will do fine as Roland, he is not who I would like to see in the role, but I think he will do fine. Several people made good points. This will will be very easy to screw up, I really think Ron Howard should take a page from Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings. They were very good and relatively true to the spirit of the books. No movie can truly represent the books that it is based upon, because no director or actor can perfectly embody the aspects of the characters as each of us picture them.

  • drgnwlf775

    I think Javier would be great for the role of Roland, for eddie John Hawkes would be good, for jake it has to be a kid, no if and's or but's about it, and he would have to play the part three different times, and what about Oi??, that billybumbler would have to all CGI... For Odetta, Thandie would be fine, but I have listened to the Dark Tower series twice, and picture Odetta/detta being a bit darker... Don't get me wrong all women are beautiful, but this person whom ever she is will have a tough role to play, she will be wheel chair bound, no legs below the knees, and one tough old bitch... This is going to be a tough project for Ron Howard, and all I can say to him is that you can't butcher the Books, they would lose alot if you start cutting this and that out... Best to make it a series of movies... Please what ever ya do don't condense, they all go together...

  • Woofer

    This choice depresses me.

  • Elena

    It'd be awesome to get Hopkins to play Brautigan in this new film. Loved the DT series - just finishing reading them for the 2nd time and loved it even more than the 1st. I was excited about Bordem at first but these other suggestions could work as well. Looking forward to the movie/tv series. Wholly understand that it will never be as good as the books & my imagination.

  • Faceless Father

    I am actually breathing a huge sigh of relief now that Javier is on board. He's an extremely talented actor and he has both a great air of charm and grit. I've never seen him in anything where I considered it a "flat" performance, which is not true of some of the other names I've seen bouncing around. It's essential that Roland be played by someone with guts, and I think Javier is a great choice.
    I also think the actress who plays Tara from True Blood would be perfect as Detta. Hopefully she could find the time to do it.

    Seriously though, I don't understand how some of you feel the movie is already dead in the water because of Javier.... For me it's a step in the right direction that shows they are giving the material the respect it deserves. Had they cast Hugh Jackman, I'd have felt like it was a joke.

    In my mind Roland is more about honor than super hero theatrics. You need an actor that will embody that aspect of it, not the comic book factor.

    We're talking about an adaptation post The Mist and 1408, proving it's possible to do great things with King's work. Why take a step backwards to Maximum Overdrive or a soap opera flavored mini series?

    We're talking epic spaghetti western ultra violent philosophy here. It's gonna be awesome.

  • Talister

    i think Roland would make the best Roland.
    never care for the movies based on books...
    if only Stephen King could REALLY poof his characters into existence...

  • StormRider

    I've never seen NO COUNTRY, but just the look of Javier, he doesn't have what it takes to play Roland. I think it would be a coin flip between Russell Crowe or Viggo Mortenson. Hughe Jackman doesn't have quite the scope for Roland either. I can't remember his name, but I can see his face. There's an actor in THE USUAL SUSPECTS who would've been perfect for Eddie. As for Jake and clue. Though, Beiber may be able to pull off the bumbling awkward child part. ***DISCLAIMER for that being nothing more than idle speculation*** And Roland isnt THOUSANDS OF YEARS OLD as stated above. He's basically reincarnated and forced to live the same life over and over. If you really pay attention, he's roughly in the 40-50 range.

    • john

      The main thing with whoever plays Roland, isd while they must look somewhere round 45 (approximately), they must be able to channel some one who has indeed been around for hundredsor even thousands of years. people who have truly read the series will know that after one of his meetings with the man in black, roland essentialy lost hundreds of years. Roland grew up in an old western flick setting, to awaken in a more modern time with few to no people.

  • Diana Gustin

    I agree with most that while I read the Dark Tower Series I always pictured Clint Eastwood. I believe Javier can do it, but I would have liked to see Viggo! Also, Halley or Zoe would be good choices for Odetta/Detta. Logan Lerman from the Percy Jackson Series would be a good Jake. I have high hopes with Ron Howard doing these movies/TV series. Good Luck!

  • Victoria

    Javier Bardem ? Is it true? While I respect him as an actor I'm having trouble seeing him as the epic Roland. Perhaps Josh Holloway from lost or even Viggo Mortensen. Viggo has the edge and the age. But I guess that is the great thing about books. It's subjective to ones imagination.

  • bree

    you better not screw this movie up like all of stephen's movies end up! they do good for awhile then the end is a piece of crap.
    this is our dark tower the fans and like the lord of the rings we are very very involved.


    • Harsh

      Sooo true. This is going to be epic, don't mess it up with a bunch of worthless actors and actesses.

      • Bill

        Christian Bale is definately a very bad idea. Besides, the are talking about him to play Jake. Jake is a young boy.

      • Marshall Dunne

        This is too difficult to get right. Damn.

    • Jenn

      Ron Howard screwed up The Da vinci code and Angels and Demons. He's soft and can't weave an interesting, dangerous story. Let's re-cast him with Christopher Nolan, Peter Jackson or someone who's got depth and a bit of danger.

  • Jeremy

    I think I would be utterly CRUSHED if Justin Biber came anywhere near the Dark Tower movies or tv series. I seriously may throw myself off of a building or something.

    • Valli

      Perish the thought!

    • I must agree about Justin Beiber ... he absolutely has NO PLACE in any Stephen King book-made-movie! Be careful with your choices Mr. Howard ... we are big fans and don't want to pay good money so see a disaster or something that only remotely resembles the book. Please!

  • Maylon

    I have imagined either Viggo or Timothy Olephant cast as Roland. Rutina Wesley (from True Blood) would make a fine Susanna Dean, Kodi Smit-McPhee, who played the boy in The Road as Jake Chambers. Not sure about Eddie because the character never cemented in my minds eye while reading the series, obviously someone that can pull off a lower east side ny accent.

    • whitgillik

      For Jake I say Bradley Steven Perry from "Good Luck Charlie," I like Taraji P. Henson a lot for Susannah/Detta/Odetta, for Eddie I think it should be someone Like Liev Schrieber. I like Bardem as Roland, looks a lot like I always pictured Roland. Some great cameo ideas; Steve Buscemi as 'The Great Sage and Eminent Junkie' Henry Dean. Penelope Cruz as Rolands mom when he was a boy. And Stephen King as Jack Mort.(Since he almost always does a cameo in his movies I thought Mort would be a good one.

    • Karen

      My son (BIG Dark Tower fan) and I also thought of Viggo Mortenson. Roland is a very deep & unique character, and they better not mess it up! I vote for Chris Rushing for Eddie Dean--he performs right now at the Shakespear Tavern in Atlanta--extreme talent there!

      • Stephanie

        I really am disappointed in Javier Being Cast as Roland. I really think Vigo Mortensen would have been the perfect Roland, I even think Eric Bana or Christian Bale would have made a better Roland, but what's done is done. Hopefully they dont screw this up...I think Zoe Saldana would make a good Susannah, Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Eddie and I think Cillian Murphy would make a good Walter. Just my thoughts.

      • Mike

        Viggo would be the perfect complexity for roland, .... loving sparingly, and bitter cold for survival......... Ron!!! Viggo all the way, homie!!!!!

  • jake boerhave

    Hawkes to play Eddie? are you nuts? He's too old. Eddie is about 25.

    I'm pretty sure the writer of this story never read the Dark Tower. I mean... they wrote in Christian Bale for Jake? Because yea... he looks like he could pass for 12.


    • Valli

      Thank you! Nothing against Christian Bale's abilities, but he is not a good enough actor to pull off portraying a 12 year old. I hope Stephen King has lots of input so they don't change the story we all love. Especially not the ending which is paramount in summing up what I think King is trying to say: Some men are too busy trying to achieve something elusive that they fail to look around to see they already have everything they need to achieve pure happiness (they love of good friends and family).

    • Kathy

      I agree that Viggo would be a really 'awesome' Roland, and the rest of the cast is very difficult. But, like others before have said, please, please, don't cast Justin Bieber! He is just not right. I am also afraid of them not being able to get this movie on the screen as it is in the books. It is just to complicated. I have liked just about all of the others that they have made of his books, with exception of a few. I just wish them luck, and if they do this, I will go see with an open mind. At least, as open as I can after enjoying the books.

  • I thought Rutina Wesley would be perfect for Susanna/Odetta/Detta, too. Eddie I pictured Robert Downey Jr, but he's too famous now - I originally read The Gunslinger over 15 years ago! Roland is my favourite character in any novel, and whilst I had always pictured someone like Viggo as Roland, Javier is definitely growing on me - as long as it's not Christian Bale - I'm all Baled out!
    My other half tells me no matter what happens I'm going to be disappointed (Tron: Legacy case and point), but I can't help but get excited!

    Long days and pleasant nights.....

    • tabatha

      I agree. I love Stephen King's book and some how they always mess them up!!! I also read these books starting 15 or so years ago. more like 20!!i do remember when one of them came out i said "finally, i've only been waiting 11yrs for this next book!!!

      • I have to agree with those of you who feel that this will probably not turn out wee. No disrespect to Ron Howard, he is an amazing director, but it seems as though most of the movie versions of Stephen Kings books always fall short, case in point, IT. It will be interesting to see how this turns out.

  • Jason Reyes

    After the motherly character in Benjamin Button and her Ghetto angry Character in Smokin Aces & Hustle & Flow I think Taraji P. Henson would be great for Susannah/Odetta/Detta.
    Edward Norton I think would make a great Eddie Dean. He was a junkie after all with and very much indecisive and faltering in Book II and gains strength later on. I think he'd could definitely pull it off... Jake... I dunno. But definitely not Justin Beiber...

    • pebbs

      I think Jennifer Hudson would be better for Odetta. Taraji doesn't have enough raw depth for this part.........

  • Rachel

    The Dark Tower series is my all time favorite read of King's. But the movies seem to fall short in comparison to the books. Not that there hasn't been a few really good ones like Stand By Me, The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile and even Storm of the Century. I really hope The Dark Tower will be in the same category as those movies and not a big let down because the books were so good. I tend to find that it is hard to bring out the depth of a story (especially King's) in a movie but I wish them luck!

  • laura

    When Can we expect to see this movie? huge stephen king fan!

  • Brett McMillon

    Please do this movie right!... I always envision Roland as a Clint Eastwood, although now he may be to old for the part. Eddie as more of a Robert Downey, (he could pull it off), Suzanna as a tough and legless Nia Long, and Jake as the youngest kid from Malcolm in the Middle, lol. That kid may be to old now too now that I think about it. At any rate, definitely my favorite series by far! All Hail The King!!! The Wordsmith that outshines them all...

  • mike

    Please dont do this. it will be horrible. and this lead guy doesnt even look like the slightest form of an old west cowboy. there is waaay tooo much book to put on screen accurately. it will be horrible. for the sake of your fathers, do not do this

  • Steve

    I can't see how you can make one movie and include all the Gunslinger books. I enjoyed every book.datimpas elderly.

    • Vanessa Huntsman

      From what I have read it seems that there are going to be 3 movies? and a mini series.

  • Alyssa

    How are they going to make this dude have blue eyes like Roland? Isn't that a key characterstic of Roland?

    • Salvadore

      Colored contacts. That's probably the easiest part...

  • kaybee

    look who they chose as a lead. How old is Roland......

    • Salvadore

      The books say he's at least 1000, but the only real hint we have at how old he looks is at the end of "The Gunslinger" when he awakes to find himself 10 years older with some gray in his hair where he didn't have it before. I'd say he'd look to be around 50ish, but a very fit and rugged 50ish.

      In costume with makeup this guy could pull off the look. Whether he can pull off the character remains to be seen. Roland is probably one of the most complex characters in modern literature, I'll wish good luck to anyone who attempts it.

  • Roland is perfect for the part. anyone who has seen him in the Supernatural series knows what he can do. I think it's the perfect person for the part.

    • Bfsco

      Not the same guy! Your thinking of Jeffrey Dean Morgan from Supernatural. Yes I think he waould make an excellent Roland!

  • Salvadore

    Ethan Hawke would make a decent Eddie Dean.

    I really can't think of anyone that could pull off Odetta/Detta/Susannah. Playing a schizophrenic would be difficult for anyone.

    I'd like to see someone with Dakota Fanning's talent to play Jake. It's really too bad she's a girl as she could nail Jake.

    Then you get into the supporting roles. Christopher Walken as Walter/Flagg/etc. would be neat.

    I honestly just think they should leave this one alone. Unless they want to make it a 20+ hour movie series, I don't think they can capture the essence of the story. It'll get cut down and torn apart into something not worthy of being on screen.

    • Salvadore

      You know, the picture of Flagg in the last book has reminded me of someone since I first saw it, but I still can't think of who...

      The first time I saw that artwork of Flagg/Walter/etc...I just knew I'd seen him before. If anyone has any ideas of who it looks like please share. It's been bugging me for years........

  • Candace

    This is breaking my heart! No way this dude should be Roland..he looks nothing like Roland should look. And what about the accent? I agree with some of the others...Viggo would have been PERFECT and he's already got those blue eyes! I can't even think about the other characters cuz I'm still trying to get my mind wrapped around this! I've always had trouble with any of Stephen's novels becoming movies because with a few exceptions...they've always missed. It's just too hard to put what he writes on screen. I just wish they'd change their mind!

    • I agree that I don't think Bardem has the right look. I hope they can pull off some movie magic and make his looks more believable because I don't want to be disappointed before even entering the theater!

  • Jason

    Ok, its universally understood that this will never be as good as the books. With that said, I'm FREAKIN EXCITED!!! I and friends have played the casting game for 15 plus years now. Viggo Mortenson always came up. Than Clive Owen. Javier Bardem actually seems like a good choice.
    There are opportunities for some really cool castings in this. (Christopher Walken as Walter/Flagg? BRILLIANT!) I hope they take advantage of it. This could give The Lord of the Rings some competition is done seriously. Man I hope they pull it off.

  • Disheartened

    Almost all books are ruined as movies. Hasnt anyone figured this out yet? A complex, deep piece such as The Dark Tower series is at peril of disaster even before it begins, however, like those that brought LOTR to the screen, they are all readers, and lovers, of this series of books. That is the first essential ingredient to the possibility of success. Id like to see Detta played by Cathy Bates. The guy they are casting as Roland could pull it off...IF he can lose that French accent that is underneath everything he does.....

    • Ginger

      Javier Bardem may be a decent actor but he does not fit the part of Roland. Bardem is from Spain and has a very thick accent. He will be hard pressed to hide that accent playing Roland. This is poor casting on their part. I'd rather see an unknown play him. They had plenty of actors to choose from that could play Roland and make fans happy.

  • Karly

    I'll be SOOOOOOOOO upset if it sucks.. The Dark Tower series is my FAVORITE thing Stephen King ever wrote. Seriously.

  • Angela

    This is going to be great,I'm so excited.Now if Ron would make "Eyes Of The Dragon" and do as good as "The Green Mile" was done,I don't know the words that would express how happy I would be.

  • wendy

    I wish they had left alone ! There is no way it will even start to be like the books ! You know they will put actors in that will be a draw not just people who can be the parts in the books . This is making me really sad

  • Steven

    Ever since I read The Gunslinger I always pictured Walter/Flagg as Daniel Day-Lewis. Any takers on that?

  • Angela

    Perfect Choice!

  • Brenda Smith

    For some reason Stephen Kings' books hardly ever make the best of movies. The are some exceptions, but film just doesn;t seem able to capture the books at all. This is a very big undertaking and I'm afraid it can't be done. There are going to be some very mad and disappointed people. Stephen King is the master of his art and to screw this series up would just be awful.

  • This is a big thing. And if done right, it will be worth it.

  • James

    No no no no no no ...I dont have anything against Bardem ..but he IS NOT right for Roland. Viggo Mortensen would be absolutely PERFECT as Roland in every way. A close second would be Josh Brolin. And Timothy Oliphant would be up there as well. But every since I read a comment on another page that someone suggested Viggo play Roland, I am utterly unable to picture Roland any other way. Viggo would be EPIC as Roland. I think Bardem is a mistake. I know a lot of Dark Tower fans feel the same way. He just doesn't look like Roland. Period. Viggo does. Brolin and Oliphant could. But Viggo would be so perfect. They are messing up putting Bardem as Roland. NOT HAPPY!

  • Redscylla

    Stephen King books don't turn into great movies? Have all the commenters forgotten about Shawshank Redemption & Stand By Me? (Or even The Shining and Misery?) Those were King stories, turned into great movies by talented directors & scriptwriters. Remember *that* is the danger of Stephen King movies. Any time he's involved in making the movie, it falls flat. That's when you end up with IT or Maximum Overdrive.

  • Amanda

    Please just makes sure his eyes are as blue as King described! Not happy about this pick but, Ron Howard is a good director.

  • I adore Stephen King and his writings . The Dark Tower is the best. I have wonder for some time now when a movie would be made and now u have made me very happy . But PLEASE dont mess it up. Its a wonderful book series and id sure hate to have the movie people ruin it. Good luck and i look forward to watching the movie (movies).

  • Alex

    hopefully this movie series will do justice to the books and i like the suggestion for Susanna but i think Eddie should be played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt ( i think John Hawkes is to old an actor for the character)

  • Caz

    At least they have one of the few directors who could possibly pull it off making the film. Millions of Dark Tower fans have been exactly as I have been - waiting anxiously throughout those 30 plus years for each word King would write pertaining to it. A movie? I highly doubt it can be done, regardless of who the director and actors may be. Three films and a tv series? Think of how in depth those seven books were. A film will ruin it. There is no way so much could be packed into three films. Wizard and Glass alone would take two films, since it was two stories. Same with Wolves.
    I just cant help but think making this story into a movie is going to be a mistake, as wonderful as it sounds. I'd still go see it, but like with The Stand, I'm sure its going to be very disappointing.

  • Char

    This is not going to work out,PLEASE don't screw this up.Clint Eastwood is the only man to play Roland,the only one.

    • Stacie


  • Robyn

    They better NOT screw it up. It was one of King's best series...until he ended it the way he began it. But please, PLEASE don't cast Bale as Jake! Jake is a child! Haley Joel Osment would make a good Jake. And to Brenda and Redscylla...there has only been ONE Stephen King writing that didn't make a good movie and that was "Thinner". Other than that, they've been pretty damned awesome. IT could have been done a little better, but Maximum Overdrive was pretty cool. And I totally have to agree with James...Viggo would have been an awesome choice for the part of Roland. I think they should get the guy that played Flagg in The Stand to do Walter/Flagg.

  • Sarah

    I agree that Viggo Mortensen would be AWESOME as Roland. Edward Norton would be a good Eddie Dean, or even maybe Gary Sinise. I can't remember her name, but the girl who plays Tara on True Blood would be PERFECT for Susannah Dean/Detta Walker/Odetta Holmes... she can pull the crazy 'tude very well. As for Jake, I will be VERY dissapointed if I see Christian Bale play him. Waaaay too old. I can't think of any younger actors at the moment, but ANYONE would be better than Bale.

  • Jeff

    I always pictured Clint Eastwood as Roland when I was reading the series but he may be out of the age range. Although, I don't remember Roland being assigned an age.

  • Stacie

    I always thought of Roland as an OLD gunslinger like Clint Eastwood. Why in the world would they cast christian Bale as Jake? Jake was a LITTLE boy for heaven's sake! Please don't screw this up! It was hard enough going through M. Night Shyamalan's last Airbender debacle!

  • Disheartened

    The bottom line here, is that by Mr. King's own admission, Roland Deschain is based on the man with no name...which, as any movie goer should know, is iconic Eastwood. Its like trying to pick another Brando for the Godfather, or Nicholson for Cuckoo's Nest (did anyone else see that terible remake?)...THAT is why the casting is hard. Maybe the greatest character actor in modern film should play it...John Turturro. If he can go from Mr. Deeds, to Oh Brother to Transformers with such differential breaks of charicteristic he can do anything. Who knows.....

  • Disheartened

    haha...lack of proofreading aside...

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  • Hairgut of Gilead

    Fear Not, Constant Reader! They can never replace our Dark Tower world in our mind's eye. The movie versions of King's works are just iciing on the cake, and something we share with the "movie people" who aren't pleasure readers. Does that come off as snobbish? I guess so. I am just so pleased that they are making the movies, that I am not getting too hung up on the casting. I am more concerned about plot continuity and fidelity to the overall story.

  • Robert

    I have been waiting for a very long time for the movies of the Gunslinger series. I have read and reread the books dozens of times and still find little parts that I missed the first time. Out of all of Stephen Kings novels this series was a home run in my book. Hope they don't screw up and put in the wrong characters.

  • Linda

    I have read every King book out there and loved them all, especially the Dark Tower Series. I think Gordon-Levitt would make a great Eddie. Hail to Ron Howard, if anyone can bring this epic to the screen, he is it!

  • Will

    I always saw a younger Clint Eastwood as the role, this book series is by far the best work of Stephen King and Mr. Ron Howard better not deviate or add to the storyline. There are to many loyal Gunslinger fans out here to mess this up. I have mixed feelings about Javier Bardem playing the role but I'll give him a chance, but he needs to completely envelope himself in the regality and honor of Roland Deschain. Viggo would be a great choice for the lead as well. Taraji P. Henson would be a great choice for Detta/Susannah, Lucas Black could do well as Eddie, and if he's not too old I'd love to see Freddie Highmore play Jake. I normally don't put my two cents on anything online but this book is my favorite book written today. Good Luck Mr. Howard

  • Tracey

    ok to everyone who is FREAKING OUT about Christian Bale as Jake...IT WAS A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People really need to learn to read things properly before commenting on it! sheesh.

    and now regarding Javier Bardem as Roland......WHAT was Ron Howard thinking when he cast him? He is in no way, shape or form Roland Deschains....I think they should have cast an unknown actor in the role, especially if Clint Eastwood couldn't be Roland (too old now)..why oh why did they not try to make this story into a movie years ago when Clint would have been PERFECT for it?? And please for the love of all that NOT, I repeat do NOT even think about Justin Bieber as Jake! Jake is a KEY character and needs a great young actor to pull it off. As for Oy....not sure what they are going to do there, I just hope they don't make Oy a dog, which could be a possibility seeing as they already miscast the LEAD ROLE terribly!
    I will pass on the movie and just re-read the books. (for the 10th time!) BEST SERIES EVER!

  • Fred

    Not Jackson! Look how he screwed up (deleted) the ending of LOTR! I do agree that Mortensen would have been a great choice for Roland. Howard can direct really well, but the comment that he is soft does have some validity. Eastwood could direct this and make it a winner, but he may not have wanted to do a project of this magnitude. That probably limited their choices of director quite a bit.
    Could Haley Osmet pull off Jake?

  • BigFan15649

    Um...what about the other choice for the title role: Viggo Mortensen?! He looks the part, and has the ability to play it fantastically! I like Javier Bardem, but he should have been the understudy.

  • Bob E.

    What I picture in my mind.

    Mel Gibson as Roland,although he may be to old now.

    Flagg has always been Sam Elliot,even in The Stand.

    Eddie could only be played by Ewan McGregor.

    Susanna/Odetta/Detta has always been (don't laugh) Debra Wilson from Mad Tv.

    But that's just in my mind... 🙂

  • Patti

    Okay, Here's my Line-up:
    Roland - Gotta be Viggo Mortenson (since it can't be Eastwood)
    Eddie Dean - Sam Worthington (from Avatar)
    Susanna/Detta/Odetta - Zoe Saldana (again paired along side of Sam Worthington, ahhh the chemistry)
    Henry Dean - this would be Javier Bardem, which would make a better Henry than Roland anyway.
    Last but not least how about for young Jake.....Jaden Smith? Jaden would be awesome as Jake (at least I think so)
    Gotta also throw in Brent Spiner as Blaine the Crazy Train but we can hold off on that one for a while...

    • Tracie

      Perfect! Sam and Zoe would be awesome. Viggo of course! I love the idea of Jaden Smith! Why not? He would be awesome, he can be both tough and vulnarable. And of course Brent Spiner as Blaine!

      Bravo, they should just let you cast it!

  • Kaitlyn

    Well, I think that there would have to be a movie for each book, and 2 for several of the books like Wizards and Glass, and Wolves. There is no way that a mini-series could be adapted, look at the Stand that was one book and it took 4 hour and a half "movies" to get it right.

    I think it can be done, look at other book series that are being turned into movies like Twilight, and Harry Potter. A movie or 2 for each book.

    Viggo Definitely for Roland!
    They need to listen to the fans impute if their going to make anyone happy.

    All I hope is if they do this they get it right!
    Or they're going to have millions of angry people coming after them... Who know what could happen if they screw up the best series EVER!
    Stephen King fans are crazy right? ;D

  • Tracie

    I hope Ron Howard is up to the challenge and the he realizes that this series has a HUGE fan base. Fans who have in some cases, been reading these books for decades. I really feel that the movies need to be epic to do any justice. Ron, think Lord of the Rings, please!!! Also, I think Misery should be added to the list of well adapted books by Mr. King.

  • Neil

    Here's my fantasy casting for the dark tower
    Roland- in a perfect world it would be Clint Eastwood, but I think Viggo mortensen or Hugh Jackman could do the job well.
    Eddie- Aaron paul seems perfect after watching breaking bad.
    Susannah- Gina torres or Zoe Saldana
    Jake- he should be an unknown actor
    Walter- Gary oldman
    Crimson king- Andy serkis could pull off the ultimate evil in the series, and we all know he owns playing cg creatures.
    Pere callahan- Clint Eastwood needs to be in this role. It's paying homage to the series, and he could pull off the tortured soul of callahan really well.
    Ted brautigan- Anthony hopkins, of course
    Eldred Jonas- Sam Elliot has to be in this role.
    Jack andolini- Ron Perlman
    Mordred- jack gleeson is great at playing a hateable kid.

  • wendy

    raven symone as susanah?

  • wendy

    raven symone as susanah?
    or maybe a Grace Jones type of woman? I know she is probably too tall,but Imeant someone with her looks and attitude!