Pulitzer Prize-Winning A Visit From the Goon Squad Picked Up by HBO

Photo of Jennifer Egan by Marion Ettlinger
Photo of Jennifer Egan by Marion Ettlinger

Jennifer Egan's latest novel, A Visit From the Goon Squad, has earned her endless praise, inclusion on countless best-of lists, a National Book Critics' Circle Award, and just this week the Pulitzer Prize for fiction. Now, Deadline reports that HBO has picked up Goon Squad with plans to adapt it into a series.

This isn't Egan's first brush with Hollywood. Her 1995 novel, The Invisible Circus, was made into a film starring Cameron Diaz. The Keep, Egan's 2006 novel about the reunion of two cousins in a medieval castle in Eastern Europe, was optioned by CBS films and has Niels Arden Oplev of "Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" fame attached to direct.

As for Goon Squad, Egan's smart writing and music-centric story coupled with the creative minds at HBO has us expecting something extraordinary. Though the cable network hasn't hired a writer yet to adapt the story to screen, Deadline reports that the project will move quickly. Egan says, "The book is so much about how change is unexpected and always kind of shocking." Seems like a perfect fit for HBO, no?