Bradley Cooper Whips Out a Pen for 'Hyperion' Screenplay

Bradley Cooper © Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
Bradley Cooper © Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Bradley Cooper is eyeing a multifaceted film career. Sure, life is good when you're a leading man -- "Valentine's Day," "Limitless," and "The Hangover" 1 and 2. But now it seems as though Cooper wants more, and he appears to be going after it in the world of screenwriting. Cooper announced on Charlie Rose in late May that, with his friend Conal Byrne, he plans to pen the screen version of Dan Simmons' Hugo Award-winning sci-fi novel Hyperion. The duo simply approached Graham King, the producer of "Hyperion," and asked him to read their treatment on spec. It’s unclear what happened to the role of  Trevor Sands, the original screenwriter.

For Cooper, it’s a gateway to directing. He said, “I would love to direct, that’s ultimately what I want to do,” to which Charlie Rose replied, “You’re serious?” Oh, he's serious all right, but it looks like the road to directing is paved with the pen. Still, a sci-fi film that incorporates time travel, an impending Armageddon, and a search for the meaning of life is no small undertaking. Given the subject matter, not only will it be fascinating to watch this actor veer off his current trajectory, it will be interesting to see the story told by someone who is used to embodying characters and digging into the depths of their psyche from the physical vantage point.

Cooper has the passion to push it forward, so who knows what we'll see him go after next. This could very well be the beginning of something much bigger than and well beyond “The Hangover.”

What do you think: Should Bradley Cooper stick to acting? Or is this the beginning of an incredible writing/directing career for him?