Jeff Bridges Is the Giver, Finally

Jeff Bridges © John Shearer/Getty
Jeff Bridges © John Shearer/Getty

Jeff Bridges is stepping up to take on Lois Lowry's The Giver alongside producer Nikki Silver, FirstShowing reports. The pair has been working toward bringing the young adult novel to the silver screen for years, but encountered a few substantial hurdles along the way – including Warner Bros' acquisition of the movie rights back in 2007. But this week things are working in Bridges' favor, much to our delight.

Here's what we adore most about Jeff Bridges: Drop the man into any role, and sit back and watch as he fully morphs into character – from 1984's "Starman" (a true lesson in heartbreak and aliens, if you've never seen it), to the fabulous Jack Baker in 1989's "The Fabulous Baker Boys," then on to the extraordinary "The Big Lebowski," straight through to his Academy Award-winning turn in 2009 as Bad Blake in "Crazy Heart" and Oscar-nominated performance as Rooster Cogburn in last year's "True Grit."

Bridges originally envisioned his father, the late Lloyd Bridges, in the title role. Now, at sixty-one, the junior Bridges feels ready for The Giver. The 1993 Newbery Award-winning novel by Lois Lowry tells the story of a boy named Jonas, afloat in a utopian society where all appears perfect – until he inherits the lifelong position of "Receiver of Memory." Young Jonas is tasked with spending his twelfth year with The Giver, a man who holds all memories of the way things were prior to the society's utopian switch, and who, in his wise, old way, will train Jonas to do the same, disillusioning him once and for all.

Is there anyone more perfect than Bridges to take on this role? We think he's just the man for the job. Do you agree?

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