Radcliffe Sees Dead People: Full Trailer for The Woman in Black

In the interest of full disclosure, we were legitimately freaked out after watching the newly released full trailer for the upcoming movie, "The Woman in Black," starring Daniel Radcliffe. Though we do not usually scare easily, this movie seems to come equipped with both a high suspense and creepiness factor. What is it about soot-covered porcelain dolls and clapping toy monkeys that provoke such intense shivers?

"The Woman In Black" has been scaring people for the last twenty-eight years. First in 1983 as a novel by Susan Hill, and later in 1989 as a play in London's West End, which is still running today. Come February 2012, American movie-goers will be introduced to "The Woman in Black," the story of junior accountant Arthur Kipps (Radcliffe) who encounters a hostile apparition residing in the estate of his recently deceased client.

After watching the full trailer, we were reminded of other cerebral supernatural horror films like "The Others," "The Orphanage," and "The Sixth Sense." Do you plan to see "The Woman In Black?" If so, what movie(s) do you think it most resembles?