Johnny Depp to Bring Dr. Seuss to the Silver Screen

Johnny Depp/Image: <a href=CC/Flickr" />
Johnny Depp/Image: CC/Flickr

How many real-life authors does Johnny Depp intend to play? He's already been J.M. Barrie, Hunter S. Thompson, and the Earl of Rochester. Now it seems he's set his eye on the role of the great Seuss himself, aka Theodor Geisel. The recent film adaptations of Dr. Seuss's books have been met with mixed reviews, but we have full faith in Depp and his ability to take on any and all characters -- including the master character-creator himself.

On the horror side of the literary spectrum, author Jack Ketchum is sure to face a wide range of responses from female viewers when "The Woman" opens this month (here's the trailer -- it ain't pretty). Adapted from several of his novels, this movie tells the story of a cannibal warrior maiden who's captured and held prisoner by a suburban family hellbent on "taming" and civilizing her. Hilarity and filthy, agonizing murders ensue. Still, according to Film School Rejects, it's not half bad. Someone tell Tom Six that we can forget the centipede part -- humans are scary enough by themselves.

On the safer-for-your-eyeballs side of things, Everything Is A Remix creator Kirby Ferguson offers an annotated video presentation of all the film references in "The Matrix." Here's hoping the Philip K. Dick estate has a really good sense of humor.