Lit News Pre-Occupied With Wall Street Protests

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Image: CC/j-No/Flickr

The current air of economic unrest is beginning to creep into lit and movie news in surprising ways. This week author Lemony Snicket jotted down some child-friendly explanations of the Occupy Wall Street protests.

As for news that sounds exciting, but which is actually sort of cringe-worthy: The filming of Christopher Nolan's new Batman movie is reportedly moving from Los Angeles to NYC with the sole purpose of capitalizing on the mob scene at Wall Street. Why hire extras to play angry protestors when there's already a huge group assembled? Here's hoping there's more to this story than big studios utilizing a political event to cut down on their overhead.

In news unrelated to national politics (THAT WE KNOW OF), an unnamed actress is suing IMDB for revealing her true age on her profile page -- she's afraid that she'll have a harder time getting work now that her secret is out. Naturally, the AVClub has a funnier take on the story.

Reviews for Haruki Murakami's new novel IQ84 have begun to surface. The Guardian's review cites an interview with the Paris Review in which the author justified his fantastical storytelling style:

"We are living in a fake world; we are watching fake evening news. We are fighting a fake war. Our government is fake. But we find reality in this fake world. So our stories are the same; we are walking through fake scenes, but ourselves, as we walk through these scenes, are real. The situation is real, in the sense that it's a commitment, it's a true relationship."

Were truer or more topical words ever spoken?