'Rum Diary' Cash-In? Playboy Publishes Thompson Letters

Johnny Depp in IMDB" />
Johnny Depp in "The Rum Diary"/Photo via IMDB

Having trouble getting into the Halloween spirit? Here's your chance to see some fabulous stars of yesteryear posing as delightfully spooky pin-ups. (The Joan Crawford entry has got to be seen to be believed.)

Reviews are trickling in for Steven Spielberg's "Tintin" adaptation. The Telegraph's critic seemed underwhelmed -- except when he was overwhelmed. Personally, I like the idea of trying to get around the "creepy dead-eyed children" CG problem that Robert Zemeckis keeps running into by choosing a subject whose eyes are just beady pinholes to start with.

Attention curiosity seekers! "The House of the Spirits," the 1993 movie based on Isabel Allende's bestselling novel, is finally available on DVD. Meryl Streep, Glenn Close, Jeremy Irons, Winona Ryder -- it's like they were going for a Guinness record for whitest movie ever set inĀ  South America.

What's up, Johnny Depp? Hope you've still got a subscription to Playboy (do they deliver to France?) because Hef's got all the Hunter S. Thompson character-research material you'll ever need. [Note the following link may be NSFW.] This collection of letters released by Playboy spans from 1967 to 1973, which puts us squarely in Fear and Loathing territory.