Stiff Drinks: '12 Bottle Bar' Presents Cocktails Inspired By Horror Auteurs

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Photo via Flickr

The Film Society of Lincoln Center is hosting a screening event tonight to honor three feminist films from the 1970s: "Make Out," "Growing Up Female," and "Janie’s Janie." A huge panel of award-winning filmmakers and journalists will be on hand to offer commentary. If you go, be sure to report back and give us your thoughts on the films.

Everything is becoming horror-flavored for the holidays. This weekend, the bartending website 12 Bottle Bar transformed itself into 13 Bottle Bar, with essays and cocktail recipes paying homage to classic horror filmmakers such as  Ted Raimi, Gary Gerani, and Lloyd Kaufman (sorry, I'll pass on the Toxicolada).

Meanwhile, Austin Coppock's astrology site offers the Wheel of Misfortune, in which each zodiac sign is paired with a different horror trope. According to Coppock, Carrie White's tendency to "overpower" social situations is something Aries can learn from, and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde represent the worst aspects of Gemini.

You know who's having a bad Halloween? Milla Jovovich. The AVClub has  chronicled the star's mounting dismay at the reception of her new Three Musketeers adaptation. Let's put this ugly incident behind us (that means no more tweeting, Milla) and begin looking forward to seeing her in "The Winter Queen," based on the novel by Boris Akunin.