David Lynch's New Album Strains Credulity, And That's Okay

David Lynch/Photo: <a href=imayellowfellow/Flickr" />
David Lynch/Photo: imayellowfellow/Flickr

David Lynch hasn't released a feature film since "Inland Empire," but his discography is exploding. The director's new album, "Crazy Clown Time" has dropped, and critics are falling over themselves in their haste to describe what they're hearing. Leave it to Pitchfork to slam-dunk it:  "Not as heinous as some vanity projects, but an album that will satisfy some personal need, be minorly exciting to fans who will follow him wherever he goes, and end up ignored by both parties in time." Decide for yourself -- you can sample the song "Pinky's Dream" right here.

Speaking of directors' interesting side projects, you'll be horrified by these Darren Aronofsky anti-meth PSAs (the top four are his, and they're all pretty graphic). While not officially sequels for "Requiem for a Dream," the ads do feature some familiar Aronofskian elements,  such as dreamy time-elapse footage, doppelgangers, and reluctant prostitution. Consider us scared straight -- or in the case of "Black Swan" fans, bi-curious.

Today in "surprising, but when you think about it, totally predictable" casting news, Robert De Niro will be making a series of fretful expressions as Bernie Madoff in the as-yet-unnamed HBO film about the reviled financier's catastrophic downfall -- based on a book by Laurie Sandell. Is the irony of paying someone millions to play a man who lost billions blowing anyone else's mind?

In honor of the abysmal, woman-hating vomcom "Jack and Jill," Rotten Tomatoes has put together this swell list of movies in which actors play opposite themselves. I guess we should just be grateful that Adam Sandler didn't try to remake "Dead Ringers."

(You know what? I would probably watch that.)