Natalie Wood Death Inquiry Reopened, 30 Years Later

Natalie Wood/Photo: <a href=Marxchivist/Wikipedia" />
Natalie Wood/Photo: Marxchivist/Wikipedia

How strange that the day we reported on the fiftieth anniversary of "West Side Story" also became the day that L.A. police officially reopened the case on Natalie Wood's death, citing "new information." Wood died in 1981, in what was eventually determined to be a tragic accident.

If you'd like to see the town of Hannibal, Missouri, just the way Mark Twain knew it, check out thisĀ  incredible 1869 bird's-eye view, beautifully drawn and fully zoomable.

Thanksgiving is nearly upon us, but it's not too late to inject a little literary geekdom into the proceedings. Neatorama has some handy suggestions for creating a sci-fi and fantasy-themed holiday feast. Who could turn down a rack of lamb inspired by A Game of Thrones? Or elven Lembas bread from The Lord of the Rings? I draw the line at a "Star Trek" turkey-shaped meatloaf, but it's still better than anything Gollum might prepare.

Woody Woodpecker is the next vintage cartoon star to receive his very own 3-D fartfest, prompting a brand-new generation of moviegoers to ask in unison: "Woody WHO?" Sorry kids, we'll explain later. Apparently there's also a "Pepe Le Pew" film underway, which I think sounds safe enough as long as Robert Rodriguez doesn't get his scratchin' and sniffin' paws on it.

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