Previously Unearthed Bram Stoker Journal Found Sitting on Bookshelf

Bram Stoker/Image via <a href=Wikipedia" />
Bram Stoker/Image via Wikipedia

You may want to sit down for this. YouTube has released its first feature-length film, "Life in a Day." Directed by Kevin MacDonald ("The Last King of Scotland") and produced by Ridley Scott, the film compiles submissions from over 80,ooo YouTubers into "a candid snapshot of a single day on planet Earth." Am I allowed to be surprised by how enjoyable it looks? Perhaps humanity is worth saving after all.

We know you're all screamed out, but this news is too good to keep to under our coffin lids till next year: a previously undiscovered diary belonging to Bram Stoker has been found. Apparently the notebook was just sitting on a bookshelf in the home of the Dracula author's great-grandson, who stumbled across it purely by accident. Expect to see the journal published sometime next year! (I just gave my own bookshelf a dusting and all I found was a term paper about e.e. cummings that I wrote as a college freshman. Any takers?)

It's a relief to finally put the evil corpse-worshiping season behind us and look ahead to the feel-good fare of wintertime. If you're ready to celebrate peace, love, and brotherhood, then check out the trailer for "Hollywood to Dollywood," in which twin Dolly Parton fans set out on a cross-country quest (in an RV named "Jolene") hoping to impress their patron saint with a screenplay they've written in her honor. The "saint" talk is no joke -- Parton has the power to heal. Just ask Charlotte Connors, author of How Dolly Parton Saved My Life.