The Lizard Unveiled: New 'Spider-Man' Villain Glimpsed in Concept Art, PEZ Dispenser

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Roger Ebert wants to know: Where do you sit when you go to the movies? The discussion is partly a plug for David Bordwell's film blog, but Ebert does reveal that he typically sits in the back row -- a habit he adopted from his late colleague Gene Siskel, who was paranoid about publicists sitting behind him and gauging his reactions.

Martin Scorsese, whose new 3-D film "Hugo" is itself a love-letter to cinema, has declared war on big overstuffed blockbusters -- what he refers to as "theme park films" -- which he claims are damaging serious filmgoing and filmmaking. "There are six or seven myths around which all our literature is based," the director told the BBC.  "I think there is an anxiety amongst certain filmmakers that the thread that connects what we do to these ancient, life-affirming myths is going to snap ... And once that disconnect happens, the film is drifting. It's just a series of noises and effects." Maybe if we can team him up with a certain Universal exec, together they could turn the tide.

I was all set to report on the new "Spider-Man" villain accidentally being revealed to the world via rogue PEZ dispenser, but already some actual promotional art has turned up. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you ... The Lizard! He'll be the major bad guy in next summer's "The Amazing Spider-Man," but fun fact: He actually turned up in the last two Spider-man films ... or rather, his human alter ego did. Remember the kindly Dr. Curt Connors, played by Dylan Baker? In comics, the horrifying Lizard creature is the result of Connors' experiments with a limb-regeneration serum. I doubt Baker minded passing the torch to someone else. In this interview filmed at the "Spider-Man 3" premier, the actor claims he'd have no interest in reprising his role unless Sam Raimi is in charge. I guess everyone got what they wanted! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go eat candy out of a mutant lizard's neck.