Daniel Day-Lewis Brings Abe Lincoln Out to Dinner

An image has surfaced of Daniel Day-Lewis in makeup (but not in costume) for his role as Abraham Lincoln in the upcoming Spielberg movie. Without the stovepipe and period duds, it reminds me of those photos that are supposed to prove that Elvis never died. Someone alert the Weekly World News that the Great Emancipator was just sighted at the local House of Pancakes!

It's unclear whether there are mas canciones in Linda Ronstadt's future, but there are certainly mas libres. The legendary singer's memoir, entitled Heart Like a Wheel, will be published in 2013.

Author Harlan Ellison, formerly convinced that the new movie "In Time" was a rip-off of his 1965 story "Repent, Harlequin! Said the Ticktockman," has changed his tune. After personally screening the film, Ellison has dropped the lawsuit -- though no comment has been made as to why. The HWR article points out that Ellison has had better luck in the past -- he successfully pursued a credit for James Cameron's "The Terminator," claiming it owed its inspiration to "Outer Limits" episodes he'd written.

You may have noticed that H.P. Lovecraft's writing has something of a religious following. That may not be a metaphor: This article by Scott Poole explains how the author's nihilistic stories inspire a dark form of mysticism in his readers -- "not a barren bleakness but a rich and welcoming darkness." I'd love to see these ideas evolve into some kind of official organized religion ... but I'm still not eating anything from their bake sale.