Soundtracks Are So 2011: Hunger Games Will Feature Original 'Companion Album'

Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games/Photo © 2011 Lionsgate
Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games/Photo © 2011 Lionsgate

There's a little confusion out there about who exactly Batman is fighting in "The Dark Knight Rises." Understandable, considering that Bane hasn't graced the big screen since Joel Schumacher painted him as a brainless brute in  "Batman and Robin." In anticipation of Tom Hardy's star turn as the masked villain, UGO has rounded up all the original comic book details -- complete with illustrations -- that explain exactly why Bane's an adversary worthy of our (and Batman's) attention.

A gentleman identified only as "Steve" has managed to decorate his entire dining room with props from the movie "Titanic," most of which he claims had simply been abandoned after filming was completed. If guests become uneasy, they need only look out the window for a reminder that they're still safely on dry land.

Movie soundtrack marketing has turned a corner with the upcoming Hunger Games adaptation. The studio has commissioned Taylor Swift, Arcade Fire, and the Decemberists to create a "companion album" full of original songs based on themes from the movie. It's exciting news, but it also seems like a bald attempt to generate income from the film in the months before its actual release; the first track, "Safe and Sound," is already available for purchase on iTunes.

With a little luck, we may get to see Terry Gilliam's vision of Paul Auster's novel Mr. Vertigo. The director has acknowledged that he's working on a script, though he hasn't always had terrific luck with adaptations -- his disastrous attempt to make a Don Quixote film was itself the subject of the 2002  documentary "Lost in La Mancha."