Akira Adaptation Officially Halted Over Production Woes

Akira/Image via <a href=Facebook" />
Akira/Image via Facebook

Akira fans will be relieved to hear that Warner Bros. is suspending production on its controversial film adaptation. The film has struggled for many months under a barrage of criticism over the studio's attempts to Americanize the quintessentially Japanese story, which include the casting of white actors in nearly every role. Leading the charge against the film was original "Star Trek" alum George Takei, who circulated petitions protesting the film.

Have you ever wanted to reduce your favorite art filmsĀ  to quick visual catchphrases? This collection of animated GIF images distills the energy of some of Stanley Kubrick's greatest films into a handful of frames. How long can you meet Malcolm McDowell's unwavering gaze?

Remember when Daniel Craig lit up the screen in "A Kid in King Arthur's Court"? Neither do we. But you can see evidence, along with twenty-four other before-we-were-stars highlights, compiled into one juicy video montage. I'm surprised that Sarah Jessica Parker hasn't personally rounded up all the copies of that 1980 video and burned them herself.

Apparently Elizabeth Olsen is the creepy Olsen. The twins' younger sister first set out to make us incredibly nervous in last year's surprise hit "Martha Marcy May Marlene," and now she's determined to scare the bejeezus out of us in "Silent House." You can watch the trailer here -- so far I see little to recommend the film other than Olsen's presence. It's mostly "Blair Witch Project" meets "Paranormal Activity" meets every haunted house movie ever. But we all know that movie marketing is a whole different business than movie making, so I'm willing to defer my judgment until March 9 when the film opens.