First Look at Jeremy Renner as New 'Bourne' Hero

Jeremy Renner/Photo © John Shearer/Getty Images
Jeremy Renner/Photo © John Shearer/Getty Images

Matt Damon may have moved on, but the Bourne legacy continues -- literally, since "The Bourne Legacy" is actually the name of the newest installment. And your new hero will be played by Jeremy Renner -- click here for shots of him being Bourne (wow, that came out wrong). The initial series of films was based on the Robert Ludlum novels; we're now edging into the territory where Eric Van Lustbader took over.

Congrats to cinema's outre papa bear Lars von Trier, who just snagged the National Society of Film Critic's "best picture" award for his gorgeously depressing "Melancholia." His competitor, Terrence Malick, wound up with the "best director" award instead -- I feel pretty comfortable declaring this one a draw.

Directors for Disney's "The Matterhorn" and "Maleficent" film projects have been named. The former goes to  commercial and music video director Brian Beletic (this will be his first feature film). The latter goes to Robert Stromberg, who art-directed movies such as "Avatar" and the recent Disney adaptation of Alice in Wonderland. Luckily for him, Angelina Jolie's cheekbones will be doing most of the heavy lifting.

I don't know how you celebrated Elvis Presley's birthday yesterday, but if you're interested in seeing The King tackle an adaptation, the film that ultimately became "Follow That Dream" was based on a novel by Richard P. Powell called Pioneer, Go Home! Here's a song to play us off.