Flashy Fingers: A Lesson in Katniss Everdeen Nail Art

Who will win the "Hunger Games" nail art game? It looks like we all win: The Hairpin has assembled a collection of video tutorials showing you exactly how to get that Katniss Everdeen nails-of-fury look that you so crave.

People who think of literature as being a concern of the uptight and straightlaced may benefit from this consideration of the great pothead novels, which includes such notably stoned reads as Jonathan Lethem's Chronic City and Michael Chabon's Wonder Boys (and one really sketchy-looking Harry Potter parody). And that's excluding all the Beat authors like William S. Burroughs, who were rarely seen sober.

Admit it: The tales you loved as a child probably contained lessons and values that probably seem pretty bizarre -- if not totally disturbing -- by adult standards. The blog Smother Goose picks these stories apart one by one, fromĀ  the Brothers Grimm to Roald Dahl, pointing out which parts were most likely to scar you for life. (Today's topic? "Little House on the Prairie")

Did anyone else catch Maurice Sendak on "The Colbert Report" last week? A funny and touching interview, in two parts.

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