LA Police: Case Closed (Yet Again) on Natalie Wood's Death

Natalie Wood/Image: <a href=CC/Jack Mitchell/Wikipedia" />
Natalie Wood/Image: CC/Jack Mitchell/Wikipedia

Vanity Fair has an update on the investigation into Natalie Wood's death, which was reopened two months ago, in part because of details revealed in the magazine's own pages in March 2000. Police have stated that the "West Side Story" star's death will continue to be ruled accidental, and that no new information has turned up to suggest otherwise.

Fantasy novelist Jim C. Hines decided to highlight the ridiculous female poses that adorn so many of the genre's book covers (including his own) by attempting them himself. Afterward, the worn-out author commented: "Trying to launch my chest and buttocks in two different directions a la Vicious Grace? Just ow."

All seems rosy in the Ewok village at the end of "The Return of the Jedi" ... but aren't they all still doomed? Cracked has compiled a list of six happy endings that aren't what they seem.

In news that is sure to elicit extremely mixed reactions from my musical theater friends, Rob Marshall (who helmed the "Chicago" and "Nine" adaptations) is considering making "Into the Woods" his next big stage-to-screen project. The musical by Stephen Sondheim would certainly add a new dimension to Hollywood's seemingly endless fairy-tale craze, but it's not exactly filled with showgirls or peppy dance numbers.