Projector Goof Results in Hilarious Surprise for 'Hugo' Audience

© 2011 Paramount Pictures
© 2011 Paramount Pictures

New Yorkers at a screening of Martin Scorsese's "Hugo" accidentally got an eyeful when some pre-movie ads were accidentally screened over the film itself, with unforeseeably humorous results. On one hand, thank goodness someone caught this on camera! On the other hand, shouldn't your phone be turned off, you creep?

Remember what the dormouse said: "SNOOOOORE..." This cute little dormouse is basically playing so close to type that by now he (she?) probably already has an agent and a contract to appear in the next Alice in Wonderland adaptation.

In the interest of spreading my own insidious obsessions, I would like to point you toward this collection of Heather O'Rourke tribute videos. O'Rourke shot to fame thanks to the "Poltergeist" films but died of complications related to digestive problems when she was just thirteen. Apparently this has moved fans to create video tributes to the young star, set to music by Beyonce, Alvin & The Chipmunks, and other emotional intermediaries.

You may know by now that if Roger Ebert is kvetching about something, I'll happily re-post it. This time around it's the Oscar nominations that have his shorts in a twist. He specifically slags Meryl Streep and Glenn Close as having stolen the limelight from deeper performances in worthier movies -- namely, Tilda Swinton in "We Need to Talk About Kevin" and Vera Farmiga in "Higher Ground." I can sense you already preparing a rebuttal, but remember who you're talking to: Ebert probably saw more movies this year than you saw since college.