Return of the 'Green Swizzle': Legendary P.G. Wodehouse Cocktail Recipe Reconstructed

P. G. Wodehouse/Image via <a href=Wikipedia; Drinking glass photo via CC/Flickr/Ryan Vaarsi" />
P. G. Wodehouse/Image via Wikipedia; Drinking glass photo via CC/Flickr/Ryan Vaarsi

I hardly dare mention it even this soon in the post-New-Year's-hangover game, but Art of Drink has poured a lot of work into re-creating the legendary Green Swizzle, a cocktail enjoyed in the West Indies during the early twentieth century, lovingly enshrined in literature by the likes of P.G. Wodehouse. Apparently the missing ingredient just may be wormwood bitters, which the author recommends you make from scratch. With this recipe you can begin laying the foundation now for a truly epic 2012 New Year's Eve party.

Continuing the noble tradition of joke trailers, I humbly offer "The Lion King Rises." Bonus: In this version, Catwoman is really a cat.

Adapted films "Bambi" and "The Silence of the Lambs" are among those added to the National Film Registry last week. Each year the Library of Congress adds twenty-five films to their archives, intent on preserving them for future generations. Here's a list of all the films gathered so far.

Roger Ebert has posted his list of 2011's worst movies (all those that earned fewer than two stars in his column) thereby giving me something to look forward to in the coming year -- watching every last one of them, naturally. Especially "Immortals," about which I am still in denial because it was made by "The Fall" director Tarsem Singh. It's still gotta be better than the upcoming "Wrath of the Titans," as far as schlock-mythology goes.