Romance in the Air the Draw in George Lucas's Red Tails?

Still from 'Red Tails' © Lucasfilm Ltd.
Still from 'Red Tails' © Lucasfilm Ltd.

The new George Lucas film "Red Tails" is doing pretty well for itself, thanks partially to the media's zest for the history of the Tuskagee Airmen -- in particular, a certain decades-spanning romance between airman Herbert Carter and a would-be military pilot named Mildred Hemmons.

Someone alert Orlando Bloom that he's been made redundant; this young lady's astonishing archery skills outclass anything that Peter Jackson's CGI team could have whipped up for the Lord of the Rings adaptations. Any chance we can still work her into the "Hunger Games" film?

This MetaFilter post has assembled the entire Charlton Heston film "The Secret of the Incas" in ten easy pieces. The 1954 film, which has never been released on DVD, is widely considered to be the inspiration for Steven Spielberg's "Indiana Jones" series. It also features Yma Sumac, the legendary Peruvian exotica singer who had a five-octave range.

NPR has put together a fascinating (and sobering) feature about Paul M. Barrett's new book Glock, which is all about the handgun of the same name. Barrett cites "Die Hard 2" as a pivotal moment the Glock's increased popularity. Apparently you're nothing in the gun trade unless your brand is being flashed on the big screen.