3-D 'Paradise Lost' Adaptation with Bradley Cooper Lands in Production Purgatory

Bradley Cooper/Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
Bradley Cooper/Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

I'm wearing a black armband today to mourn the death of the 3-D Paradise Lost adaptation that Legendary Pictures had been toiling over. You know, the one in which Bradley Cooper was set to star? Hopefully this isn't the last chance for a really good special effects-heavy John Milton blockbuster chronicling the celestial battle between good and evil. I guess in the meantime we've always got the "South Park" movie.

It might surprise you how many great movie scenes are either partially or totally unscripted. Here's a video that compiles twenty-five of the greatest examples, including bits from adaptations such as "Jaws," "Blade Runner," and "The Shining."

Speaking of awesome composites, the Columbus Museum of Art commissioned this supercut of tumbleweeds blowing through Hollywood Westerns. Interesting trivia: There are a bunch of different plant species that form tumbleweeds; that explains why they look so different from clip to clip.

Guess who's hosting a very special evening of David Lynch-ian madness tomorrow night in NYC? That's right -- it's me, your humble daily link reporter. My tribute to the women of "Twin Peaks" is the kick-off to a month-long festival of "Twin Peaks" events, which includes screenings of "Fire Walk With Me" and the Barry Gifford adaptation "Wild at Heart." Join us tomorrow night for phone interviews with Peggy Lipton, Sheryl Lee, and the Log Lady herself, Catherine Coulson. (Free David Lynch Signature Cup coffee will be served!)