A Bill Murray-Free Ghostbusters 3? Perish the Thought

Bill Murray/Photo: <a href=CC/Charlie Llewellin/Flickr" />
Bill Murray/Photo: CC/Charlie Llewellin/Flickr

Let's begin today's post with a jaunt into the realm of the too-uncool-to-be-real: Dan Aykroyd is starting to talk about having a different actor play Bill Murray's character in "Ghostbusters 3." (Which, when you think about it, is actually just further proof that Murray's instincts about the project were right in the first place.)

In Lincoln news: a trailer for the too-cool-to-be-real "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" has finally landed. On a more historically accurate note, a treasured portrait of Mary Todd Lincoln was recently discovered to be a fake, created decades ago to defraud the Lincoln estate. Is nothing sacred?

Apparently not. Tim Burton and Michael Keaton are in talks over a proposed "Beetlejuice" sequel. Considering how much we've seen of Burton in the last twenty years and how little we've seen of Keaton, I say let's call it a draw and not bother with it. (Note: My opinion will change drastically the second Winona Ryder becomes involved.)

The world's literate ladies are all about to fall for spoken-word poet Mark Grist, who has a thing or two to say about the allure of girls who read.