Everyone Calm Down, Harrison Ford Won't Be Appearing in New 'Blade Runner'

Harrison Ford/© Festival del Film Locarno/Ti-Press - Reguzzi/Getty
Harrison Ford/© Festival del Film Locarno/Ti-Press - Reguzzi/Getty

No Muppets at the Oscars? Keep saying that sentence over and over until the sadness of it truly soaks in. As of now, there are no plans to include performances of the Best Song nominees -- currently limited to "Rio" as well as "The Muppets" -- in the evening's festivities. The AVClub speculates whether the decision is part of an effort to "cut running time and potential for fun."

To commemorate the release of a new volume of William S. Burroughs' letters, a former addict reminisces about his formative experiences under the influence of the author's notoriously junk-fueled fiction.

Anyone willing to nerd out with me over the new "Spider-Man" trailer? I was skeptical about the need for a reboot so soon after the Raimi films, but I've finally crossed over into frenzied anticipation because A) I love The Lizard, and B) the special effects look totally sickening. (In the good way, but maybe also in the vertigo way if I see it in 3-D.)

Everyone's been fussing over the idea of Harrison Ford revisiting "Blade Runner" by appearing in Ridley Scott's proposed follow-up (I shudder to imagine what Philip K. Dick would say about any of this), but it turns out to be a non-issue: Ford's not involved with the picture. Really, he isn't! Stop asking. But never fear, he's still the oldest, crankiest member of the Ender's Game adaptation.