Jane Eyre Screenwriter Moira Buffini Bringing Inky Magic to Night Circus

Mia Wasikowska in The Night Circus" />
Mia Wasikowska in "Jane Eyre"/Photo: Laurie Sparham/Focus Features; The Night Circus

We've been chomping at the bit for more news around the movie adaptation of Erin Morgenstern's best-selling debut novel The Night Circus since we first learned it was optioned in January 2011. The Hollywood Reporter threw us a tidbit today, with the news that Moira Buffini, who wrote the screenplay for Cary Fukunaga's adaptation of Jane Eyre, has taken up the task. Oh, 2013: You just can't get here fast enough.

The Daily Beast claims that Disney's "John Carter" (based on an Edgar Rice Burroughs character) is a quarter-billion-dollar fiasco. Will heads, in fact, roll? Or will the movie swell to fill the post-Oscar movie release dead spot? I love to root for an underdog, but they had better give me more than rehashed Riddick-meets-300 CGI fight scenes. Is it too late to at least drop in a little (non-alien) nudity? Here's the trailer in case you've already forgotten what you were supposed to be looking forward to all these months.

David Foster Wallace's birthday was yesterday, but it's going to take a while for you to work your way down The Awl's list of forty-six things to read and see in commemoration of the event. So far I've only made it to No. 19, his "Charlie Rose" appearance with Jonathan Franzen.

You know who interviewed a bestselling author this week? I did! Check out this post at XO Jane about Deborah Feldman, a young woman who rejected her devout Hasidic Jewish upbringing and then wrote a knockout memoir about the experience. (You may have seen her on "The View" last week -- her story moved Barbara Walters to big blubbery tears.)