Judi Dench Will Continue to Work Despite Loss of Vision

Judi Dench/Photo: <a href=CC/lewishamdreamer/Flickr" />
Judi Dench/Photo: CC/lewishamdreamer/Flickr

Happy Presidents Day! What better way to take full advantage of a holiday weekend (or if you're stuck working, to pretend that you get one) than to print out and assemble some "Downton Abbey" paper dolls? If that doesn't feel suitably American enough, you can try dressing them up as Mary Todd Lincoln instead.

Sad news: Dame Judi Dench has revealed that she's been suffering from macular degeneration, a condition that rapidly deteriorates the eyesight. The legendary actress claims that she's exploring treatments that might reverse the condition, but in the meantime she plans to keep working -- she memorizes her lines by having people read scripts to her out loud (she also mentions audiobooks and enlarged-script e-books as two of her current pastimes).

We've already reported on the upcoming "Oz the Great and Powerful," but it turns out there's a second Baum spin-off headed our way as well. "Dorothy and the Witches of Oz" is to the original movie what "Hook" was to the original "Peter Pan": a grown-up Dorothy Gale discovering that her childhood Oz adventures were real. First it was two Snow White movies, now we've got this to deal with -- the movie release schedule for 2012 is starting to look like one of those tropical storm-watch charts.

An illustrator known as Dr. Monster has created this handy guide to the basic elements in cliche movie poster design. It's like a bingo card for your daily commute: Just check off the posters or billboards as you pass them.