Sacha Baron Cohen Banned From Oscars Over 'Dictator' Furor

Sacha Baron Cohen in 'The Dictator'/Photo © 2011 Paramount Pictures
Sacha Baron Cohen in 'The Dictator'/Photo © 2011 Paramount Pictures

Sacha Baron Cohen has been effectively banned from attending the Oscars. The actor/director's tickets were revoked over fears that he might show up in character to promote his controversial new comedy "The Dictator." On one hand, booooo! Just let the entertainers be entertaining! On the other hand, Cohen (who appears in the Oscar-nominated film "Hugo") has definitely earned every inch of his bad cred with past stunts. I mean, would you invite him to one of your fancy parties?

The Weekly Standard wants to know: Will there ever be another "Great American Novel"? The author's deep cynicism toward modern fiction aside (really? Hating on my girl Toni Morrison? Really?), there are some challenging questions to be asked here. What will endure? How will the constant demands on our attention affect our appreciation of ... wait, what were we just talking about?

The Academy Awards are still a few days off, but there's practically zero chance of "The Artist" going home empty handed. Netflix has emerged triumphant in the race to make this film accessible to the home-viewing public, striking a deal that will let them stream it to subscribers before it's ever made available on cable pay-for-access channels. More of this please -- and thank you.

There's nothing like a bit of meta-humor to spice up a movie you've already seen a dozen times. Total Film has documented fifty of the greatest cinematic inside jokes of all time. In skimming the list for book-to-film examples, I was pleased to see nods to "The Lost World," The Social Network," and "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," among many others.