Too Soon? Oscar Predictions For 2013 and Beyond

 Two minutes of the new Pixar film "Brave" have been offered to the masses as a sort of appetizer. It's a maddeningly small portion, but it is exciting to spot Emma Thompson, who (in case you've forgotten) has given Oscar-winning performances in two different literary adaptations: "Sense and Sensibility" and "Howard's End."

The Disabled Cubicle has dug up this 1987 interview with author Charles Bukowski ("Ham on Rye," soon to be adapted by James Franco), conducted by actor Sean Penn. However, the article comes with a disclaimer from Bukowski himself: "If you want to know about me, never read an interview. Ignore this one."

After seventeen Oscar nominations (and two wins), it's not like anyone's questioning her talent. Even so, here's proof that Meryl Streep can play anyone, from Elvis to Albert Einstein. But then, we've been saying that about Whoopi for a while now.

While we're talking Oscars, who do you like for Best Picture ... in 2013? Never Too Early Movie Predictions takes the long view, betting on winners up to five years in advance. While many seem like safe bets (Steven Spielberg for "Lincoln," next year) some of these picks are a little far-fetched. Or will  Fantasia Barrino really take Best Actress in 2014 for her performance in the (yet to be announced) remake of "The Color Purple"?

  • NeverTooEarlyMP

    Thanks for the link! Not long before I find out if I got any of them right!

  • anonymous

    was it even officially confirmed that color purple would be coming to the big screen? there were rumors, but no confirmation. maybe you know a little something more than we do. she was made for the broadway role and if it becomes a movie, she should be the one to play celie. #teamfantasia

  • ras

    cant wait to see fantasia movie

  • Michael

    To the writer of this article (Tom Blunt), how do you expect your readers to take anything you write seriously when you can't get simple facts like the number of Meryl Streep's Oscar wins correct? Streep has won 3 times, not twice as you noted in your piece - Kramer v. Kramer, Sophie's Choice, and The Iron Lady.

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