Cate Blanchett Goes Photoshop-less for Magazine Cover

Cate Blanchett/Photo © 2011 Belinda Rolland/Getty
Cate Blanchett/Photo © 2011 Belinda Rolland/Getty

My girl Cate Blanchett eschewed digital enhancement when she appeared on the cover of this month's Intelligent Life. It's a breath of fresh air compared to, say, her Harper's Bazaar cover. Either way, very much looking forward to seeing her in Galadriel drag once again later this year!

I took some heat in the comments of my Karen Abbott interview last year when I regarded the Barbra Streisand version of the musical "Gypsy" as a real thing that was really happening. Well I'll have you know, the Village Voice's Michael Musto is still going on about it, so there must still be life in the project. Speaking of, did you realize that the Bette Midler version stars Elisabeth Moss from "Mad Men" as young Gypsy herself?

A new teaser trailer for "Twilight: Part 4 (Part 2)" offers us a fleeting glimpse of Bella in full-on vampire mode. I was hoping to see some of her superpowers, but I'll settle for stalking deer in the woods. Is anyone else wishing that Johnny Depp's character from "Dark Shadows" could swoop in and woo her away from the boring Cullen kid?

Fellow computer-y types will get a grin out of Movies As Code, which adapts popular movie titles and scenarios into computer programming language. For example, "The Woman in Black" becomes:

#woman {
background-color: black;
(If you don't find that as funny as I do, relax -- you're probably totally normal.)