Jane Fonda to Play Nancy Reagan in 'The Butler'

Nancy Reagan/Photo via <a; Jane Fonda/Photo © Stephane Kossmann/Getty" />
Nancy Reagan/Photo via; Jane Fonda/Photo © Stephane Kossmann/Getty

I'm sure if you told Jane Fonda back in 1983 that one day she'd be considered dream casting for the role of Nancy Reagan, she'd laugh you right out of her aerobics class. But truly, can you imagine a more inspired choice to play the former First Lady (who wrote a stinging tell-all after her husband left office) in Lee Daniels' theatrical adaptation of "The Butler," about a long-standing member of the White House staff?

James Cameron was finally forced to come up for air yesterday. The "Titanic" filmmaker had descended 35,756 feet to the ocean floor in a specially built mini-sub (a new record), but had to beat a hasty retreat back to the surface when hydraulic fluid began to leak into the cockpit. I'd tell ya more, but you might as well just wait for the inevitable movie about it.

"The Hunger Games" has smashed records and mostly impressed fans of the book ... mostly. NPR's David Edelstein deemed it "the work of moral cowards," pointing out that if the film's director, Gary Ross, has any qualms about kids killing kids, "he keeps them to himself ... 'The Hunger Games' leaves you content — but not, as with the novel, devastated by the senseless carnage." Interesting, but not as contentious as those who were angry and surprised to find out that the character Rue was played by a black actress -- even though the book clearly mentions her dark skin.

The Wachowskis are looking to vault back into the killer sci-fi franchise fray with the top-secret "Jupiter Ascending," and they want Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis to help them do it. Frankly I can imagine their chemistry would be hot indeed, but my money's on the Wachowskis actually being a team of filmmaking vampires who must feed on the young and talented to stay alive.