Move Over, Hal Holbrook: Val Kilmer Is The New Mark Twain

Photos: Mark Twain House and Museum, Danilo Parra/Getty Images (Val Kilmer)
Photos: Mark Twain House and Museum, Danilo Parra/Getty Images (Val Kilmer)

Is Val Kilmer the heir to Hal Holbrook's Mark Twain-impersonating legacy? According to the AVClub, Kilmer has booked a two week run of shows during which he'll sing, tell stories, and generally amuse as the famed Missourian. I'm thrilled that a younger person has taken up the reins (Holbrook's been performing as Twain for decades) but there are so many other famous humorists out there waiting to be impersonated -- I for one would love to see what kind of show Kilmer could put together as, say, Dorothy Parker.

The disastrous box office reception of "John Carter" will cost Disney $200 million, causing the company to post first-quarter losses of about $120 million. Probably no heads will roll for this, since Disney's already established a weird precedent in recent years for annual big-budget flops (see also: "Mars Needs Moms," "Prince of Persia" and "The Sorcerer's Apprentice"). The film -- which I actually saw, and really enjoyed -- earned a mere $30M opening weekend, which only paid for a third of its bloated $100M marketing budget. Hey, next time you're handing out the zillions for marketing, drop me a line -- almost anyone could have done a better job on this one, and I'd have happily done it for a lot cheaper!

Speaking of movies no one wants to see, Lionsgate has announced that they're reviving the "Leprechaun" horror series. Timing the news to coincide with St. Patrick's Day was a cute idea, but  unless Jennifer Aniston's agreed to reprise her role in the first one, count me squarely out.

It's easy to poke fun, but the difference between a really good movie and a really bad one is often purely just a matter of luck. Here are five things that almost ruined "The Godfather," one of the most successful adaptations (and film franchises) ever made. Just imagine if they'd actually managed to fire Al Pacino, or fiddle with the lighting...