New 'Carrie' Cast: Is Chloe Moretz Too Pretty for the Role?

Chloe Grace Moretz/Photo © Dave Allocca/Starpix for Paramount
Chloe Grace Moretz/Photo © Dave Allocca/Starpix for Paramount

The "Carrie" remake has found its titular telekinetic.  No one doubts whether Chloe Moretz has the acting chops to pull it off, but I can't believe they're going to try to pass her off as awkward and homely. Doesn't it kind of throw off the impact of her transformation into prom queen if she starts off looking like a Ford model?

The Weinsteins have officially walked away from the table in the "Bully" rating debate, which means the film will be released "Unrated." Meanwhile, some of the kids featured in the documentary appeared on Anderson Cooper's daytime show this week to elaborate on their experiences. Here's hoping that the public interest translates into widespread viewership, whatever the rating.

It's also a great week to be Zadie Smith, whose novel On Beauty is about to be adapted for the screen -- by Kasi Lemmons, no less, who turned heads with her breakout 1997 film "Eve's Bayou" (and who also played Jodie Foster's friend Ardelia in "The Silence of the Lambs").

"Shaun of the Dead" star Simon Pegg has had it up to his braiiinsss with fast-moving zombies, especially those in the new series "Dead Set." Know thy zombie history, fledgling zombie filmmakers!

Welcome to the parallel universe in which Chris Farley voiced the ogre in "Shrek," Leonardo DiCaprio (not Christian Bale) starred in the American Psycho adaptation. Listal has gathered a stunning roster of actors who almost ended up with iconic film roles. Stuart Townsend as Aragorn? Shut your mouth.