New Trailers: Dark Shadows, Total Recall, The Perfect Family

Johnny Depp in Dark Shadows/Photo © 2012 Warner Bros. Pictures
Johnny Depp in Dark Shadows/Photo © 2012 Warner Bros. Pictures

Recently in Wired, an archery coach has been offering critiques of all the bow and arrow skills on display in "The Hunger Games," "The Brave," and "The Avengers." Sorry Hawkeye, you've been exposed as a total slouch and taken to school by two young women.

Two blast-from-the-past trailers for you today: The first is Johnny Depp in the long-awaited (by someone, surely) movie adaptation of the '70s supernatural soap "Dark Shadows." Will Depp ever play another part that doesn't require white pancake makeup? The second is a leaked, unfinished teaser reel from the remake of "Total Recall" that looks way more Philip K. Dick than the 1990 Paul Verhoeven/Arnold Schwarzenegger version.

Another welcome sight is Kathleen Turner returning to the screen in the indie comedy/drama "The Perfect Family." Turner plays a devout Catholic struggling to come to terms with her daughter's homosexuality. And yes, that's Zooey Deschanel's elder sister Emily playing the daughter.

Apparently being a famous author means your name may become synonymous with ... almost anything. The Guardian reports that the website Urban Dictionary has become a clearinghouse of  new author-related vocab words, such as the verb "Hemingway," which describes writing under the influence of alcohol (which we know Hemingway didn't invent, but damned if he didn't perfect the art).