Return of The Dark Tower: Ron Howard Resurrects Long-Awaited Adaptation

Ron Howard/Photo: <a href=CC/David Shankbone/Flickr" />
Ron Howard/Photo: CC/David Shankbone/Flickr

We'd all but lost hope on the Dark Tower adaptation(s), but it looks like Warner Brothers is close to inking a deal that will give Ron Howard free rein to get started on the first film. The literary saga by Stephen King spans eight novels (the latest one arrives in hardback this April), so they're probably getting off easy with Howard's campaign for a trilogy of films and supplemental TV series.

Wasn't once enough? "The Garbage Pail Kids" (adapted in 1987 from the infamous trading card series) is in the process of being remade. Full disclosure: Someone gave me the original on DVD four years ago and I have never had the courage to watch it, I get grossed out just thinking about it. Here's the trailer, if you want to relive the horribleness yourself.

In related news, the critical world has unanimously rejected Eddie Murphy's new movie "A Thousand Words" (in which Murphy plays an accursed literary agent). The film has received a rare zero percent rating on the movie reviewing site Rotten Tomatoes. Even so, sixty-one percent of audience members polled claim they liked it alright, which means that I've got at least thirty-nine percent of my mind made up about moving to another continent.

And just for fun, here's a fun video of a couple of adorable kids taking a stab at playing "Dueling Banjos," the song made forever unforgettable by the film adaptation of James Dickey's Deliverance (which they'd better not have seen -- they're far too young).