The Jack Kerouac Adaptation Watch: 'On the Road' Releases Movie Photos, Poster

Sam Riley as Sal Paradise and Garrett Hedlund as Dean Moriarty in
Sam Riley as Sal Paradise and Garrett Hedlund as Dean Moriarty in "ON the Road/Photo © Gregory Smith

The actual release date for Walter Salles's adaptation of the classic Jack Kerouac book On the Road is still somewhat vague (sometime -- anytime? -- in 2012), but the film company is keeping the interest meter fed with glimpses of the final product. Most recently? The official movie poster and a few stills to boot, including Sam Riley as Sal Paradise, Garrett Hedlund as Dean Moriarty, and Kristen Stewart as Marylou. See them all at the -- where else -- "On the Road" Facebook fan page.

Literary periodicals such as The Atlantic and The New Yorker have reputations for being all kinds of enlightened and progressive -- so where are their female contributors? VIDA's website shows exactly just how skewed 2011's breakdown really was. And more than seventy-five percent of the books critiqued in The New York Review of Books were written by men. What gives, boys?

Will the success of "The Artist" inspire film lovers to revisit the silent films of yesteryear? The Guardian has compiled a starter kit: Here are five of their favorites. (My personal favorite is Fritz Lang's "Destiny.")

The worst and/or most clueless online reviews can also be the most entertaining! Least Helpful compiles some of the worst offenders in the world of book and DVD sales, and Netflix Reviews plumbs the site's comments for the most unintentionally (?) hilarious viewer responses.

It's exciting to live in a time when graphic novels are no longer a nerd obsession or a guilty pleasure. Lit Reactor plays sommelier with the medium, offering examples that pair nicely with  your favorite literary genre. Read them now, before they become huge Hollywood blockbusters! (David Fincher has already been trying to adapt Charles Burns' Black Hole for several now.)