Trailer for 'Salmon Fishing in the Yemen' Swims into Theaters

At what point do you decide to bail on a book and start reading another instead? In "Why Finish Books?", the New York Review of Books weighs the merits of hanging in till the bitter end, even after you decide you hate what you're reading. My own rule: if you're not feeling it after 100 pages, put it down and move on. I stole this nugget of wisdom from page 97 of Barbara Bush's dreary 2003 memoir Reflections (which of course I stopped reading almost immediately afterward).

Speaking of Washington DC, prominent gay writer Andrew Sullivan recently wrote about attending a state dinner at the White House with his husband, Aaron Tone. One of several openly gay couples in attendance, the pair was picked out by the press as an indicator of the changing times. Gay couples have visited the White House for official functions on numerous occasions -- the Reagans, for example, populated the place with many of their Hollywood friends, but even that was still something of an open secret. The fact that dudes can still turn heads by holding hands as they enter the party shows you how much ground remains to be broken.

The official full-length "Prometheus" trailer has been unveiled. It looks so thoroughly awesome that I'm almost afraid to get my hopes up any higher... I've been burned before. For example, I was convinced up till the very end that "Aeon Flux" (also starring Charlize Theron) really might be worth watching (this story has a sad ending, I'd better just move on).

The Ewan McGregor film "Salmon Fishing in the Yemen" (adapted from the Paul Torday's novel) swam into theaters this past weekend -- here's the trailer. It's rather nice to see a film about the Middle East that doesn't take place in a war zone; it almost makes up for the fact that McGregor will remain fully dressed for the entire film, even while hanging out in the river.