Welcome to Downton Arby's: Best 'Downton Abby' Spoof Yet

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From Downton Arby's

Welcome to "Downton Arby's," where you can get an order of high-toned intrigue and ambitious class-crossing drama along with your tasty Beef-n-Cheddar sandwich. (The video is the brainchild of TV/movie comedy actor Matt Walsh.)

Akira series creator Katsuhiro Otomo has come out of a twenty-year semi-retirement to work on a brand-new longform manga series, set in Japan's Meiji Period. This is officially the best news for Akira fans since the movie was cancelled!

What if all movie posters had to work with was one circle and one square? This site strives to recreate iconic movie moments using just these two basic building blocks. The poster for "Up" made me smile, and the one for "Seven" made me laugh out loud -- once I finally figured it out.

Jennifer Chambers Lynch (daughter of David Lynch, and director of the infamous flop "Boxing Helena") came out of retirement in 2008 with "Surveillance" and then headed straight to India to work on "Hisss" (available to be watched instantly on Netflix), a supernatural thriller about a snake/woman shapeshifter. The beleaguered production of "Hisss" is now the subject of a documentary called "Despite the Gods," in which we see the director on the verge of apparent breakdown as the film spins out of her control. Between the doc and the film itself, looks we've got a truly amazing double feature.