Bond Switches to Beer? Thanks For Nothing, Heineken

Daniel Craig/Photo: <a href=CC/Barbara Doduk/Flickr" />
Daniel Craig/Photo: CC/Barbara Doduk/Flickr

The new James Bond film "Skyfall" has struck a promotional deal with Heineken, which means it's inevitable that in at least one scene, Ian Fleming's iconic secret agent (who's famous for his devotion to shaken vodka martinis) will order and drink a beer. The audience will boo, but after the movie they'll be thirsty, and Heineken will be waiting for them with open arms. Product tie-in suggestion: secret spy decoder rings that remind you to "BE SURE TO DRINK YOUR HEINEKEN."

Shortlist has created a series of fake classic Nintendo games inspired by Alfred Hitchcock films, including "Psycho" and "The Birds." (I firmly recall playing a really awful 8-bit "Psycho" video game for the PC about twenty years ago, but I can't find evidence of its existence anywhere online. Anyone have a lead?)

It doesn't take millions of dollars to bring a book to life on film. Case in point: this compelling stop-motion animated tribute to Ernest Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea, in which the artist draws everything right before your eyes. It's the perfect bite-sized adaptation of this story (never was much of a fan of the full-length 1958 version).

The NY Times wants to know how differently a book like Jeffrey Eugenides' The Marriage Plot would have been appreciated if it had been written by a woman. With that title and wedding ring cover image, wouldn't it have been regarded as "Women's Fiction"? (And we all know those tomes occupy a totally different table at the bookstore.) What's on the cover always matters -- but it might matter less if you are already part of the literary boy's club.