For the True Hunger Games Fan: District 12 Is on the Market for a Cool $1.4M

Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games/Photo © Murray Close/Lionsgate
Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games/Photo © Murray Close/Lionsgate

Looking for a nice dystopic stretch of farmland in which to settle? A quiet place from which to observe the crumbling of Western civilization? An entire seventy-two-acre town called Henry River Mill Village is currently on the market, and it has the distinction of being the location of District 12 in the "Hunger Games" movie. North Carolina has a beautiful climate, so save your pennies: At $1.4 million, it won't be long before someone snaps up this hard-bitten, coal-mining hamlet!

Just when we thought it was all over, the MPAA has finally backed down and granted "Bully" the PG-13 rating that it so rightly deserves. The documentary, which follows American students through the painful trials that await them each day at school, contains incidental swearing only as part of the actual bullying incidents captured on film. Three F-bombs have been omitted from the movie in order to net the new rating, but the film's most powerful scenes will remain untouched.

Quentin Tarantino's "Django Unchained" will have to proceed without Joseph Gordon-Levitt. This isn't a protest (like John C. Reilly's "Manderlay" incident) or a diva fit -- just an ordinary scheduling conflict. The movie (which also stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Samuel L. Jackson, and which is taking forever to film, apparently) overlaps with the production schedule of a movie Gordon-Levitt himself is directing, called "Don Jon’s Addiction."

Of all the words strung together by William Shakespeare, the two he wrote most fluidly were probably his own name. An English professor and his students may have proven that a signature jotted in a crusty old legal text was written by the Bard himself. You can learn more about their endeavor (which involves a fifty-megapixel digital camera armed with spectral imaging features) at The Lazarus Project.