Infographic Reveals Which Dickens Novel Is Most 'Dickensian'

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We're still months away from seeing Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle, but I can help you scratch that itch: tomorrow night the author Valerie Martin (whose book Mary Reilly was adapted in 1996) will be among my guests at an event paying tribute to Cat Women in film and literature. We'll discuss Martin's novel The Great Divorce, which tells the story of an assistant zookeeper who believes she is slowly transforming into a black panther, and we'll also hear from the film actress Frances Conroy (who appeared alongside Halle Berry in "Catwoman") and Broadway star Loni Ackerman (who played Grizabella in Andrew Lloyd Webber's CATS). Pop an antihistamine and come join us!

Remember "And Introducing...", that video montage of now-famous actors in their very first film roles? A follow-up called "Encore" has been released, showing us the humble beginnings of thirty more stars. Denzel Washington and Jeff Goldblum appeared in the margins of "Death Wish"? Will wonders never cease?

Which Charles Dickens novel is the most Dickensian? According to this stunning infographic by The Guardian, the winner is Bleak House -- its lack of a sadistic schoolmaster was the only thing that kept it from a perfect score.

The classic sci-fi/horror author H.P. Lovecraft had a real fondness for describing his otherworldly realms as full of "non-Euclidian angles" (Euclid defined pretty much everything we understand today about geometry). Well, now someone has used Minecraft software to show us what actual non-Euclidian architecture would really be like. Watch as distances suddenly shrink and lengthen, and as reality itself seems to fold back around these squamous structures! I'a! Cthulhu fhtagn!