Thanks to Syfy, 'The Eyes of the Dragon' Joins Armada of Stephen King Adaptations

Stephen King/Photo © Amy Guip
Stephen King/Photo © Amy Guip

Some contentious soul over at Vulture has handily ranked all sixty-two of Stephen King's books from best to worst, presumably so that everyone can argue over them and then each make their own list. If you don't want to flip through it a slide at a time, the good people of MetaFilter have listed them all in order for easy reading, and are actively debating the ranking.

There's a lotta love for King's fantasy novel The Eyes of the Dragon in that conversation -- these fans may be excited to hear about Syfy's upcoming adaptation (or they may not, depending on their feelings about Syfy). King's enjoying a real renaissance in adaptations lately, with Carrie, The Dark Tower, and The Talisman projects all in varying stages of production.

Jacqueline Rose at the London Review of Books has written a stunning essay on Marilyn Monroe called "A Rumbling of Things Unknown" which looks beyond the recent "My Week With Marilyn" hype fatigue to remind us of the extremely intelligent, painfully self-aware person who occupied that unforgettable figure. "I wanted to be an artist, not an erotic freak," Monroe lamented. It's quotes like this that send me back to early films like "Don't Bother to Knock," so I can observe the actress back working in the days when she still believed this would be possible.

According to Wired's GeekDad blog, the upcoming "The Hobbit" adaptation will fundamentally change your movie-going experience. Not so much because of what's happening on the screen, but because of how it's getting there in the first place: This is the film that's lighting a fire under theater owners to finally switch up their projection gear to broadcast at forty-eight frames-per-second (for decades, the standard has been a mere twenty-four). That's great news for those who crave to see every dragon scale and hobbit toe-hair! I'm on board as long as it doesn't lead to yet another hike in ticket prices.