The Fate of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Book Cover Rests in Our Hands

Arnold Schwarzenegger/Photo via <a" />
Arnold Schwarzenegger/Photo via

Arnold Schwarzenegger needs your help! The former bodybuilder, film icon, and California governor has solicited help from his fans in choosing photos to adorn the cover of his upcoming autobiography, Total Recall. If he takes your suggestion, you'll be thanked in the book.

Those in or around New York will have an exciting opportunity to catch playwright Sarah Ruhl in conversation with Frances McDormand. Ruhl has won a MacArthur Fellowship for her plays (and has also adapted some Chekhov to the stage). McDormand has brightened up screens and stages ever since she got her big start appearing in Coen Brothers films such as "Blood Simple" in the '80; you'll see her in the upcoming Wes Anderson film "Moonrise Kingdom."

Has anyone ever seen Tilda Swinton and David Bowie in the same room? Our two most androgynous superstars are compared side-by-side in Tilda Superstar. In fact, the Oscar-winning actress may actually get the chance to play Bowie onscreen, circa his "Thin White Duke" phase.

And the 2012 Pulitzer Prize for fiction goes to ... no one. That's right, the Pulitzer award committee declined to give a prize to any of this year's three nominees. While I'm sure the award would have meant a lot to Karen Russell or Denis Johnson, it makes little difference to David Foster Wallace, whose novel "The Pale King" was published and nominated posthumously.