Cronenberg's Original 'Total Recall' Concept Artwork Reveals What Might've Been

<a href=Total Recall Concept Art via i09" />
Total Recall Concept Art via i09

Did you know that 1990's version of  "Total Recall" (adapted from a Philip K. Dick story) was originally supposed to be a David Cronenberg joint? Stunning concept art from the Cronenberg version has been unearthed, revealing a totally different vision than the Paul Verhoeven one that we're all so used to by now. Between these drawings and the remake that's coming out soon, Verhoeven's vision suddenly doesn't quite seem so singular and durable after all. (Since the movie is about the insubstantial nature of memory and identity, I suppose that's apt.)

The TV and film actress Marilu Henner ("Taxi," "L.A. Story") has opened up about having a mental condition that must give her a real boost when it comes to learning her lines. Henner has Highly Superior Auto-Biographical Memory (commonly referred to as H-SAM), which means she can remember exactly what she was doing on pretty much any given day of her life. I guess I don't envy whatever poor wretch had to edit the memoir the actress wrote back in the '90s.

"The Avengers" may have collectively restored our faith in superhero movies. Keep that great taste in your mouth even longer by watching this mash-up of over a hundred superhero flicks -- good and bad, new and old. (There's a list of all of them beneath the video in case you wind up wanting to adjust your Netflix queue.)

"The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins?" This quote by Edgar Allan Poe is the leaping-off point for a beautifully animated short by Saskia Kretzschmann that captures both the beauty and the gloom of the author's sentiment. Where do we line up to beg her to apply that animation technique to an entire short story?