Despite Snow White Movie Boom, Disneyworld Shutters 'Scary Adventures'

Kristen Stewart in 'Snow White and the Huntsman'/Photo © 2012 Universal Studios
Kristen Stewart in 'Snow White and the Huntsman'/Photo © 2012 Universal Studios

We've had two different Snow White films this year, and yet today Disneyworld has closed its "Snow White's Scary Adventures" ride forever. If you need a good weep, then meet Ben, the autistic boy who loved the ride more than anything in the world, and managed to ride it over 3,200 times. In the final post, Ben's father explains exactly what makes the Snow White ride so unique among more modern attractions, including video footage from various versions all over the world.

In less pointedly sad news, George Lucas has announced that he's stepping aside from Lucasfilm (his major film production company) so he can work on smaller, more personal projects in his garage. (Keep in mind that George Lucas' garage is probably more fabulous than most people's entire homes.)

It turns out that the "G.I. Joe" sequel isn't being held up in 3-D post-production after all -- rather, the movie tested poorly with audiences because of how little Channing Tatum's actually in it, and now Paramount's crawling around on the cutting-room floor, looking for bits that they can jam back into the movie to make it look like the young star has a larger part.  Surely at this point we could just add him in with CG effects? Or better yet, stop-motion animation with an actual G.I. Joe action figure.

I've seen some strange adaptations in my day, but this foreign language version of "The Miracle Worker" is the craziest, most unintentionally funny bit of musical theater I've seen since "Waiting For Guffman." I guess you can't really hate on people whose heir hearts are so obviously in the right place.